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Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS

Download Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS apk for free.

Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS apk icon

Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS

This Money Game Idle makes you a master of real estate! Invest in real-life properties to build your empire!

In Landlord, the first reality-based business tycoon game, you can enjoy a business simulator, trading game and a bit of augmented reality all in one. It’s a cash flow game where you can buy, sell and trade digital properties, and with GPS and geolocation, you play the game in their actual locations!

✔ Start your real estate journey with $50,000
✔ Build your town empire based off places you know, like your school or office
✔ Get rich and earn money each time someone checks in at your property
(powered by Foursquare and Facebook!)
✔ Upgrade your estates to earn even more or sell them to get a quick profit
✔ Learn finance and economics thanks to realistic auction

Become the landlord of your city empire and profit from it to become the richest capitalist!
REMEMBER! You’re the business tycoon, so invest wisely - buy stocks, trade with other players and compete with your friends. In this cash game, every dollar counts as you progress and build your real-life empire.

It’s a billionaire battle! In this management game, compete with other landlords, invite your friends and challenge them to see who’s the best tycoon. Learn how to use your money, manage it in the most effective way.

Can you conquer the real estate market and become the biggest business tycoon?
Download Landlord now!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS is 2.9.2. You need to have Android 17 and above to install the apk. Landlord Tycoon - Money Investing Idle with GPS made by Reality Games LTD very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Renee Wiegand

This is a fun game to play on the go. You can pick up new properties from any location and trade them, invest in them or simply sit back and collect the income. Really nice interface, simple to navigate. Really fun and very different to games I've previously played. Good job! I'm knocking a star off for poor communication. Was promised free coins for a review which never appeared. Tried contacting them a number of times but no reply. Shame.

Narciso Schultz

**RIPOFF WARNING** Months ago I spent real money to purchase coins to get a part of the United States (14,000 coins). This property disappeared because of a bug in their game according to customer service. They gave me nothing back in compensation to make me whole again. Customer service blames it on the Devs and managers saying they have no control over compensation and ignored my request to escalate the ticket to someone who can give me some answers as to why I'm not getting anything back.

Dr. Ernesto Lang

This game is definitely interesting, but it seems like it's difficult to get enough properties to make the game worthwhile to play in the beginning. In other words, I log in once per day and my landlord experience is over in 2 min. I'm concerned most people would uninstall this within the 1st day without giving it a try. It's well made. No glitches that I can see. Lessons are learned about investments. If your willing to spend a little cash, the game might be more worthwhile for you.

Dayna Ziemann V

Well is good simulation game for those who like the economy bussines .sincerely for me is a new area I don't understand how the world market really works. For the people who developed this game should do a tutorial of how the economy works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a bid. In order to understand how this works. Is a good time killer a this game make you forget your normal life for the period of time. Sincerely I don't know much about economy but is good.i recommended.

Prof. Izaiah Kassulke

The skills of thinking like an entrepreneur are seldom taught in schools, and I wanted to practice them. I also like geolocation games. This game has changed how I interact with real-world places around me, which has been fun. I have also had a good time with Pokemon Go for the same reason, not to mention the social aspect of competing against friends. I am pleased with the Landlord game, and I stick with it.

Patience Stoltenberg

I really like this game. In most tycoons, you buy real estate in a simulation with artificial businesses, but in Landlord Tycoon, you can actually buy businesses near you! i can buy shares of my local library, or school, or Pizza hut. The only complaint I have is that the estimated rent when you buy real estate is not the same as what I actually get.

Dr. Ayden Schowalter Sr.

At first i didnt like this game...I even stopped playing it for awhile. When i returned, i had acquired money in my \"account\"! Thats when i \"learned\" how to play, buy properties or invest, in businesses, (actual names of businesses around your community) and be patient, money will come in! Basic idea of the game, anyway. Oh and the longer u play, you will get a surprise!! I really enjoy playing!

Braeden Nolan

This game is pretty cool. It is like a real life Monopoly game. It uses your phones GPS and you can actually purchase real businesses that are around your area. You can even purchase whole cities if that is what you wish to do. I do not write too many reviews, but I felt compelled to write one for this game. You can raise the rent, you can add amenities such as security cameras, online shopping, parking spaces, special foods, and health classes to your properties that will bring in more income.

Barrett Blick Jr.

This a pretty fun time killer, but also a great way to learn how to manage money and property. Since it implements geolocation, it makes the app interpersonal and more exciting. You're able to \"buy\" local businesses or your frequent a locations. The leaderboard adds a competitive aspect so you can enjoy the game with friends. Will continue to play and grow my empire, although i just started but i'm really enjoying the game.

Chester Anderson

Used to be a great game. Now the rent pricing is broken. I bought a property with estimated daily rent of 600k and daily cost of 400k to check. So at the end of the day, I should get 200k. After 24hrs, I only earned 30k. After 3days, just a total of 90k. What happened to around 200k a day? Tried with other properties and results are the same. Now worth uninstalling. I also used to have 10 investments. After 3months of not playing and having a new phone, my level is same but no more investments.