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Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story

Download Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story apk for free.

Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story apk icon

Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story

❖Discover the whole new hospital drama stories.
❖Like your favorite TV shows, worthy of a Hollywood movie, new episodes (chapters) are released every two weeks.
❖Is-it Love? Blue Swan Hospital is the new free interactive love story game of the Is it Love serie.

In this episode, you're a grown teen who just left high school and enters as a first-year doctor in the emergency room of one of the most prestigious hospital on the West Coast, the Blue Swan. You know this is a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you can't screw it up. Being part of the Swans is any young doctor dream come true. As an aspiring doctor, you are prepared to deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis, Or are you? It's going to be tough, your nerves will be wrecked and your supervisor will not make life easy for you, But you'll meet friendly colleagues, each one with a different story and calling, with whom to build strong romance, And you may even find love, It's up to you to make your own choices and create your own stories…

Why it's great:
❖ Be like one of your favorite medical drama TV shows characters
❖ Your choices influence how the story unfolds: make your own and unique love and dating story
❖ An interactive visual novel game 100% in English
❖ You'll handle moments of emergencies, moments of drama, you’ll be saving lives, dating doctors or paramedics… and you’ll hopefully find love!

Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital is a free interactive love story game. You will face moments of drama, dating, romance and love, and will have to choose and make you own story.
Episodes after episodes, chapters after chapters, from drama moments to romance moments, you will meet different boys (or girls), sometimes doctors, sometimes nurses or paramedics… Everyone has a different story: drama, romance, simple dating or true love!
Choose your own path, create your own story and take the best decisions to evolve in a medical universe at the Blue Swan hospital.
That you are a girl, a teen, an accomplished woman, from 12 to 99 years old, you’ll love this interactive story game and make your own story among hundreds of different choices. Dating, Flirting, Drama, Romance, Love… choose the right one and finally tell yourself “this is my moment, since I’m in high school, since I’m a teen, I always wanted to live a love story like that. I succeed creating my own love story, making my own choices…”
Discover every two weeks a new episode of a new chapter full of a new interactive stories: choose the right path and find true love!

You can also play our others games: fantastic teen universes, Hollywood success stories, travelling from islands to islands, or even high school romances… make your own story among a dozens of games and hundreds of episodes and chapters to explore.

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About us:
Founded only a few years ago, 1492 Studio soon became a leader in interactive love, romance and dating story games with its "Is It Love?" franchise. The first two universes, Carter Corp and Mystery Spell, boasted dozens of million downloads around 11 interactive love story games, hundreds of episodes and chapters, and thousands of possible choices and stories to create… Make your own!
1492 Studio recently joined the Ubisoft family and is now rapidly expanding (new partners, new universes and new stories!).

Ubisoft's teams are driven by their desire to enrich the lives of players with original and unforgettable gaming experiences. They give life to amazing worlds, veritable playgrounds where players can unleash their imagination, enjoying surprising moments of fun and adventure that also help them discover themselves and learn.

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You can download apk file of the Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story is 1.2.198. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story made by 1492 Studio very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dr. Leora Daniel V

Hmm, where to start..,Ive enjoyed all the Is it love series, until this one. I don't care for the new format, I prefer the individual options for romance instead. I found the protagonist weak willed and a bit of an air head. Definately, not doctor material. Amending my post, 4 chapters in and I hate my protagagonist self, she comes across as having a split personality, each one \"crushing\" on a different man. Its become so frustrating and convoluted, I cant play it anymore. I have to uninstall.

Dr. Briana Powlowski MD

I really like this series! I wish we could choose to have a love meatier between the guys she likes the most, up to a point. P.S read all!! Then they get together throughout the rest of the story. Maybe there are affairs, but always the main love and get back together.

Bulah Morissette

Ok i found this series of games downloaded a couple, imediately was hook, ease of play, character's and their world very pleasing. But alass there it was not even halfway through the 1st chapter (you have run out of energy come back tomorrow for more) or of course spend $. won't be back tomorrow. uninstall

Vicenta Schowalter

i am an avid \"Is it love?\" reader and I'm up to date on every current story. i have to say that, while Jarod is one of my all time favorite love interests, this is the SLOWEST PROGRESSING game yet. We are like way in and barely anything has even happened!! it feels like they are juicing for money on this one 😢

Alfonso Witting

I have not even completed chapter 1 and already I am out of energy.. So I will be able to play for about 40 minutes a day, which sucks. Feeling like this game was a waste of data..

Axel Donnelly DDS

Pretty much the same complaints as the others the energy ran out wayy too quick and i just started playing sheesh...nice design tho but the energy needs updating...smh ... uninstalled for now

Dana Abshire

I like the plot of being the one who has the power to dump and engage in pleasure

Mathew Brown

Won't Even Load!!! Don't Bother! Jerks!!!

Fermin Feil

I was really looking forward to the story, but I am just dissapointed. The MC gets described as a rather capable and clever doctor but she still acts like a little child only thinking of boys and love. I felt embarrassed for her so many times already. Also I have the feeling that you can't really choose with which guy you get together!! And she's just in love with them the same time. Not to mention how expensive it is!!

Ines Parker

I love this game to the Game of Love Love Story you can love yourself