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Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game

Download Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game apk for free.

Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game apk icon

Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game

MINI TD 2 is a strategy game that where you build various towers inside intricate mazes and try to stop armies of red invaders that are trying to conquer our blue world. This is a relaxing experience not hindered by in-game purchases and content gating. Everything is available to you from the start. The game is simple but it is not easy!

• 50 levels to beat!
• Relaxing digital music.
• Playable offline.
• Simplistic yet captivating graphic that does not overload your device.
• Intuitive controls and interface.
• Gradually increasing difficulty.
• You can make the game faster to power your way through enemies!

My name is Ilya and I’m the only one developer of this game. I love the TD genre so much and I decided to make a game that has nothing unnecessary. There is you and there are monsters. Use towers efficiently, upgrade them to maximize the impact of each individual structure, and plan your defense by strategically placing utility slowing towers and rocket launchers.

If you like Tower Defense and want something simpler and less resource-intensive, MINI TD 2 is what you need. Your fantasy kingdom is under attack and you need to use your tactical knowledge and experience to kill as many red enemies as possible.

I’m a big fan of the genre and want to give you an opportunity to enjoy the ride for free! No hidden payments, no in-game purchases, and no time gating. You don’t need to wait for the energy to fill up or pay to win. You don’t even need a powerful device! Any smartphone can run this game smoothly! Download and enjoy a simple yet charming Tower Defense game!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game is 1.27. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game made by ArgonGames very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Justus Kihn MD

Really nice TD game, minimalistic but still very cool, starts off really easy then slowly gets harder, can't wait to get to the impossible lvls. Very simple intuitive controls. Great game to pass the time short each lvl is rather short but there are a lot of them so perfect for short or long waits.

Chelsie Grimes

Basic, old school tower defence. The levels are challenging enough without being impossible and it will run on a potato with no issues. Could do with more upgrades or maybe another tower type, but that may spoil the purity and balance. Liked it so much i paid for it. The developer is clearly passionate and loves the genre - a rare thing nowadays.

Hipolito Renner

Just started playing but this is exactly what I wanted from a TD game. No \"heroes\" bs, and no pay to win or obnoxious grinding. Just good ol strategy. It is ad supported but I far prefer that to the \"free\" games that become impossible to progress in after the first few levels.

Chelsie Dicki

A minimalized style of good old tower defense. Only problem I bumped into was upgrading towers, if I had enough id upgrade more than once and use up my money too quickly. You get what is offered here. simple controls, simple towers, simple layouts. easy to play and easy to enjoy Im all for it

Dr. Litzy Donnelly

It's a nice and simple TD. No bells and whistles but have all the essentials for a good TD game. Only complaint is that it wouldn't unlock lvl 43 even after I beat lvl 42. not sure if it is a glitch.

Madge Sipes

Simple, clean, easy and fun. Love the game, perfect for relaxing. No monetary pushing, all I ask for though is a quick description of each tower you unlock. Otherwise great game!

Ashlynn Farrell

amazing but im seeing alot of \"i beat this level but still cant do the next level\" lets say you beat level get stars...1, 2, or 3. you need a certian amount of stars to go to the next

Prof. Delmer Fay PhD

Very simple and enjoyable game. I would like to be able to turn off the music (it gets repetitive after hours of playing) while keeping on the sound effects, pause the game while still being able to see the level, and some sort of help info with all the stats for the different towers/upgrades. But, overall, it's very nice.

Troy Gottlieb

the good: The sound is nice and really is relaxing. One of the only games I keep the sound on for. the improvements: Maybe make the \"death\" sound of the enemies something more pleasant. Its jarring to hear something so close to a clipping during a soothing soundtrack. Add a 3rd fast forward speed a little bit slower than the current second speed. the bad: Can't think of any at the moment. Keep up the good work!

Milford Gottlieb

I was after a no frills tower defence game, without heroes, weird levelling or stupid stories, just towers and enemies. This game is just that. Ads are a little annoying after each level but not as intrusive as some others ive played.