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Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend

Download Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend apk for free.

Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend apk icon

Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend

Jewel Crush, match 3 puzzle with addictive and exciting adventure, classic jewels match legend.

Match and quest jewels in fun gameplay to complete the mission goals💎.
It has a beautiful and cute gamestyle, ideal for girls to play with their families and to play in anytime and anywhere!
Be the jewel stars and unlock the castles in this legend game.
Designed for the beautiful girls.
Easy to control, fun to play, beautiful graphics!
Just swap & match with your finger💯!

How to play:
👉 You have a specific list of goals in each level.
👉 Match 3 or more identical gem-jewels in a line to crush them.
👉 Match 4 in a row or column to create special direction jewels.
👉 Match 5 in T or L to create special jewels bomb.
👉 Match 5 in a line to create special color jewels.
👉 You must have the sharpest mind. Learn to use special jewels.
👉 If you have any difficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.
👉 Combine special jewels to make huge chain reaction to help you pass the level.

Special highlights:
📎 Direction Jewels: it will can destroy all jewels in a line.
📎 Jewels Bomb: it will can destroy all jewels around it.
📎 Color jewels: it can destroy all jewels with the same color of selected gem.
📎 Super value gift: Diamond and props power-ups help you pass level
📎 Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush all jewels🏆!
📎 Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.
📎 Try your best to make super combinations with super match!

Colorful crushing effects and well designed puzzles for you to play in anytime and anywhere🦄!

★ Designed for the beautiful girls
★ Easy and free fun to play, challenging to master.
★ 1500+ well-designed puzzle levels.
★ Daily free bonus in the games🍭.
★ Helpful magical bossters to win jewels stars.
★ Games you can play offline.
★ No WIFI? No Problem!
★ Classic jewels match 3 game.

Let's go Matching 3 Jewels and crushing never stop👣!

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend is 3.5.0. You need to have Android 14 and above to install the apk. Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend made by Ivy very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Pattie Ziemann I

You people have the worst customer service! I've been waiting for a reply to an email for a week and have gotten nothing. Your game keeps freezing up, taking my lives and not playing videos. When you do updates, you should probably fix those things because it looks like people have been complaining about it for a while 😡 what a waste of money!!!!

Aliyah Upton

I use to love this game before new update. I played everyday building money, points and gifts to help pass level. I hate this new version with all the adds and limited lives. Love being able to go to tower and gain coins, stars, points, free spins and strength to help pass other level in the old game. I don't like this one at all and don't want to play it anymore.

Rodrigo Raynor MD

The new update is ABSOLUTE TRASH. They hardly ever give out coins as a reward and now you need those, instead of your actual game winnings to buy add ons, extra lives, etc. And NOW they will only let you watch an ad every 10ish minutes so don't waste your time thinking you could blow past ads for free stuff like back in the good old days. NOBODY asked for avatars... especially when they can't even be customized. I was an avid player. Now Ill probably play a few times a week b4 uninstalling it.

Hector Barrows

Used to love this game, but since they changed it almost impossible to get coins. If this new update doesn't improve the game I will uninstall! Still sucks! Used to love this game but think someone must have sabotage it!

Mrs. Mona Smitham I

Great game and lots of fun in the beginning. Unfortunately, as you advance to higher levels, it becomes almost impossible to clear a board. Obviously, the point is to make you buy coins. Too bad that such a fun game is made so frustrating!

Laila Stehr

The game got worse and worse with each update... not only did the amount of obnxious ads increased, now you cant even spend silvet coin for more lives. It was fun now uninstalling so i can find better game.

Jessie Kling

I am going to give this game 3 stars and call it a day. This last update only had take away's. You can no longer use the silver stars to buy extra lives and under task you no longer get gold coins only boosters but I still playing. So that's on me.

Dr. Odessa Heidenreich

One of the best games played it is really amazingly wonderfully engrossing game as u cannot leave this game even for a split of moment I really fully enjoy playing as it is alot amusing to see that one is completely lost while playing it

Georgiana Russel III

I've been sitting at level 2,000 just waitng for more levels \"coming soon\", but its been a couple months. Is my game over, dead? Should I just uninstall? Version 3.4.4

Jeremie Bernier

There is an ad after every level. This is a good game, and I would probably pay a couple of bucks to get rid of the constant ads. As it is now, its unplayable. Uninstalled.