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Little Panda's Candy Shop

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Little Panda's Candy Shop

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Kiki, the little panda, is back! With a new educational game full of candies, lollipops,
animals and colors, Babybus wants you to learn while having fun!


Welcome to the sweetest Candy Factory ever! Get ready to join our little Panda, help him and become a great chef! Learn to use the grinder, the pestle and mortar... Kiki has a lot of tools! You can choose the ingredients you want to use, pick your favorite flavors and learn to make candies!

Are you ready? There are more than twenty ingredients and flavors to choose!

Egg White
Cola Powder
Coffee Powder
Mint Powder
Milk Powder
Cashew nuts

Here, you are the master! Work hard and come up with your own candies! Add flavors to make the color of the syrup change! Be original! Be creative! Have fun!


And finally... the candies are ready! Now it is time to sell them! Watch your little friends’ reactions to improve your candies and lollipops and remember: Everyone has different tastes!

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Natalie O'Conner III

I live all the baby bus games and this one I don't like it infact I love it I have never ever played a game like that download this game who ever is reading this feedback

Karina Mosciski

i like it but this game little lagging

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