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King of Sails: Ship Battle

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King of Sails: Ship Battle

King of Sails: Ship Battle
Awesome online battles of the legendary sailing ships of the 18th century. Immerse yourself in the world of historical pirate battles, become captain of a military ship in the golden age of shipbuilding! Conquer the Caribbean Sea, destroy enemies, ram your opponents and go to the naval boarding! Corsairs, privateers, skipper, pirates feel yourself in the role of the invader of merchant and warships. Use all the capabilities of the ship to achieve victory in the online blitz battle.


⚓ Team battles
Battleship against warship, will win the team that first sink all enemy ships!

⚓ Dynamic battles
Battles take place in the Caribbean Sea between the battle islands. Hide from the volleys of opponents, use tactics of naval combat battles, and in no case don’t approach the ships of the opponent. Since there is a boarding in the game! Take care of sails ship, they scorch up from hits!

⚓ More than 12 sailing ships
In the game over 12 sailboats of the golden age of shipbuilding - from Pandora and Aurora to the legendary ghost ship Flying Dutchman;

⚓ Beautiful 3D graphics
Impressive drawing of all elements of the game. Ships and textures are made to the smallest details, such as hull, mast, rigging, sails, ship’s wheel;

⚓ Simple and intuitive control
Raise or lower the sails ships, depending on the needed speed. Improve the boat speed and maneuverability of your ship for better control.


☸ Corvettes
Fast and maneuverable ships, but they are armed with small and medium-sized mortar. Scout ships!
☸ Frigates
Light and fast ship, medium size. The frigates are the most actively used ships of the sailing fleet!
☸ Battleships
The largest sail boat of the navy of the 18th century, have on shipboard heavily armed artillery. Used to destroy the light ships, the battleship is a fearsome force!

Sea battle online on sailboats of the 18th century. Participate in online battles against other players in team battles 5 vs 5. Use the tactics of naval combat, hide from the enemy's artillery, hide behind the islands and strike back!

The game is absolutely free to download online multiplayer games, but some elements are paid!
The application requires a stable Internet connection.

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the King of Sails: Ship Battle from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of King of Sails: Ship Battle is 0.9.502. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. King of Sails: Ship Battle made by Azur Interactive Games Limited very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Prof. Deanna Littel DDS

Revising my review. took a break for a couple months (did not uninstall), came back to find my whole account wiped - gold purchases, sails, and my ship collection including premium boats. I reached out to the developer twice through their in-app contact link and via play store, have heard no reply and have had zero help. Untrustworthy business practices and an unreliable game. *Edit again* Dismissive response here telling me to try yet another means of contact illustrates how little they care.

Ms. Agnes Lakin

Looks great, decent mechanics....that's it. Most matches are with ghost ships or bots who are terrible - it's like shooting fish in a barrel. There is no chat, no social option to create a fleet or make friends. There's no challenge unless you come across a similarly skilled player...maybe 1 in 25 games. Same few maps - gets old fast. No quests...nothing. I regret spending money here.

Prof. Emmy Goldner

bugs in system,the game likes to exit back to harbor when your winning. When a battle is in your favor either ships surviving over ships destroyed it records a defeat. victory chests gives 436 sails repairs and 35 hull repair. when u hit enemy ships damage to sails or hull does not actuate.

Ms. Cecilia Kulas Sr.

Fun game, nice graphics. It drains my battery super fast for some reason. Pay to win is not too much of an issue, possibly because the prices are so high no one will pay.

Prof. Tess West MD

In real.. I used to spend all time playing this game to unlock better ship and customize it. But now I can't buy new ships.. need to reach more level! a shipyard level?!.. really dissapoint me. old version shipyard was very easy to see details of ship.. their cost value and more. if old version game would install then I'll be re install this game or find another one to enjoy my time.

Mr. Davon Parisian

Pay to win, asks you for a review until you give it 5 star review but I'm too stubborn. I paid for one of the better ships and it wants you to wait weeks at a time for upgrades. The regular ships take a few hours or a day or two at max but the ships you pay for? Nope weeks per upgrade. They are trying to get you to buys gold to upgrade ships you had to buy to use. 3 star at best and I'll give a 1 star every day they ask me for another until they turn that feature off.

Dr. Rigoberto Hansen I

well I rated this earlier and they took it down. just a heads up to any new players downloading this game once you start to do good they mess with your servers and you continuously get internet connection failures. if you pay to play they will mess with your account continuously freezing and when you get out of games to collect your loot it will say internet connection error and then you have to restart the game and you lost all your loot. if I could give zero Stars I would!!!

Mandy Strosin

king of sails is a decent game but the need to definitely add more places and also perhaps a campaign mode. Understood that those upgrades take money and time they should have added more content in the beginning and better ships to buy. I bought the small pirate ship and it kicks a lot of a$$ but that was 50.00 bucks not to mention a ton of money upgrading it. just saying great concept and great game play decent graphics and the wars are live. needs to improve tho.

Bart Willms

Nice game, an new type of game to kill time. I hope you'll add numbers on enemy ships so we know which one we are locking on or allow us to switch freely between guns; it's kinda difficult sometimes which ship is which. Also can you add options what color we'll use for wind direction.. Thanks for a great game, more power..!

Norberto Schroeder

fun game. I spent 50 dolor upgrading prince ship. 220 Rubies 1500 gold 150k silver. You don't get every upgrade on cannons there's a chance for a fail. So it costs a lot. Then when you log out and later log back on half your upgrades are gone. So I thought O miss load So I relaunched it. and the ship was new no upgrade. I have screen shots of it. Now the game won't launch past the controls screen for a battle try on 2 devises. my j7 or j2 neither will. Sent Div ty for fast reply.