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Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

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Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

It’s never been easier to get into a game of Mexican Train Dominoes! With over a million players enjoying this game on phones, tablets and online, you’ll find that our classic domino board game looks beautiful and is delightful to play. Learn the game’s strategy by playing on two difficulty levels that provide a fun game for both new and experienced players. You can also select the length of the game, enjoying a short game when you have a spare few minutes or a longer game when you’ve got more time to yourself.

If you’re completely new or enjoy something different like Texas 42 you'll find it easy to learn with our quick tutorial. For this family favorite we've tried to make the game a joy to play with simple controls, one interactive screen, and stunning audio-visual themes. Attractive animated backgrounds add to the pleasing ambience for an even more relaxing play environment. Naturally it's possible to also play Mexican Train with a simpler background if you’d prefer.

The rules are easy to follow, being derived from classic Block, All Fives and Chickenfoot variations. Place dominoes that connect and match the last domino on any open 'train'. If you can't move, then draw another tile. If you put down a double, then all the other trains are blocked and the next player must cover that tile. When a player gets rid of their hand they win the round, and everyone’s scores are added up. Once all the rounds are finished, the winner (hopefully you!) is the player with the lowest number of points.

Dominos Features:
- 3 player (like Triominos!) and 4 player game modes played against the multiplayer computer.
- Three fun game types - Blitz, Short and Full for quick and longer games.
- 6 different backgrounds with their own family friendly ambience to play on.
- Plenty of space to puzzle over and arrange your hand.
- Scroll along previous moves for superior visibility and to see potential blocks.
- Animated game rules tutorial.
- Optional Advanced opponents for a pro challenge.
- Options to change the house rules of the game.
- All games are saved as you play, come back whenever you like.
- Simple controls - drop and draw dominoes with ease!

Download now and discover the most enjoyable Dominoes that your phone and tablet can offer!

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Mexican Train Dominoes Gold. Mexican Train Dominoes Gold is developed by Glowing Eye Games Limited and it has very stable version which is 1.4.0. Mexican Train Dominoes Gold works with all the android devices if the device is Android 21 and above. We always provide you Mexican Train Dominoes Gold apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Adam Williamson

Over all I like it. There are a few things. I don't like that unlike the official rules, you don't just play as many Dominos as you can the first round. Also, when I unlocked the ad free version, I also unlocked a 13 round (the very full length, at least I'm pretty sure) but then I accidently deleted the game and now I can't get it back. If there never was the full 13 round version, then I think there should be! Besides that, I do like it, and it is the best app out there for Mexican train.

Dr. Raphael Bogisich

The ads in this very quiet family game have are extremely violent. Blood \nand gore! It's that animation throwdown app being advertised. I have to be \nvery careful playing so my three year old doesn't see the ad. It's very \nrandom too. Fix that attached ad and I will rerate based on the game and \nnot the gross factor.

Miss Bonnie Lockman

Update: Suddenly, I'm getting pervasive ads after EVERY ROUND, slowing the game progress down. Also, it doesn't seem like suggested upgrades have been added or considered (mine or other players'). It WAS a good game, but i'm starting to become weary of it! It has become almost too easy in regular mode as I win 99% of my games - AI mode on the other hand, seems impossible to win! A couple of things I wish were different include allowing me to see the last move which goes away too fast and there's no way to go back to review the game that I can find. Other than that, pretty entertaining.

Zella Purdy Sr.

Excellent digital version of the physical game! Ads on the free version are \na little annoying but not bad at all. I'm certainly tempted to upgrade. Not \nsure how easy/hard it would be to learn if you haven't played IRL.

Dr. Kamron Carroll

There's only one problem with this version of Mexican train: No local or \nonline multiplayer. If there was a way to set up a mode where you pass the \nphone around, or play online either in a play by post or turn timer based \nmethod, I'd purchase the full version, give it all 5 stars, and recommend \nit to anyone that would listen to me. Hopefully that wouldn't be too hard \nto implement.

Mrs. Leanna Bogan

This game is great, once I learned that I could change the setting to not be penalized 50 points for having the double blank in my hand at the end or a round. I would buy this app if two things would change. The scores should be visible during the round. You could do this if you change the font used for the game to something that wasn't so bold. The tiles remaining in my hand at the end of the round should be available to count before switching to the scoreboard. This is also an easy fix. If you do both, I will buy your app. If not, I will probably uninstall it. having ads on the playing board and between rounds is greedy and annoying. Fortunately my browser blocks the click bait when I accidentally touch an ad during play. Still it's annoying.

Patience Carroll

I know it was on easy, but 16 points after 10 rounds? A little slow and clunky for my taste, and Ramon playing on the community train every time creeped me out.

Mr. Gerard O'Hara IV

STOLE MY MONEY Free version is very nice. Nice enough that I thought I \nwould shell out the $3 for the paid version. Long story short, I had to \nreset my tablet and download/install the game again. All of a sudden I'm \nback to the free app with no way of getting back to the version I already \npaid for without forking over ANOTHER $3. What's the sense of using Google \nPlay Store if they're not going to do something as simple as keep track of \nyour purchases. Nice app, but not worth paying for again. And no, Restore \nPurchases did not do anything.

Miss Viva Quitzon I

Tells u a move is possible but doesn't tell u a hint so you're just stuck! \nOnly thing to do is leave the game.

Shemar Crist III

I actually love this game. Game play is smooth. I found that tapping on a domino allows you to flip it around. I believe the rules in this app are the original rules, but don't match up with rules that come with the domino set that people now purchase. Perhaps there could be an option between \"classic\" and \"official\" rules. Overall well done and I was happy enough to pay the $2 to remove ads and help support the developer.