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LootBoy - Grab your loot!

Download LootBoy - Grab your loot! apk for free.

LootBoy - Grab your loot! apk icon

LootBoy - Grab your loot!

With LootBoy you get digital loot for free and low price bundle offers!

LootBoy is the app for gamers:

☆ Rip open free LootPacks and receive exciting digital content!
☆ Many different item codes for current games, beta accesses and more...
☆ Get the monthly LootBoy comic plus other exciting perks.

LootBoy offers you exciting bundles for purchase month after month.

Every Friday, a new loot boy comic will be released. Download the free lootboy app and get the first lootpack free.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces LootBoy - Grab your loot!. LootBoy - Grab your loot! is developed by Lootboy GmbH and it has very stable version which is 1.23.17. LootBoy - Grab your loot! works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you LootBoy - Grab your loot! apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Nolan Walker

Completed 3 of the tasks to earn Diamonds, but have only been credited for 1 of the tasks. Lootboy explained that they are not responsible for the tasks. Also unless you have a PC, the rewards from the packs will be mostly useless. I have only opened PS4 packs, probably at least 30 of them, but have yet to receive anything I can use on the PS4. I am aware they state the rewards come from a random prize pool, however if you do not have a PC, then there is very little point in using this app.

Destiny Wisozk Sr.

I'm having issues... I really like this app, it's amazing. HOWEVER, recently, anytime I click on a card I've received from a pack, the link/code doesn't show up for me to redeem it. And, I can't seem to open more than one pack at a time, it just doesn't load - I have to close and them reopen the app.

Micheal Stiedemann IV

It has a lootbox category for PlayStation network. Spent 6 dollars on 6 packs and figured what the hell, worst thing happens is I end up with a crappy indie game or two, but the kicker is i didn't get one single thing for PlayStation . Unless you have PC and play that a lot this will just waste your money

Boyd Nader

Legit, I've gotten near 50$ worth of Xbox or steam gift cards. With out spending a penny of my own money. Really cool and fun. Only problem is you begin to run out of effcient offers.

Geo Donnelly

Lags sometimds, but so far, an amazingly well put together app. I get pretty cool stuff for free!

Suzanne Stehr

The whole idea of the app is great! you buy a loot pack get some cool in-game items and what not right? Yeah! Well lets say you purchase a loot pack like i did right? the description says that if i maybe don't get a good loot card (voucher for money or in-game item) its ok! you can get a steam code! seems great right? No. There are purposefully thousands of off-brand steam codes waiting to be pulled from the stack of cards you buy. You will not get what you wanted. i wasted $0.99 only thank god.

Dolores Schroeder

seems like you have to spend quite a bit of money to achieve one shark card, or any decent card for Xbox or Playstation. seems they favor the PC. you say you can't offer platform-specific packs? yet if I were to click on a PC version I would get one of a thousand PC games or something premium for the PC. my point being that's pretty damn platform-specific. and all of your responses are the same to our questions, not even those are genuine.

Marcelina Schinner

This is a great app and has helped to bulk out my steam library, despite living in aus and the app being german there has been no launguage challenges. I've gotten a lot of games through this by using the gem system... But... I just spent 10-20 minutes doing a pretty large servey for 58 gems and after completing it, it brought me to a screen saying that i needed to click a link, clicking it then restarted the servey making the app kick me out thinking i was cheating

Mr. Cedrick Carroll DVM

First card I got was 10Eur Xbox Live, I was astonished; they actually memorize what offer are you doing and when done, they instantly send a message in your notification panel. There are always new tasks, daily login reward, the comics pay and are consistently humorous. Thank you, germans! 😊

Camylle Medhurst

I download this game with the intention to get gta 5 stuff. Bought 3 and didnt get what was promised. They put a description that says they guarentee a loot card which in this case was a shark card (gta 5 money). I was under the impression that even if I didnt get that, I would get gta 5 related stuff. I paid money for an app that just waisted my time and gave me useless stuff. I wish I could get my money back.