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MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest

Download MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest apk for free.

MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest apk icon

MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest

Join our 4 million members and get America’s most powerful financial membership today:

• Zero-fee checking account
• Zero-fee investment account
• 0% APR cash advances
• 5.99% APR credit-builder loans
• Up to 12% cashback rewards
• Personal loans up to $50,000
• Get and monitor your credit score
• Personalized financial advice

“MoneyLion brings traditional banking ever closer to obsolescence.” - TechCrunch

2018 Celent Model Bank Award for Financial Wellness


Sign up for free
Download the MoneyLion app and enroll in free MoneyLion Core! Receive your new black debit card in approximately 7 days.

Enjoy zero-fee checking
Fund your MoneyLion Checking account with an instant transfer, and then use it everywhere you go with no fear of hidden fees, overdraft fees, or minimum balance fees!

Unlock 0% APR cash advances
Add direct deposit of just $250 or more to your MoneyLion checking account to unlock instant 0% APR cash advances.

Invest when you’re ready
Transfer money -- any amount, any time -- to your zero-fee MoneyLion Investment account, and we’ll invest it for you in a personalized portfolio to help it grow!

Level up to get 5.99% APR loans
Upgrade your membership to MoneyLion Plus to get anytime access to a 5.99% APR credit-builder loan, $1 daily cashback, exclusive perks, and more.

Get up to 12% cashback (coming soon)
Browse offers for up to 12% cashback rewards from thousands of merchants in the app, link your card for free, and start earning rewards when you shop!

MoneyLion Core or MoneyLion Plus (paid) membership required to participate in certain programs, services, cash advances, checking account and/or loans. See website or app for terms, conditions and details. MoneyLion investment account is managed by affiliated, SEC-registered investment adviser ML Wealth, LLC. It is not FDIC insured or bank-guaranteed, and is subject to risk of loss, including loss of principal. For important information and disclaimers relating to the investment account, please go to Checking account through MoneyLion's partner, Member FDIC. Identity and account verification required. Loans are offered through MoneyLion affiliates or through First Electronic Bank, Member FDIC. View full terms and conditions at

*All loans in the USA with an APR of 5.99% are made by state-licensed subsidiaries. Loan terms range from 6 - 18 months with 0% origination fees. An example of total amount paid on a personal loan of $500 for a term of 12 months at an APR of 5.99% with 0% origination fees, would be equivalent to $515.07 over the 12 month life of the loan.*

Editor's Note

The apk file of MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 5.19.0 version from our website and that update has announced on June 26, 2019. MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 16 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, and Invest After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Kane Johns

Awful service, the company does absolutely little-to-no investments whatsoever. They take several days to almost a week to process your payments, if you get the the loan not to include the fact that the Money Plus service cost $79 a month. customer service is a joke leaving you on hold for almost 30 minutes at a minimum before even connecting you with someone. I closed my account the first chance I got. DO NOT GET APP!!!!

Hazel Boyle I

Horrible customer service. They switched my membership to the \"new\" version w/o any permission. Because of that, they failed to give my check-in $1 cash back for 5 days straight. I've called about 8 times in the last 6 weeks and requested my cash back owed to me. All i ever hear is \"I'll put in a request and check back in 3 to 5 business days. All those calls are at least half hour on hold. Their approach is to hope you stop calling and let them keep your cash. 2*for credit builder loan/insta $.

Mrs. Coralie Lemke DDS

Do not get this bank!!! Total bait and switch. For any of the cool benefits that they talk about, you have to pay a \"per paycheck\" fee. You can't cancel the bank account until you pay off the credit line and you can't cancel Money Lion Plus either which is the only way to get the credits line!!! Even though I have Money Lion Plus I am bombed with \"get Lion Plus\" emails. If you try to cancel they dont have customer service. But if you want to upgrade you can get a hold of someone. Garbage!!!!

Miss Marjorie Monahan

(less than one star) I should have had my money on the 19th,when I didn't receive it,I called in and when I was finally able to get someone i was told 3 to 5 business days. i still haven't recieved my money. and now when I call it automatically hangs up on me. this company is horrible,customer is horrible. they will take money,for memberships, but they won't pay you when you try to cash out your investments.

Rickey Bins

Absolute. Garbage. All around. The app has technical errors that apparently no one knows how to fix. What little customer service reps they have are grossly incompetent. All of the emails they provide for customer service aren't active. The only time you'll get someone to email you back is if you cancel your membership. The loan DOES NOT WORK. There's an error in the app that will not allow you to complete the application. A representative LIED to me and they took my money.

Tyreek McClure

i just checked my credit and you guyss have reported that my loan has not been paid! I am beyond pissed! my account is set up for auto debit which means you all are supposes to draft my payment EVERY FRIDAY. There are funds available in my checking account to make my payments every week! I call and have to wait 30plus mins for someone to answer only to never speak with someone!!!!!! As a result my credit dropped 36 POINTS!!!!! This is unacceptable!!!!!!!

Ms. Shanelle Jakubowski

I can track my spending but I can't figure out how to sign up for Plus. the app kind of strong armed me to sign up for direct deposit so when I try to unlock plus it requires an account with any bank that IS NOT Moneylion and have direct deposit to that bank as well. I have called and sat on hold for hours still never getting to talk to anyone about it. Also I read somewhere that a certain credit score determines your eligibility for plus but still advertise credit doesn't matter (?)

Frederik Reichert

Getting through to your customer service is a terrible experience. After spending time on hold, you are asked to do a survey then you are hung up on if you participate or not. Your turnaround time from withdrawing from the investment account is inexcusable, especially when it's instant if I deposit. Third time today that I've been hung up on. Phone reps provide conflicting information. It took an hour on the phone with a rep \u0026 supervisor just to change payment dates.

Amari Ferry

After having this account for several months I give it a definite thumbs down. I have various issues with this site currently. Some going back 6 months with multiple calls on each. Hold times suck with waiting 30 to 60 minutes the norm. Only a few reps are competent. You get random drops while on hold forcing you to call back and wait again. The programs are full of pointless hoops you have to deal with like logging into a app with many bugs every day to get fees refunded just being one.

Prof. Jordon Green

Bank will lie to you to get you to switch. the customer service is extremely sub par, expect a minimum of 20 minute wait time per call. Do not fall for advertising scams for joining as they wont ever pay you out as they claim they would, even after reps confirm it. You cant transfer money online to friends even though its an online account. Oh and last dont even consider trying to get online support, you will get a computer generated response unrelated to your question and no further response.