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Mezu is the first mobile money app that delivers the experience of cash.
Mezu gives you a private and secure way to Give and Get money without sharing any of your personal information. Unlike other payment apps, there’s no need to share names, email addresses, hashtags, handles or phone numbers when you want to give and get money.
And of course, Mezu lets you also easily pay or request money from people you know.
But we’re all about your privacy!

With Mezu, no one needs to know who you are for you to exchange money. All you need to do is simply select an amount to Give and Mezu generates a one-time encrypted transaction code that you need to show to the person you want to Give money to. No need to share names, email addresses, hashtags, handles or phone numbers - instead you share the one time, completely private, totally discreet transaction code
You can also send money privately to people who have a MezuBox by using Mezu’s unique Drop feature! MezuBoxes are like numbered Mezu PO Boxes for money. You can easily pay, tip or donate to valets, bartenders, musicians and others, by giving money to their MezuBox.

By Giving or Getting money with Mezu, your identity and financial transactions will never be shared in a social feed or with anyone – allowing you to keep your activity discreet and protected. That’s Mezu’s Promise!
Because Mezu believes that what you do with your money is your business.

With Mezu, you’re free from tracking, unsolicited promotions, junk mail and all the other annoyances of the digital life. Just like cash, you’re free to exchange money with anyone, anywhere. With Mezu’s patented end-to-end encryption, your private information and transactions are kept safe. Mezu will never give, share or sell any of your personal information.

Every week at designated times (check, Mezu will be giving away free money to the lucky winner(s) of the new MEZU MONEY TIME online promotional game!
All you need to do is download the MEZU app, activate your account and:
Tap the “GET” tab to go to the orange GET screen in the Mezu app.
When MMT is LIVE - a video window will pop up inside the app!
Look for the winning 4-digit MEZU GET CODE - streamed LIVE in the video window.
When you see the Winning Mezu GIVE Code, type it in AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
Did we mention it’s FREE? You don’t need to make any purchase to play.
Download the Mezu app and follow the countdown to the game. Or go to to check the next times for MEZU MONEY TIME!
Sign up and we’ll notify you when it’s time to play.

Editor's Note

Purely designed Mezu has made by Mezu, Inc.. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 63M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Mezu got its last update on Feb. 6, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Guy Eichmann I

Great so far, I've won $10 from this app and it was successful. But lately it's been freezing up on me and it's not my internet and it doesn't need an update because I updated it yesterday. And every time I close the app and reopen, the game is always over with and I don't get a chance. Please fix this because I love this app it's totally real.? You can actually win real money. ?? GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! ? I always miss my chance to win now. So for now I'm giving it 1 star until you guys fix it

Clara Abshire

For those doubting that big prizes have real winners, STOP whining and get a faster wifi. We won hundreds playing mezu money time. In first 2 pwks he won $500 then round 2 of the same game we each won $5 Thats $510 in one morning! Awesome! loyal mezu fans 4 life. Friends \u0026 family are now referrals so we can play VIP. This is a good honest app, brand new \u0026 giving away loads of free $$$ what p2p app does that?!! -1 star ONLY bc app bugs, needs fine tuning, freezes etc. 5stars for sure when fixed!

Ms. Sunny Stroman MD

it never works, i punch in the numbers it calls for and i just get an exclamation point, i don't know if it's a scam or what but it's definitely been a waste of time and space on my phone, i should've won at least $20-50 now, if not more, i won $2 twice when i first downloaded the app, then, it just never worked again, it basically glitches out whenever i put in the 4 digit code during money time.

Cecilia Jacobson

for some reason i can't link my card to get my money

Dr. Lorine Mayer

great app and fun to play mezu time to win money

Miss Nia Kozey PhD

great concept and departure from paypal and cash app, venom etc....chances to win money makes incentives even better.

Miss Blanca McKenzie


Daniella Doyle

total fraud. Get Venmo or paypal. They get all your ID face pictures SSN. when reload money instantly takes from your bank. when you try to withdraw to your card they say network error for days. than when you ask them why they close your account and keep the money

Irma Wolff

It glitched after I uploaded my Driver's license. First it approved it then immediately after approval it sent me a message saying not approved please try again. When I went back to where you uploaded it it said my ID was approved. So even if my accounts (3 different checking accounts I tried)had been verified(which for some reason they couldn't) it still wouldn't let me download the money I had waiting for bill payment. I tried to appeal and it's been almost 2 weeks since I've heard anything.

Miss Christiana Maggio

I love Mezu! just wish I could get more referrals and win more money!! Only other things I have complaints about is it has so many glitches, that when I start to play the live game, I dnt hardly get to play cause I keep having to go out and back in just to get it to work.

  • Author
    Mezu, Inc.
  • Publish date
    Feb. 17, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 21 and above
  • File Size
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