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Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors

Download Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors apk for free.

Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors apk icon

Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors

Looking for a sperm donor, egg donor, embryo donor or surrogate? Perhaps someone willing to co-parent? Maybe you can help others start a family? Just a Baby is the fastest growing community connecting you with thousands of people worldwide open to discussing surrogacy, donation and co-parenting.


With Just a Baby, it’s free to find matches and start chatting with potential donors, surrogates or co-parents, bringing you one step closer to achieving your dream of having a baby!


Using Just a Baby is fun and easy too – just swipe right to like someone’s profile or swipe left to pass. If someone likes you back, then it’s a match! Once matched, we connect you together through the built-in messaging app.

Simply swipe, match and connect until you find the right egg donor, sperm donor, embryo donor, surrogate or co-parent for you.


You can even search for “donors near me”, or filter your search results to find surrogates, sperm, egg and embryo donors around the world.


It’s totally your choice about how you use Just a Baby to start or grow your family. Some people want to find a donor to conceive, others want some level of involvement or communication, some want an anonymous arrangement, some want a co-parenting relationship and others just want to chat and think things over. Let Just a Baby help you find what you’re looking for!


There are thousands of couples and singles wanting to start or grow their family. With Just a Baby, you can help others realise their dream of having a baby by letting them know, privately and confidentially, what you have to offer! Simply swipe, match and start a conversation! You never know where that might take you and who you might meet.

Just remember, if you’re offering sperm, eggs, an embryo, or are interested in having a discussion about surrogacy or a co-parenting arrangement, simply let it be known on your Just a Baby profile so the right people can find you.


Subscribe to Just a Baby Plus+ and experience a whole new level of premium features, including:

* Pro-search filters
* ‘Masquerade Mode’ to swipe in full privacy without giving away your personal information;
* Unlimited Like List to view the infinite list of users who liked you, plus the profiles you’ve liked;
* Ability to send photo messages, pdfs and archive messages;
* Ability to give feedback to users;
* ‘Maybe Pile’ feature, allowing you to put profiles on a “Maybe” list which you can come back to at a later time.
* And 20 Free Just a Baby *Credits* when you upgrade.


Start chatting and begin your baby journey FREE today with Just a Baby!


We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at [email protected]


Remember, Just a Baby is for anyone looking to find a surrogate or surrogates to start or grow their family, anyone looking to make a co parenting arrangement, or even those wanting to embark on LGBT gay surrogacy. It’s also for those trying to get pregnant or conceive a baby through alternative means, including singles or couples who are perhaps struggling with fertility (or infertility) but really want to have a baby.

And if you are an egg donor, sperm donor, womb donor or embryo donor, then the Just a Baby community is especially for you! Our fast growing community needs your help more than ever. Make a donation to someone in need, or even arrange a co parenting relationship!

Just a Baby, kind of like a sperm bank, but better - helping you connect directly with those willing to help you make a baby.

Download free today!

Editor's Note

Purely designed Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors has made by Just a Baby. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 16MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Just a Baby - Find Co-parents, Egg & Sperm Donors got its last update on Aug. 14, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Ms. Lacy Harber

YOU HAVE TO PAY TO CHAT!!!!!! I thought we didn't have to pay.. they even tell someone in a review that it's free to chat.. but Sam was right you do have to pay the app people lied in reply to her .. grr this takes the biscuit.. if I had the money to hunt around .. then I wouldn't need the stupid app!!!!!!

Teagan Walter

Y'all really need to make it obvious how to adjust your location preferences. People across the country keep swiping on me because they don't even know you can adjust your location settings.

Maxwell Connelly V

The app interface is very smooth \u0026 layed out well, this a great platform for the community of donors \u0026 recipients to come together \u0026 make miracles happen. Also the customer support team is very attentive \u0026 reliable to answer any technical questions one may have about the app. 5 stars

Gordon Johns

I use to love this app but all the updating is very very annoying. I'm updating this app everyday it seems like. give us a break from the updating and taking more room from our phones. it's so annoying that if I get another message to update or I can't use the app I will be deleting it

Dr. Opal Lindgren DVM

a bit buggy at first, but the customer service term has been on it with any concerns I've mentioned to them. a great place to meet donors.

Citlalli Kuhic III

been using for a bit... meeting up works really well, simple to use and fantastic customer support. they are fantastic to fix every problem

Brandy Mayer

this app is very very complicated to handle and the new thing after the last update is they even charge you extra for each message you want to send your matches. that's a dare cheek! Do not waste money or time here since there are only few users mostly from London and from the other European countries only like 10 in each..

Oswaldo Balistreri

App has issues loading (crashes often), searching for matches produces zero results after last update, and chat messages aren't refreshing properly. I shouldn't need to exit the app to refresh chat messages. I wouldn't pay to upgrade until these issues are resolved.

Angela Braun

Some recent performance issues have been resolved, so the app works much faster now than before! This is a really well done app and the developers are great about taking suggestions and making improvements.

Prof. Gerhard Stroman V

Rare to match anyone less that 500 miles away, and few willing to reply when you do match. have only met 1 couple in the whole time on here. Oh, and latest update has a limit on how many you can now Like, unless paying member.