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Getting Started: Kronos® Workforce Mobile™ is intended for users of Kronos® Workforce Central®. If you have any questions on using this mobile app, please contact your IT team or Kronos Workforce Central system administrator for details.

What does Kronos Workforce Mobile do? Be more productive – whenever, wherever. Our mobile app makes it easier for managers and employees to securely complete simple workforce management tasks and view HR information in Workforce Central. Focus on the things that really matter in your organization. Offline or can’t connect to data? Kronos Workforce Mobile will save your punches until you’re able to reconnect again and upload them to Workforce Central when available. Here are some of the cool features that Kronos Mobile allows managers and employees to do:

Managers Features:
• Resolve employee exceptions as they happen
• Quickly approve employee timecards
• Ensure your stores or job sites are fully staffed
• Allow your employees to recharge by responding to time off requests

Employees Features:
• Easily punch in and out in just two taps
• Quickly check your schedule to see when you’re working next
• Take some time off after checking your time off balances
• View your benefits and pay information

Please contact us with any additional comments or concerns at [email protected]

New to Kronos Mobile? Visit our Mobile Resources: Check out the Demo function when you download the app to play around and get to know Kronos Workforce Mobile.

Kronos values your privacy and does not collect personal information. For more details on our privacy policy, please visit

NOTE: This application supports Android version 5.1 and later.

Editor's Note

Purely designed Kronos Mobile has made by Kronos Incorporated. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 22 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 17MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Kronos Mobile got its last update on May 3, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Prof. Verlie Hermann

This has to be one of the worst scheduling apps I have ever used. When it doesn't tell you there is a 502 server error, it barely has any functionality outside of checking your shifts. Trying to get a shift covered? Good luck because you will have to send a request to people, they must refresh, accept it, then a leader must approve it, and even then it might mess up. Overall terrible app with terrible servers.

Alicia Kautzer

Just awful! I can't believe that Target is using this service (?) for its team members. I've been patient for weeks now, waiting for the Kronos tech people to fix whatever is going on, but this is ridiculous. \"Server Error\" and \"Unable to contact server\" every time I try to log on is unacceptable. Target Corp? Please, do us all a favor. Stop wasting your money and find a reliable service we deserve.

Lois Hessel

Only works a fraction of the time I need it to. Otherwise, it's nothing but connectivity issues with their servers. it never updates me if my schedule changes or notifys me of my shift is covered. Anyone would be better off taking pictures of the paper form with their phones instead. There is a reason why the total rating nation wide is a 2/5 guys. I know you won't fix it, but don't ignore us when we call you out for it.

Dr. Amelia Gorczany MD

500: server error[20-0002], unable to contact server. Every time there's an update something breaks. its better if i never updated in the first place. i dont know what these guys are doing. Are they just sitting around all day not finding solutions. probably. Target needs to do its own time clock stuff instead of contracting this stuff out to people that dont care. otherwise it would of been fixed by now. Target has its own forensics team, why not take control of this?

Miss Faye Jacobs DVM

This app is the worst. I have not been able to login for at least 4 days. Everytime I try to log in to see my schedule it says \"Unable To Connect to Server\" Super unreliable. I actually was late to a shift one day cuz kronos had one of my shifts wrong, said I started at a certain time while my jobs schedule had a different time. Totally unacceptable. Get your act together dummies. I could have lost my job cuz of your dumb app.

Martina Torp

This app is very slow. It takes forever to perform each simple task. It is supposed to make schedule viewing and editing easier and faster. But it does neither. Every time I decline or accept a change, the app takes almost a full minute. That may not sound like much, but it quickly adds up when you have many shifts and requests to view and post. Although shifts are available, they don't show up when using the \"Request Shift\" function. Even when you select a date, it shows nothing.

Miss Mabel Hartmann Sr.

This app has its moments when it wants to work, which is why I still have it as it is the only way in which I am able to view my schedule outside of work. Otherwise, it'd have long been uninstalled because it's completely unreliable. The system is always down. It's always claiming \"server error\". It's a horrible app and as someone mentioned, the UI is an eye sore but not a big deal. It only got two stars because when it does work, it is a great help when I want to see my schedule and timecard.

Shana Beier

garbage app. If I needed to check my schedule RIGHT NOW, I couldn't because of loading problems or a server error. you're better off going on your company's website to check your schedule, request, etc. But if it does work then or becomes confident, but that happened way less than half of the attempts I made. 1 star for effort though.

Elwin Ankunding

Rarely works, constantly tells me the server cannot be contacted. I lead a busy life and I can't even rely on an app to help me out even a little bit. Not happy that the company I work for can't even use a decent schedule check system either. In the end, you're better off wasting time and gas to go and check your schedule than wasting your time and energy on this app. Developers, get a clue and do something.

Simeon Davis

Constantly try to log in but when I put in the right credentials, it sends me back to the login after loading for a few seconds. I've tested putting in the wrong password/username, but it will then tell me I got it wrong. Please fix, I need this app to check my work schedule. Always has the servers down too. Getting in is a solid 5% chance. The worst app I've ever had to use and companies should not depend on this to provide schedules or any services.