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Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef

Download Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef apk for free.

Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef apk icon

Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef

Have a delicious journey across Turkey! Develop your restaurant cooking game skills through an epic exploration of traditional Turkish food cuisine in this time-management game. Prepare, cook, serve and satisfy your customers, keep them happy to make more money!

Learn how to prepare traditional Turkish recipes from this cooking game and become masterchef. Baklava, Shish kebab, chicken shawarma, doner kebab, Turkish pita, macaroni and authentic seafood dishes are only a few examples of the great traditional recipes. There is something for everyone’s liking. Find out which one will be your favorite!

640 episodes spread into 16 locations in Turkey are waiting for you to discover them. Experience the cooking joy of preparing the traditional flavours in diverse restaurants ranging from Mediterranean to Black Sea seafood restaurants, from Turkish Pizza joints to Kebab houses with shish kebabs and doner kebabs. Your masterchef skills developed in cook games for free, can be expanded in Anatolia by learning to cook traditional food and become the world chef.

Jazz up your kitchen with upgrades, and boost your cooking chef skills with numerous improvements! From professional cooking pans to advanced beverage stations, you can upgrade tools and ingredients for your restaurant. Better quality ingredients and appliances lead to greater variety of dishes and happier customers with more money in this cooking game!

Love a little bit of a tension in the cooking game? Then, get yourself in a real cooking craze, keep up with the rush hours, and develop time management skills. A cooking game offers endless challenging levels to give you that special cooking experience by serving customers.

Are you a big fan of cookinggames, kitchen games, or restaurant cooking games? Do you feel like the master chef of cookings games? Start your cooking journey to be the master chef of Kebabs. Don’t wait! Download and catch the cooking fever.

Editor's Note

Well known Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef developed and announced by Hammurabi Games. Current version of the apk file is 1.16.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sep 30, 2019. Also Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef is very famous in Arcade category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Kebab World - Restaurant Cooking Game Master Chef if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Devante Dickinson PhD

I really enjoyed game...i completed 3 restaurants all levels with 3 was awsome and nice graphics...but hardest thing is getting gems. And upgrading dishes and pans....was too much i try to upgrade when i don't have enough gems to i get gems...when getting gems hardest sorry to say ...i can't play this ... uninstalling....pls make this game easier to get gems...and upgrade and play .....i waiting for u r updated game to install it again and play.... thanks you.

Amalia Funk I

Love it!!!!! I cant believe the impatience of some people saying it's impossible to get coins and diamonds. I can almost never seem to spend mine and I've never spent real money to buy packages. Its just time and patience.. if you want a quick easy game to play on a 5 minute break, this is definitely not the game for you. Two issues, won't show my daily challenges and rarely gives me a daily log in bonus. Even when closing and clearing out the game completely. Please help!

Prof. German Doyle DDS

its really good but when I try to claim gifts, it always says no internet connection! even though I'm connecting through Facebook and always open ads vids. you should also lower the diamond requirements a bit in some restaurants it requires 12 diamonds for a single upgrade and that's too much. also take care of the Arabic translation in upgrades part cause its terrible! 🤣 please fix this internet connection thingy. thanks. oh and the bakery one is too boring and hard 🤣

Pascale Jacobs

Its totally waste game coz i m nt able to collect any gems or coins through ads,, even though i hv proper data network,,evrytym its tellng no internet connection .😠

Maegan Kiehn

I totally enjoyed a lot especially being a working wife I always used to spend time on it at home and at my work place to in one month I unlock 8 restaurants in which of 4 restaurants I completed 40 levels I love to spend time on it this is very interesting game in which I can't be bore at anytime continuously I played this game for 5hours this is the craze of HAMMURABI game thank you soo much to give us this beautiful game thank you soo much plz upgrade soon and give new restaurant to challenge

Royal Cole

It was lots of fun! I completed all restaurants with no help from you. The daily bonus never worked, thats why I only gave 4 stars. Now waiting for the last 2 restaurants to open. I hope it's not too long!

Griffin Conn Jr.

It's been often happening that even if I tap the screen and options on the screen, the game doesn't recognize the taps, as if the game will crash any time if I tap any further.

Jo Larson MD

it is getting boring on the same restaurant takes to long to get coins to buy another . and there is no penalty for burning food u can burn all u want and still get a star that shouldn't be it makes it to easy other then that good game

Jovani Harvey

i wish it was easier to get diamonds other than that i really like the game The last updates were great, any idea as to when there will be new places to open

Maybell Baumbach

Good game to pass time and it's have many restaurants to unlock just need patience to get 3 stars and complete the levels to me it's awesome love it 👍👍👍