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At 76®, we love drivers. Download this app to find the nearest 76 gas stations, track KickBack® Points, stay up-to-date on current promotions, and quickly reach us with any questions or comments.

Our other brands also have custom apps - My Phillips 66® App, My Conoco® App.

• Find the closest 76 gas stations and get directions from your current location. Find nearby stores based on city and state, or ZIP code.
• If you like a station, save it to your favorites.
•Displays area promotions and station attributes and services including the availability of an ATM, carwash, 24-hour service, snacks, diesel, etc.
With our KickBack Points loyalty program, earn points from purchases at participating 76 gas stations and then spend those points just like cash. Treat your car, or yourself!
• Enroll and track points.
• Find the closest KickBack Points participating 76 gas stations.

• Don’t miss out on the latest opportunities to save money or win 76 TOP TIER® detergent gasoline.

• We welcome your feedback, comments and questions. Call or email us in one quick click.

76. We’re on the driver’s side.

Editor's Note

Well known My 76 is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download My 76 developed and announced by Phillips 66 Mobility. Current version of the apk file is 4.1.12 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on June 14, 2019. Also My 76 is very famous in Travel & Local category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install My 76 if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Gina Miller

This app is the worst. it's one propose which is to pay for gas is flawed. like WTH it logs me out like every single time i use the app. Then i have to sign in, but thats not all. No, if the app fails to authorize a pump, then it locks you out from using the app. I've used both the iOS and Android versions of this app and its all been the same. The only reason i have time to write this review is because I'm waiting for the app to let me purchase gas after it locked me out for too many attempts.

Kurtis Klein

MEGA-FAIL APP! Gimmick app to get you to drive to their stations, but the app then fails or locks you out. They get you to their station the on idea to save $; then hope you stay when app fails to deliver. 4 stations in 3 different cities over a 7 day period and zero success getting this garbage app to work!

Ernie Langosh

Your app failed me and it was embarrassing and cost me money. I spent 10 minutes waiting for my location to populate correctly. I was in Hawthorne Ca at the service station and the location shows my being in Africa.

Orie Zieme

Just tried to use the app at the gas station. Attendant had no idea how to use the app which tells me they are not trained or 76 gas stations do not care if their employees are trained on the usage.

Shanny Watsica DDS

great when it works, but it takes several minutes to reset if you enter a typo, then it's useless. I've had to use a card twice un the last month because of this.

Reid Terry

it would be better if i could add my credit card. i do not want to get a 76 credit card which has a very high interest rate

Zoie Erdman

Try it but don't take your card out of your wallet. Its a great idea when it works. The app is very glitchy and doesn't work at every station. Has a tendency to reset or start over in the middle of the transaction or tell you \"unable to authorize pump\". Then if you move to another pump it will tell you that you have made too many attempts and gives you a timeout period. I find this app more irritating than helpful. When the $.10 per gallon incentive disappears I will most likely uninstall.

Willy Murazik

Great app! Easy to navigate through. Able to pay at the pump without getting out of my car. And it's more secure than swiping my credit card into the card reader at the pump or inside the store. Also enjoy saving $.10 cents a gallon using the app. Cool stuff!

Judson Gulgowski

Randomly begins to sync that never goes away even though I didn't use the app the whole day, causes phone to get hot and have to restart Update tried to reinstall to use the discount and it just stays at the my 76 logo for over 2 minutes app is hot garbage turns me off from using 76 in general as well 3/24/19 didnt think this app could get worse but updated and now im at 76 and its stuck at the loading screen.. after 4 minutes it loads and says pump is unavailable... garbage company

Ena Cormier

76 is a dinosaur app. What I mean by that is that 76, as well as other gas apps, are old school industries. They have no real talent, just guaranteed income flow for themselves. This app was made by ppl that couldn't give a damn. Dudes in their basement have made and will continue to make more stable apps than this one. This app will crash, sign out, and fail. Also, no Samsung/Google/Visa elec. payments. You have to use THEIR 3rd party partners. Yes, another sign up. Garbage