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Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion

Download Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion apk for free.

Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion apk icon

Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion

Once upon a time there was a zombie castaway on a monster farm near township. Tending a garden on the farm is surely the best way to spend your free time this day. Live the happy experience of building your Monster Farm! Play with friends at Zombie Farm.
Grow a big variety of the magic crops: ghost hay, Pumpkin Jack, mushrooms, too perfect apples or mandrakes! Harvest every day! Day of Halloween with hay, cookies, and zombie, zombie, zombie.
Use your harvest to craft dozens of different treats. We've got all the recipes you need: lollipop, cookie with chocolate, birthday cake and much more. Kids love it, they'll all come to trick or treat at your house. Sell your goods to the townsfolk and neighboring lands. Transylvania, Route 666, Ghost Town are waiting for candies! It's a great opportunity for business!
All type of monsters will be happy to help you bring your farm to the top: zombies, ghosts, werewolves, spiders, vampires...
Create the most fashion costumes for them and organize the best horror party!

Try the last release from Foranj games, a new farming simulator coming to the USA. Enlist the support of your family and friends, uncover the mysteries of the enchanted township and find all the hidden treasure. Create your own farm story!

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Editor's Note

Purely designed Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion has made by foranj. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as Varies with device you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Monster Farm: Happy Ghost Village & Witch Mansion got its last update on April 20, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Scotty Cummings

So far a great game! I love the characters and the unique spin on the traditional farming game. What is also great is that I am able to play without investing a bunch of money. Obviously it's faster and easier to pay, but you can play and progress without. This just wants me to play more! Thanks for a great game!

Zena Gulgowski

The only thing I'm up set about is I've played this game for seven days now and when it came time for me to get my value pack of gems it did not give it to me. It skipped it and went to day one again. I would like to see what the value pack is and how much it gives you for playing for seven days straight. I am gonna keep playing and see if this happens again. If it does I'll let you know. well im back and im still playing this game. The graphics in the game have gotten a lot better. thanks

Prof. Elliot Lesch MD

Seems like a very fun game so far however there are a lot of limits on what you can do in the game such as needing seeds to plant and limited space to deal with, which is not a deal-breaker. I don't care too much for the VIP feature though not a fan of pay to win games but I'll see how this goes.

Rowan Moen

I really liked it until I upgraded it, now everytime I leave the game it takes my storage back to 50 which was the main reason I upgraded to VIP. I have emailed support but havent heard back. I cant even play it because I am over my storage limit (because I paid for it) and have no way to get rid of the extra...i will give it a few more days to hear back, then I will uninstall.

Wilburn Hagenes

Cute, time wasting game. would be a lot better if you werent constantly having to upgrade storage. if I have to pay 180 rubies my storage upgrade should hold more than 2 rakes and a rope. For sure a rip off in that aspect.

Loyal Okuneva IV

Big problem with the app. I have upgraded my storage 5 times and it keeps going back to 50 when I re-open the app. It's a really cute app and I like it but not if it's going to eat my money. You can see the developer doesn't read the ratings either.

Dr. Khalil Dicki Jr.

I want to love this game, it is adorable, but everything takes way too long too 'cook' and storage fills up too fast, it's a constant fight with storage. Also just noticing, if u read alot of these reviews, the people who reply back to the review give weird answers that dont even make sence with the reveiw.. just saying...

Joelle Kub

its disappointing. takes to long to do anything to continue it will cost money. how am I suppose to upgrade when everything is full. can't do anything. cant collect anything. cant help my customer. its was ok while it lasted. I'm going to have to uninstall this game.

Prof. Jodie Considine III

i like monster games. this is entertaining. hard to get items. I don't like that at all. And on some of the free diamonds you can earn, after you do it, it says it's no longer availabe, return and try or look again for another. i don't remember which. That pisses me off.

Misty Quitzon

I really started out having a lot of fun with this game so much so I actually spent $ on it. BIG mistake as now I need eyeballs and have yet to have one appear which is suppose to be from one of the harvested crops. Truly disappointed in this game. Have messaged them through Facebook so will see if they ever answer me. My suggestion is don't waste your time and definitely don't waste your money.