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inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle

Download inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle apk for free.

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inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle

InPoly is a fun and addictive jigsaw art game. You can play with tons of amazing low-poly style artworks that look incredible, and every single piece is designed by our awesome artists! You can find many categories of low-poly arts, such as animals, fruits, portraits and much more!

Drag a jigsaw piece and place it in the correct place according to its shape or number, and if you can’t find if, use a tip! When you finish assembling all the pieces, you will have an amazing piece of low-poly art!

- Regularly updated artworks: our artists will release new arts regularly, so you will never run out of low-poly arts to play with!
- Smooth and intuitive gameplay: it’s easy, it’s relaxing, and it’s super fun to play!
- You can share a video of the assembling of your works! Show the world your awesome works!

Download for FREE now and play the most incredible low-poly jigsaw art game!

Editor's Note

Well known inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle developed and announced by incolor. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.9 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Jan. 26, 2019. Also inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle is very famous in Casual category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install inPoly – Poly Art Puzzle if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Jared Hettinger

it was a very small screen it was long up and down but the \"New things\" came up and the screen was blocking the \"x\" and coud not get out i would not get this it's annoying!!!!! \u003e:( if you get it don't say i did not warn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T_T

Peyton O'Keefe

Most of them are for v.i.p anyway and the others ars \"watch an ad to unlock\". First of all, there are a trilion of adds. Im not gonna wach 50× more. And second of all, there are only about 2 or 3 of them that are not like that. Would not recomend.

Mr. Carol Muller

I used to love the game but now it's not the best. They get new pictures and you are supposed to be able to unlock by watching a's always \"loading the video\" but nothing loads for me to watch. I'd love to be able to do those pictures.

Mckayla Fay Jr.

I like this app it does not load to long and it is a game that is worth the wait and worth my while download this app and tell your friends there going to thank you. I recomend this app for persons 9 and up. For me this game is easy and great does not cost much megabytes so it is perhaps the best game ever created.

Wilma Marquardt

The execution of this game is excellent but the pricing model is horrendous. £5+ a *week*?! I've played similar games where they've charged £20 for a year subscription and I'm absolutely content to pay that, but as beautiful as the content of this game is it's not over £20 a month beautiful. To top it off, the pictures that I should be able to do by watching an advert, I can't because the adverts never load!

Mr. Dereck Mueller II

Okay this is an amazing app but there are a few and minor mishaps. First why do I need to pay for an image?! It's a ******* image!! I am not paying $79.00 for a freaking image. Shove it up your hairy arse!! I should be able to do whatever image I want to. 🙅\u200d♀️ second of all images are to easy!! Make them harder company of inpoly! Geez! Gah

Sylvan Kuhn

Its cool and all, don't mind the adds but... Well... You have to pay for most all of the pictures. I understand that they need money for whatever but. To pay for... A coloring app? None the less you could probably get almost the whole entire app completed within an hour??? It's just... No... Have fun ripping people off 0-0

Mrs. Zelda Nicolas

i love it! but if you go into sports then theres a girl with a big bootie shows up and i think you should remove that because if a kid saw that.....yeah so hopefully you can fix that!

Kobe Goldner II

This game is so fun and addicting! It's like a puzzle and coloring at the same time! The pictures come out amazing. I just wish some of the pictures that you have to have the premium for were for free. The music in the backround makes the game calming yet fun. I love this app!

Ayla Feil

This game vibrates your phone every time you put a piece in its place it's annoying may just my phone though... They're hardly any pictures. Premium is not worth the money. You only get 3 more and no ads. Overall a good idea. And fun and kind of relaxing to play around with