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Los Angeles Crimes

Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world shooter game with different game modes such as Team death-match, Zombie survival and Clear the City! Roam around alone or join your friends over the network!

- 5 maps and 3 game modes
- Active ragdoll that reacts to environment physics and fun to watch.
- Realistic character movement and motion-captured animations.
- Works offline and Local WiFi
- Ps4 controller support

*Map builder*
- Show off your creativity to your friends by building awesome maps in LAC Editor with unlimited resources.
- Double-tap on spawned items to modify them.
- Your maps will be saved in: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > editor folder.

Important Notes:
- Android 4.4+ and at least 2gb ram.
- If you get black screen, grant all the needed permissions.
- Read and write permissions are used for saving the custom map or cellphone features.

Cellphone tips:
- To spawn vehicle you need to pull out your cellphone and call the mechanic from the contacts menu.
- To change your cellphone wallpaper you need to copy your favorite image and paste it to this path: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > wallpaper
- To see your pictures taken from the camera or selfie camera you need to go to this path:
Android > data > com.MA.LAC > screenshots

Cellphone cheat codes:
- 1999756966 Slow motion
- 19993562837 Moon gravity

Cheat codes to type on chat:
/hud hides whole game HUD
/hidecontrols hides control buttons for controller mode (ps4 button to toggle)
/kill to kill yourself
/timescale (0.1 to 10) change the overall game speed
/timeset (0 to 360) change the time of the day 0 sunrise & 180 sunset
/cyclespeed (0 to 50) speed of day & night cycle
/detachall detaches all the car body parts
/fps to show or hide frames per second
/sign creates floating 3d text, Use * to skip a line (editor only)
/freelook or /freelooksmooth to look around freely on the map
/weather rain/clear to invoke rain

Join the L.A Crimes community on discord and twitter to join discussions and get notified about upcoming features and updates.

Twitter > twitter.com/Mammaddev
Discord > discord.io/lacrimes

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Los Angeles Crimes. Los Angeles Crimes is developed by RAIN CITY STUDIO and it has very stable version which is 1.5.2. Los Angeles Crimes works with all the android devices if the device is Android 9 and above. We always provide you Los Angeles Crimes apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Santino Frami

The game is amazing and super fun! I think everyone should give this game 5 stars because you deserve it! But just one problem, in the next update could you add a radio in the car. I feel like that would be really cool and could you reduce the ads PLEASE! Like everytime i do something all i get is ads ads and more ads! And do you think you could and a feature where you can stick your head out of the car and shoot people. Overall the game is fantastic and keep up the great work!

Dr. Lonnie Mosciski

This game is amazing!!! Sure the graphics aren't amazing but the game is so smooth and one of the closest things to gta on mobile than you can get! The phisics and character skins are impeccable. If you are looking for a gta styled game for mobile THIS IS THE ONE!!! i have searched for YEARS for a gta substitute for mobile and i have found it!! Download this game NOW!!

Nannie Schuppe Jr.

This game is awesome!!! The graphics are beautiful! Gameplay is amazing! Overral, it's an 9.5/10 still needs some optimizations, fixes, and tweaks. If you guys put your heart and soul to this game, i'm sure you will surpass any other game in the market! Again, an astonishing game :D

Dolores King

i like the LAC editor, i have some suggestions on spawne items. lik park bench, park tables, lamp post garbage cans, food carts, phoneboot, junk cars, open parking lot, foot paths, bushes, types of grass, fountain, more types of trees, barbwire fence, steel gates, more landscapes, high mountains, water tanks, civilian NPC's, typical 🏠, prison facility which we can go inside, guard towers, shooping mall, dirt roads, traffic lights, police station, guard house. add punch, crouch and crawl as well.

Josiane Labadie DVM

Im not going to be harsh on you any more. this game is good but can you add a command /disable freelock so that way we dont not have to keep exiting and going back on. Oh yeah one morevthing can you add movible first person in the car you know like look left and right.

Hollie Conn

Now the game is the best game I have ever played. But only one thing that is not good that why the face changes when we sit in the car. And one more problem is that the map is small. You must make the map more bigger than this in the next update.And also make a side map to point out the places. And make all the characters can swim in water.

Ms. Duane Jaskolski

I am giving it 4 star because it will be an awesome game in future for android gamers . It like gta 5. I liked this game too much. Who wanted to played gta 5 in android can try this game. But the thing i didn't like is its too laggy. I know developers will fix it. If it wasn't laggy then i will have given 5 stars...developers you have to work more on this game..thank you..

Dr. Augustus VonRueden PhD

this the best game ever its just like gta 5 but its kinda boring in lan please add some police and some more guns And...Put like umm guns shops and if you shoot someone Will fight back and some run away i like someone to fight Back and i hate when u need to scope first before shoot Fix please and also in the inventory the hand cant punch please fix and put some mission and that's all. I really like ur game keep it up! :)😁

Watson Schoen

I like Marshmallow but you need to add new vehicles , weapons , and another servers from different modes because there is only one online serve type (TDM only) and fix vehicle bugs .Play Payback 2 to get better ideas for your game. I expect that you fix on next update 👍👍☺☺

Dr. Edison Bruen MD

I am very disappointed with this game. When I tap the play icon...and I am back to the home screen of my mobile... I'll tried this 10 times...I hate this...if you don't fix this..so I can uninstall this game.. In my other mobile they will work properly. So... why not on my phone... I request you.....please fix this lag.. I'm the biggest fan of this game...I can't uninstall this....I love this game too much