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Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail

Download Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail apk for free.

Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail apk icon

Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail

View your mail inbox, search mails, view attachments, reply to mails, forward mails and compose mails with keyboard, predictions and emojis ... or use third party keyboards, like TouchOne ... all on your Wear OS (was Android Wear) smartwatch. This Android Wear OS mail client brings email on your watch to a new level. Enjoy this dedicated mail for Android Wear client.

Supports standalone access to your email on Android Wear 2 watches paired with iOS or Android phones. For standalone support install the app from the play store on the watch only.

Easy setup:
- Quick sign-in with your Google account
- Quick sign-in with email & password for Outlook, Yahoo, etc
- Add IMAP account from other mail providers
- Multiple accounts can be added

Mail inbox:
- View your inbox on the watch
- Read whole mail threads, message by message
- Mark mail as read when you open it
- View attachments in mails
- Attached images can be auto-loaded
- Mail content is displayed in a structured way with clickable hyperlinks using the Wear Internet Browser (

Mail actions:
- Quick actions for reply, reply all and forward mail
- Quick actions for archive, star and delete mail
- Actions are available for mail cards and inbox mails

Search mail:
- Search mails with keyboard or voice search

Write mail (full version only):
- Reply and reply all
- Forward mail
- Compose new mails
- Search contacts with keyboard or voice search
- Write mails with keyboard or voice input
- Keyboard with text predictions and emojis
- Pre-defined texts
- Keyboard app integration, e.g.

Cards for new mails:
- Structured mail content
- Mark mail as read if card is swiped out

Customize vibration patterns and sound (full version only):
- Choose "Notification Settings" on new message cards or long press on a message
- Define a specific vibration pattern for the sender of an email, the mail prefix or for all messages of the account
- Define a specific notification sound for the sender of an email, the mail prefix or for all messages of the account
- Choose a pre-defined pattern or record your own pattern

Customize your mail experience (full version only):
- Configure real name and signature
- Configure pre-defined texts
- Configure auto-load images
- Configure mark-as-read
- Configure categories for cards: Primary, Social, Forums, Updates, Promotions
- Configure card style: content length and stack cards
- Custom vibration patterns

The Wear Mail Client is compatible with all Wear OS (Android Wear) smart watches.
- Sony SmartWatch 3
- Motorola Moto 360
- Fossil Q (Explorist, Marshal, Founder, Venture, Wander, ...)
- Ticwatch (E, S)
- Michael Kors (Bradshaw, Sophie, ...)
- Huawei Watch (2, Leo-BX9, Leo-DLXX, ...)
- LG Watch (Urbane, Sport, R, Style, …)
- ASUS ZenWatch (1, 2, 3)
- Samsung Gear Live
- TAG Heuer
...and many more

If your watch is not listed, please check if your Smartwatch runs Wear OS (former Android Wear).

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail. Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail is developed by appfour and it has very stable version which is 1.0.190703. Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail works with all the android devices if the device is Android 18 and above. We always provide you Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Dr. Chester Bernhard I

Won't connect to pop3 / imap server. Giving false imap settings error. All other apps works fine.

Jerrod Beatty

I constantly keep getting notfis that I need to grant the app access to my email accounts, and I always do it, but it doesn't seem to validate it. Also, I got a message from Google saying that \"if the app is unable to meet the deadline to comply with our updated data policy requirements, it'll lose access to your Account starting July 15th, 2019\". Maybe that has to do with the problem.

Jerome Stiedemann

UPDATE: The dev responded but I had solved the problem. Honestly, I must attribute the issue to user error. I appreciate their response and apologize for my ignorance. The appswork great and do everything I ask for between my Fossil Sport and Pixel 2XL. Glad I bought the whole package.

Mrs. Lou Bogisich IV

At some point in the future there will be legal penalties for an unregulated industry who takes money fir software that is worthless. I'll be the first in line to get my share.

Norma West

Google is saying it will remove this app's access to my accounts as of 7/15/19 because you haven't complied with updated data policy requirements. Please fix.

Dr. Tatyana Corkery

I am new to smart watches and have recently pruchased the Huawei Watch 2. This app appears to work very well with gmail. Easy to set up and smooth. So far so good. Great

Joany Boyle

my phone keep dying so i uninstalled it now its working some times when you install thing on your smart items they may come with issues its not worth the head aches now my watch is slick as a bleep but this app not so much!!!!

Austen Huels Sr.

no longer works properly with gmail, which is the obly reason I got it.... making it pointless

Prof. Jany Leuschke

The only thing is the full thing like to pay

Miss Abagail Homenick

Great app for getting your mail on your device which is exactly what I wanted, so I paid for the full version. However, it's a big battery drain, watch no longer lasts all day with it installed. Uninstalling, nothing's worse than having 3 hours left in your work day and your watch goes dead. Using a MK Bradshaw smartwatch with the most current Wear version 2.23.0.