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Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player

Download Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player apk for free.

Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player apk icon

Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player

Musi Stream is a free music streaming app and free music player with incredible features which lets you play your favorite music and MP3 music. Search hottest, top & trending artists, albums & genres to stream SoundCloud MP3 music.

Free music player & streamer lets you play SoundCloud music online and your local downloaded music. Musi Stream is the best music collection which gives access to over millions of free MP3 music and online music collections.

Musi Stream is a freemusic player for SoundCloud, listen to music or free songs in SoundCloud music playlist and listen to unlimited music tracks. Free music player is a great music player with online MP3 songs from SoundCloud. Play & listen to the trending free music of SoundCloud with Musi Stream. With all these incredible features you can listen to your downloaded/local songs without WIFI as well.

SoundCloud music stream
- Search over millions of MP3 musi: the best cloud music
- Explore top SoundCloud artists and play top albums
- Play music by genres
- Listen to music with Musi Stream playlists: party, workout, sleep and more
- Create your own playlists to stream songs for free later
- Play free music now in background

Downloaded Music
- Search artists, albums, songs for free
- Beautiful new music player with tremendous features
- Create music playlists for your local songs
- Sort songs by artists & albums
- Detail view of artists & albums

Musi Stream is a powerful music streaming app which gives a great experience with SoundCloud music MP3 and music top charts and millions of tracks. This smart music player is a fully customisable streamer which enables you play unlimited streaming music tracks and SoundCloud MP3 songs for free.

Download this music streaming app and enjoy unlimited songs with amazing features. Listen to songs for free, unlimited music and top artists, top albums with this beautifully crafted Musi streamer. You can also play your local/downloaded music without WIFI in this music player.

Please know before listen to music unlimited in this music tube: Musi Streamer is an online music player to enable MP3 stream. We do not provide CACHE or DOWNLOAD MP3 songs for respect of user content. This is not a music downloader and you cannot download any kind of music and listen to music without WIFI through this app

Disclaimer: This MP3 streamer is based on Soundcloud API and does not have direct control over the content. "If there is any content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights:" You can report the issue using these links

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player is 1.0.80. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Musi Stream - Free Music for YouTube: Music Player made by MusiStream very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Yessenia Dare

Overall the app works just as it needs to I can listen to pretty much any song I look up but there's just one problem, every now and then the song I'm listening to will just change to another unexpectedly and not even play it so I have to go back into the app and change it back. like I said good app but this one problem is just getting a little annoying now.

Prof. Jaylan Labadie PhD

ITS GREAT!! Functions well and does everything its supposed to do. Also a plus because i get to listen to my favorite small rappers who dont have apple music or spotify music. PLUS PLUS i can replay music, fast forward, and rewind music with no \"cost\". Only downside is ads but that every app so i dont mind it 😊

Wyman Kuhlman DDS

I really enjoyed it. There was just a problem that it downloaded 2 and when I erased one then it went both. It is a really good app for music.

Prof. Myrl Skiles I

i love this app because i can listen to some of my favorite songs! i wish i had found this sooner because i could of found more songs i like!

Collin Satterfield

OMG I LOVE THIS APP! It's so simple to use and has a massive range on songs to listen to. The only thing I would say is have some way of listening to music offline, for example a download feature. Apart from that I would 100% recommend this app ❤❤

Ernestine Kassulke III

I'm not gonna lie the app is good but I cantt download music and I dont have pandora plus so i cant download music not even here if you could make it where you can download music I'll be happy

Ms. Yasmin Gusikowski

Could yous a better ui for better navigation but that's the only thing I need to get use to other than that it's great I love it.

Santiago Bauch

i like it more on iOS is way better. i like the fact that you can listen youtube music without the screen on in my iphone, yes in the background not sure why on Android cant be done. i know it may infringe some YouTube rules but in ios is possible it should be the same here on Android

Norberto Schimmel

Ti love this app.This app let's you listen to music with your phone off.It lets you keep listening to the same artist (Ex:If you search up Roadtrip Tv,it will show all Roadtrip songs and covers and click on it,when it finishes you dont have to go to the app and put another Roadtrip song cuz a Roadtrip song will come up again.)

Dr. Malika Fritsch V

so far so good, kinda. some songs are weird remixes I don't care for, but cant find the orginal(on some songs). so far I can find most of what I can think of, had an annoying 6 notification freak out I had to turn off the app notifications to stop it. now it just loads slow, I'm assuming it's still freaking out but just not annoying me.