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My Talking Tom 2

From the creators of My Talking Tom comes your new favorite game, My Talking Tom 2! Play with your new virtual best friend Tom in his cool free game and go on the adventure of your life!

THE KING OF CUTE: Talking Tom is cuter, funnier, and more adorable than ever before. He reacts to everything you do and there are new surprises every day!

EVERYDAY FUN: Feed Tom when he’s hungry, wash him when he’s dirty, put him to bed when he’s tired, and take him to the toilet when he’s… really got to go! Watch him grow from a baby to a big happy cat!

TAKE EXTRA CARE: Tom sometimes gets sick, so he needs you now more than ever before. When he gets a booboo, go to the medicine cabinet and make the poor little guy feel better.

PLAY WITH TOYS: Shoot basketball hoops, push Tom on the swing, or go jumping on the trampoline. Tom now has a box full of toys and they all make him happy!

PICK TOM UP: Tom loves it when you lift him up into the air. Try spinning him, dropping him, or throwing him. You can even put him in the bath, on the toilet, into bed, or into his cool plane!

EXPLORE NEW WORLDS: Fly in Tom’s plane and discover exciting new worlds. Bring back amazing treasures and use them to dress Tom up and decorate his house.

MEET TOM’S PETS: Yes, Tom has a pet too, and there are four more pets to discover! Each one has its own look and personality. Try feeding one and see what happens!

NEW MINIGAMES: There are brand new minigames to play, including puzzle games, action games, and Tom’s first ever multiplayer minigame!


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- Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;
- Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;
- YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7's animated characters;
- The option to make in-app purchases;
- Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; and
- Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money.

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Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces My Talking Tom 2. My Talking Tom 2 is developed by Outfit7 Limited and it has very stable version which is My Talking Tom 2 works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you My Talking Tom 2 apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mr. Ronaldo Larson I

I was playing this game and suddenly tom started talking without I was speaking it started speaking that I am proud of you because you take so much care of me I got shocked !!!!!!!!!!! . I think this app is haunted??

Adolph Stiedemann IV

I loved this game .Good graphics,but the game space in which our second and small pet squeak sits in a rocket should have an option to play offline .Many people cannot afford online that's why I want this game offline.Right now I have internet to play but,what about others.Beside this I don't have any issue with this game, I have downloaded this game many times and suggested tomany people to download this game .Thanks to the makers of this game.Thanks a lot .

Nadia Boyer

I only want to play space trails but can only do it in this app. THE PROBLEM? things like sleep depleet faster so that you can run out of money. Now you need to watch ads. I have no issue watching ads so they can make money but you rarely win coins which brings it to you paying real money if you don't like it. VERDICT: it's rigged in a way for things to run out so now either watch ads so they get paid or you pay real money for a little bit of coins.

Andrew Gaylord

one of the first games I downloaded because my other cuisins have the game and let me play now I have the game .great experience of laughing at him.for those who are reading this to see if it is a good game it is,you can shower him, let him use the bathroom(you can close the door)you can make him shakes to drink. the shake can do things like make his fur glow, wear some outfits that you don't have like the whole outfit.but one slight problem it gives you more stars than money you need money more.

Cathy Lind

it's an awesome game I liked it's graphics, controls \u0026 gameplay. it's a superb game/addictive game I really love this game is easy to play and really awesome games inside its not only for kids but also for teens, adults and olds some people are saying that it's really a bad game but it's an awesome game in the game an orange colored Tom's friend is there if you give him something to eat he changes his color into what the color of the food

Deondre Welch MD

Too many ads! The game itself is very nice. and I really do not mind an,occasional ad. But the amount of ads and the time you have to wait is annoying and frustrating. My 4 year old also does not understand what to do. So she taps the screen and out of the game and needs my help to get back in. As she cant play this by herself I am going to uninstall it. Shame.

Prof. Logan Hegmann MD

I like this game so much . That I dont want to delete it . It has wonderful games . There is a toybox and I love those games . There are some new games like spooky train, snow blast , squeez, space trails. I love those games and we can also make juice . It has a frame picture and you need to colour it . The special colours are awsumn. And the qualities which it posseses are wonderful. Try this game it is the best game ever.

Dr. Branson Borer MD

Overall game is good...great mini games specially i love space trails(mini game) you can add new achievements for above levels, ...New update is really good but please add more new levels and for sure add new pets.and keep on updating more games..u can even give an option for an oven and can also add more foods to the fridge.after unlocking sugar..the game becomes normal.update more new that the game would become much intresting. 5 stars..hoping for further interesting updates.

Addie Auer

i love this game. i love making tom smoothies and theyre all he eats! althoigh my tom was very bad and broke his trampoline its fun to play the interactive games(especialy swinging him) the orange thing is cute (but what the hell is it?) get it if u love animals. maybe make it so u can do 3 things in blender and make him have clothes to buy like tom in the other one aswell as yreasure.

Raymond Larson

its Good and amazing. I liked it but I playedany games and in this I liked everything but like in one of the games, I played there is an option to cook food without buying anything... and suppose someone doesn't have enough money to buy so it must give an option to cook... I don't say that no one will spend money in that so give it like ones in a day and don't fill it 100 but at least 50 so that they may like doing it... (my opinion)