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Infinite Design

Rebuilt from the ground up: blazing fast, incredibly stable, with an improved interface.

An unparalleled experience
• Infinite canvas (pan, zoom, or rotate)
• Intuitive path editing
• Boolean operations
• Align and distribute objects

Superior tools
• Experiment with four types of symmetry
• Unlimited layers
• Unlimited undo with a history slider; scrub through from start to finish
• Easily construct shapes with the pen tool
• Draw 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides
• Text tool: horizontal, vertical, circle, or text on path

Streamlined interface
• It’s simple. It’s organized. It’s out of the way.
• Move your favorite tools to the top bar for quicker access
• Drag out the color wheel with two fingers

Advanced features
• Transform tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort, and Skew
• Gradient and Pattern Fill
• Rotate and flip the canvas
• Automatic shape detection
• Grid for reference or snapping
• Vectorize: turn any image into fully editable vector paths

Import and export
• Import and export SVG
• Add images from Gallery, Camera, or search the web
• Export images as JPEG, PNG, or SVG
• Share to Infinite Studio community or Instagram
• Search millions of colors, palettes, and patterns via ColourLovers

Artwork provided by:
Nubi Creative
Rey zilva Ardiansyah
Ales Sunarnov
Mad Matt

Editor's Note

Well known Infinite Design is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Infinite Design developed and announced by Infinite Studio Mobile. Current version of the apk file is 3.4.12 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Feb. 16, 2019. Also Infinite Design is very famous in Art & Design category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Infinite Design if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Raheem Monahan

I luv this app bc in a small pixel, the drawing wouldnt be blurry after zooming. i've been struggling w/ line art (like tapered and ballpoint pen), they either wouldn't be the size u select or the type of line. also, when you are on it a bit longer, it will get laggy n it shuts down. sometimes after saving, the drawn lines arent same... wish the shapes were more intuitive, like vertical/horizonal, you could resize it. and grids and more line art would be nice. thank you.

Candice O'Keefe

Very nice improvement in the editing of the nodes of the lines/curves made with the pen tool. The new spline adjustments tools are very nice. It is now a true vector app. Keep the good work going. The text tool is also nice. It works great in English, with many fonts to choose from. The app works great now.

Roma Gislason

I finished exporting my work when the app stopped. and now the image I exported is corrupted and the project dd not saved. please do something about this. Also, when the lines got deform when you open the project again. Please fix this.

Jaunita Crist

After trying it out I've decided to purchase the full app. Not sure about the negative reviews. It's quite arguably one of the better apps I use now. After using it for an extended period of time it has crashed once on my Galaxy Note 9. I'm sure there will be future updates.

Johnathan Morar

this is the best app for vectoring image. just need a few bug fixing for a few lines that change shapes after reopen/crash. but keep up the great work. note: please add layer blending option like multiply, screen, overlay, etc. because I need this feature for create vector portrait

Katlynn Kutch

I been into digital art a lot more ever since I downloaded this app and the price for the full version is unbelievably cheap for what you get, u could easily be spending hundreds of dollars for something like this out there.. I paid 7 dollars but I'm still trying to figure out if it's a monthly charge or a one payment! my vector projects are finished 5x faster and look 5x cleaner then using PC programs u can do mostly anything on here thank you!

Andres Wyman I

This app would be great but everything falls apart when it comes to exporting SVGs. There is a specific area within the canvas that the graphics must fit into. Everything outside of this zone gets chopped off.

Freeman Ferry

7 day trial. Isn't clear about how the app actually is a trial, then you have to buy it all. The app seems alright though. No easy places to merge lines or shapes, unfortunately.

Ardella McDermott

It is a very good app, but unfortunately there is a problem with the fill tool. It often causes the program to freeze or crash. It is still the best vector app I know of and one of the best drawing apps.

Sandrine Langworth

I bought this app on my Note 8 and then upgraded to the Note 9. This was one of the first drawing apps that I downloaded, and after signing in it said I had to pay again to unlock the full version. I emailed the support team and was not responded to. Love the app, but would be surprised if I had to purchase it again.