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Little Panda's Dream Garden

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Little Panda's Dream Garden

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Little panda has a food-producing garden. There are small-scale farms, ponds, fruits, veggies and many animals! Wonderful and fun things happen around the garden every day! Look, little panda receives orders from the world day after day, but his schedule is full. Would you give him a hand?

Oh, how about helping little panda make YUMMY SAUCE?
Come and pick strawberries, loquats, blueberries... Crush fruits before cooking them into delicious fruit jam! Yes, you can also pick chili peppers, wash them, cut them, and make them into hot chili sauce!

Or, how about making your FAVORITE SNACKS: FRIES AND CHIPS?
You have to drive away the animal thieves in little panda’s garden. Dig up potatoes, cut them into slices, fry them into the crispy fries and chips, and finally sprinkle tasty seasonings on them once done!

Wait, there's more! You will also get to taste FRESHLY BAKED BREAD!
Plant wheat yourself and grind the wheat into flour with the machine. Then, you get to put the dough into the oven, and watch it become the delicious gold-crusted bread!

Yoho! A new order just came in! Let's turn on the machine and help little panda out!

Little Panda's Dream Garden will help children:
- Learn the process of making food.
- Learn to not waste food.
- Improve their reaction speed.
- Improve their observation skills.
- Develop storytelling skills.

Little Panda's Dream Garden is an interactive App for early education. BabyBus hopes the children will be able to make friends with the animals in their dream garden and learn a multitude of things while tasting sweet honey and freshly baked bread. In the near future, BabyBus will develop more fun and interactive early childhood education apps and help the children grow up happily.

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