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Introducing myCOMPASS PA, for Pennsylvanians who have applied for or get health and human service programs or benefits. It offers many of the same features found on COMPASS, but right from your phone. You can now access your benefits from anywhere, whenever you want.

The best part? You can take care of business while you’re on-the-go. Tasks that used to involve a trip to the county assistance office can be accomplished with only a few minutes on the app. Whether you want to know the status of your application or send us a photo of required documents, you’re always just a few taps away.


• See important details about your benefits.
• Check the status of your application.
• Find out when to renew.
• Upload, send, and view documents related to your application or benefits.
• Report changes to your addresses, emails, or phone numbers.
• Check status of benefits for which you’ve applied for.

myCOMPASS PA. Managing your benefits just got easier.

We’re always looking for new ways to better our app. We use comments and shared experiences to help us make improvements. We will continue to monitor and fix performance issues, along with other issues highlighted in feedback.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces myCOMPASS PA. myCOMPASS PA is developed by Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and it has very stable version which is myCOMPASS PA works with all the android devices if the device is Android 23 and above. We always provide you myCOMPASS PA apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Amalia Walter

For anyone having issues with the Date of Birth, once you see the calendar, click on the 2019 on the top and it will let you easily select your birth year. Once you do that, it's quick to find your month and day. Though i agree it could be much easier. But it looks like they're working on the issue. The only other suggestion would be to use the app to renew benefits. Forcing people to use the desktop site seems like an unnecessary requirement. And the app could make it easier.

Dr. Alba Schimmel

RTA: dropped this from 3 stars to 1 after trying to use it some more. 80% of this app doesnt work. Cant check your SNAP balance, cant put in email confirmation passcode, cant view alerts. Please change the input style for DOB. I had to scroll for several minutes before reaching my birth year. Just make it an input field not a calendar selection. Also when i upload photos of my documents it always rotates them sideways even though they are upright in my gallery.

Gabriel Koss

The part to enter your birthday in the verification part needs to be coded differently. It is incredibly inconvenient to hit the backwards month key multiple times to finally reach your birthday. Please ask your app builder to find another way to code this since this is not user friendly. Besides this everything else works well.

Dr. Chasity Schulist

Easy-to-understand user interface. The app is quite convenient and functions efficiently. As of 7/2019 still just a little bit buggy. ( same problems from a year ago) App locks up on occasion on my Samsung Galaxy S4 note; does not allow my password vault: LastPass to autofill form fields. Fix these issues and you would have an astounding app.

Micheal McDermott

You need to put a better way to input someone's birthday instead of scrolling backwards on the calendar in my case 51×12 scrolls or finger taps. Why can't you just allow a keyboard to come up for an input of numbers. Very easy to program in an app. Thousands of then do it. You need to.

Florence Jacobi

I have been locked out for over six months and I am now able to get back in only after I have lost benefits. if one choose to go paperless but is unable to recover mailings, what benefit is this app to me. there is no benefit for the client, only the system. sad program that should be revamped completely. once I am able to switch back to paper contact, I will delete this app!

Emilio Kuphal

Love love Love this app! It makes doing everything I need easy and done in a flash. It's so much easier to go on the app and complete renewals and upload documents without having to go down to the office and wait for ever to see somebody or waste time going down there just to drop something off. This app works great and makes everything easier!!😊😊🙏. The only thing I wish u could see icb this app would be to see all my transactions and balances

Alisha Stracke

Fine. It would be less annoying to log in if clicking a down button and finding your date of birth was easier. It's really time consuming and frustrating to have to scroll ALLLL the way to the year and month you were born by clicking the arrow a bunch of times like you were button mashing for a mobile game.

Abigail Bosco

I love the app, I'm disabled and I don't have access to fax machine. my review packet was delivered to my neighbors and when I received , the day my info was due. the app allowed me to get my information to my case worker without Interfering with my benefits. it was be nice to have fingerprint access.

Prof. Stanton Sporer V

If it wasn't for being able to update my SAR, this app would have gotten one star. To login with my birthday, I have to scroll way way back instead of being able to type in the year. Also, when trying to enroll in paperless, not matter how many times I tried, it would not let me enter the code.