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Save even more at Meijer with the Meijer Mobile App. Earn rewards, find exclusive digital coupons, track savings and much more…

Rewards now start themselves
• There's no more manual picking and choosing to start your rewards. You'll start earning available rewards as soon as you buy a qualifying item and enter your mPerks ID at checkout.
Get alerts and track your progress
• You'll always be able to see how close you are to earning your next reward. And, when you enable notifications in the app, you'll be alerted whenever you start and earn rewards.
Earned rewards are immediately ready for use
• Continue to enter your mPerks ID each time you check out and you'll automatically be notified at the register when rewards are ready to redeem. Just claim them right there - no manual clipping.

Easily find and redeem coupons.

Add Weekly Ad items to your Shopping List.
Items easily viewable on Shopping List to make your trips go faster in store.
View this week’s sales on your phone + find a Meijer closest to you.

A fast and easy way to log-in.
The Meijer Mobile App is everything you need for your shopping trip at your fingertips.

Easily order photo prints from your phone and pick them up in store.

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Meijer from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Meijer is 5.16.1. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. Meijer made by Meijer very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Aliya Crona

Meijer always has the friendliest staff. They say hello as they walk by, or ask if we're finding what we need if we're in the aisle they are working in. I always feel like I'm saving money using weekly sales, even better weekend sales, mperks, rewards, and the pharmacy rewards. Every time I pick up my scripts, I use mperks. By the time my insurance is applied, and I put in my mperks, they are PAYING ME for my prescriptions!

Lacy Witting

Been shopping at Meijer for years, I am on the app about daily looking for coupons. I also use the shopping list, if I write a list I will forget it but rarely forget my phone. Has what I need and works well.

Madge Blanda

It doesn't always work at the store when I need it to. And today it wanted my password at checkout which I thought I remembered but obviously not. It took two associates to help me reset my password and get checked out.

Tod Sanford

my family loves Meijer, my daughter,son an myself shop Meijer every week mostly nice worker's few worker's not nice only few but i been shopping Meijer since their grand opening I'll be shopping long after there gone

Mittie Morar

As if the store wasnt great enough the app makes everything so much easier! It tells you what aisle everything is in to better plan your shopping trip, shows if there are coupons for your items, you can create a shopping list in the app and I used \"Shop n Scan\" for the first time today and it worked like a charm! Meijer keeps finding ways to get you in and out in a flash which is a single mother dream! I love the app and the store!

Luz Braun

The Meijer apps is user friendly. It provides extremely useful shopping tools, i.e. built-in shopping list, accessible clip coupons, aisle locator for food items, and a record list of frequented shopped items. I would like to see an addition to the app that will provide an estimated cost of all items listed on the shopping cart. Yet, this by no means hinder the use of the app.

Josie Breitenberg

I love the app. The only improvement they could make is to list digital coupons by aisle as well as category. Let it be my choice. Also, it would be nice to view my coupons off line. The notification of items I've bought previously and that are now on sale is another great feature.

Amira Turcotte PhD

Been shopping at Meijer's not only for the product lines but for the overall quality service for years. Having ready access from the app helps me on current shopping list but also knowing that Meijer's keeps improving and growing with me. Yes, of course, to keep me coming back is a plus for me \u0026 Meijer's. Thanks!

Haskell Lubowitz

I understand construction, but doing it at 5pm when it is extremely busy is a little crazy. this process was not thought out. Also when things are moved, and the employees don't even know is crazy. some of the herbs and such was blocked off, and could not get to the ones I needed.

Prof. Gabriel Kohler IV

would rate higher but.. they restrict the amount of receipts you can enter and as a mom of twin toddlers sometimes youre in to big of a hurry to remember to put your mperks number in at the register!