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MovieStarPlanet is the coolest social network & game for kids!

Attention boys and girls! Are you looking for stardom?
Then welcome to our planet filled with stars.
Create a Movie Star today and make awesome Movies, ArtBooks, photos, design clothes and share them with your friends and fans. You might become a famous celebrity overnight.
Let your creativity loose!
Become the best fashion designer and design your own clothes, play Dress Up and model your creations. Create the most amazing art of all time to earn Fame, get awards and rise to stardom.
There is tons of fun waiting for you on MovieStarPlanet! We are a family-oriented game that takes safety SERIOUSLY, and we always work to ensure MovieStarPlanet is a place where parents can trust their kids to hang out.

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Here's a taste of the fun and cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet:
- Create an Avatar doll of yourself to show off your awesome designs
- Make new FRIENDS and CHAT in cool chatrooms
- Decorate your own Room
- Take care of your own pet & Boonies
- Create Looks, Fashion, ArtBooks & Movies using animations and crazy stickers
- Design your own clothes and give your Movie Star a makeover
- Watch YouTube Videos of your favorite shows and celebrities
- Play fun games with other gamers and climb to the top of our Highscores

What are you waiting for? Download the MovieStarPlanet mobile app for your phone and tablet.
Join the fun online!

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the MovieStarPlanet from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of MovieStarPlanet is 32.0.0. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. MovieStarPlanet made by MovieStarPlanet ApS very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Lee Frami

I love it. but once you get to a higher level it kinda gets boring.i use it to chat a lot. I love to make new looks and movies and sometimes an occasional art book too. overall I say the game is pretty good but it's a lot easier just to Google MSP on Google and play on a computer instead of downloading it. it's fun to have many accounts. tip for begginers:- make other accounts and use it to send gifts to your main accounts. this way you can level up your main account fast and easily. great app?

Mr. Leon Pfeffer

I like this game but I think it's unfair for players who are non-vip that can't collect their money and fame from the piggy bank, everyone should be able to collect THEIR money and fame because it's THEIR'S. It's not anybody's it's THEIR'S. I think this is soo unfair. So only vip can collect it but not non-vip them so UNFAIR. But overall this is a good game! If only there was more ways to make money instead of like 4 or 5.

Monica Thompson

This game is boring, there's nothing really to do except spin the wheel and do quests and go to chat rooms. The people in the chat rooms dont even talk. This isn't msp's fault but you know it does make it boring. I've been trying to give this game a chance for a few days but I'm just going to uninstall this game. I gave a star because it has the potential to become a good game if more things were added to it.

Rylan Bode

really good game you can chat with friends while making cool designs you can make new friends i recomend 5 star but the only thing is there is lots of glitches and when you get lots of coins they remove nearly all your coins! (like when i had lots of greets and had 25,00 sc i lost so many coins and when you reach a new level they take away a lots of fame) thats the things you need to inprove on its an ok game i guess so if you like dressing up and playing with friends go download msp now!! ??❤

Allison Fahey

This is fun and very social. The thing is: i wish there would be more ways to make money. I also would appreciate more things to do in the game; people are quitting because there are barely anythings to do. Thank you making this, though!

Ervin Hamill

My experience was great I got married and everyone came to my wedding its was a great experience!! but how do I get the new colors? and theres a HUGE issue some people just swear at me because I like kpop Can you also add more kpop clothes in the category I would really appreciate it also if you add more eyebrows I dont like the skinny eyebrows. And head shapes and some average lips I hate skinny lips but it's all right with me this game is very good and the best is I can SHARE MY KPOP COLLECTION

Dr. Casimir Blick II

The graphics on this game is outstanding. The fact that you can actually think of this game as the real world makes you fell mentally special and the fact that boys can also play this game just makes it ever more fun! 10/10. Why don't you guys download the game and try it out for yourselves?

Alan Jacobi II

its a really good game,but i think phone/tablet users should be able to use animations in statuses like computers can,i also think there should be a sarch bar and theme tab in animations,they also should allow daimond items and animations to be added to wishlists, i think there should be more rare weeks aswell like every 2 or 3 months there is a rare week in seeming as we haven't had a rare week for a long time now,i think there should be a consino to win some daimonds so not just vips get them

Dr. Jaleel Pouros

I love this app and its really fun I made it to level 16...but could you PLEASE add were u can buy backgrounds on mobile and add trade system to mobile too?! and thank you so much for the new beginning clothes!!

Retta Kub

I think it is a very fun and a entertaining game to play and chat with people. Some people can be very harmful and use inappropriate language. It is no as safe because there are a lot of hacking issues and glitches which could affect there account and gaming platform. This is a amazing game but just be careful and go install!