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Easily manage your workplace benefits from Fidelity—from sending us documents to accessing retirement savings, stock options, health insurance, and more.

Account balances, investments, recent contributions, and account performance
Monitor other accounts, including 529 plans and brokerage accounts
Quickly find health insurance information, such as who’s covered under your plan, provider phone numbers, and your group number

See how much you may need in retirement and get your Fidelity Retirement Score℠

Change your contribution rate and investments
Send us documents and rollover checks using your camera
Exercise options and accept grants in your stock plans
Enroll in your health insurance during annual enrollment

Access articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive tools to make informed financial decisions

Get important reminders about timely actions to take within your account

Account Security
We take your account security seriously and are always researching new ways to protect you. We use a combination of advanced measures such as customer verification and biometrics to help ensure every visit is safe.

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Additional Information
Available for phones running Android 6.0 or later.

The NetBenefits® smartphone app is available to individuals who have one or more workplace benefits provided by Fidelity Investments. Please note that the app is currently not available for use with Fidelity-serviced HR/payroll plans.

NetBenefits and the NetBenefits design logo are registered service marks of FMR LLC.

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System availability and response times may vary.

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Editor's Note

Purely designed NetBenefits has made by Fidelity Investments. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 34M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. NetBenefits got its last update on Jan. 22, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Ova Braun

I am so disappointed with the choice to change the entire look of the app. Now instead of quickly being able to see the year-to-date change in my 401k, I am forced to hunt this information down. To me the point of Net-benefits was to be able to see simplified verison of the desktop site. Now that it forces the desktop site to view details there is absolutely no point to use the app! If I could go back to the previous look I would in a second!!

Mr. Lambert Abernathy

While trying to roll over 401k from a previous employer I was guided to use this app to take pictures of the checks. The picture functionality simply does not work. I click the camera icon, the border shows green like it's an acceptable picture, but the picture is never taken. It eventually times out and nothing can be done.

Giles Cruickshank

issues with every update. always showing errors and whatnot when trying to log on. fingerprint sensor or manually entering password, usually have to reboot my whole phone and am able to use it once, then the issue starts all over again

Alessandro Torp

This application is the worst, it's such a joke specially the feature to use your camera to upload checks. I tried over 60 times to deposit some checks and I did not work, also the app crashes constantly and has to be restarted several times before you can use it again

Lilian Kuhlman

This update has rendered this app nearly useless for my purposes. The asset allocations tab was a fantastic way to view my 401k individual fund performance on a regular basis, but no more. Please restore the BASIC functions you removed in the next update. Many of us have no choice as to where we manage our retirement investments; don't leave us blind!

Heloise Runolfsson

Love the ability to be able to Snap Photos of the documents I need to send and then Submit them right through this Application! This Company is Up-To-Date with Today's Technology! Couldn't ask for a better 401K investment Company!!!

Lexie Little DVM

There's no reason to use this app except because Fidelity customer service agents tell you to use it to deposit a check to complete an account rollover. However, the check scanning feature DOES NOT WORK. AT ALL. EVER. On any Android device. It's just broken. An infuriating and worthless waste of time.

Donna Shanahan

This latest version removed more functionality, rendering this app even more useless than it was. Now you can't drill down to see your investments or your Roth/Traditional/Employer dollar amounts.

Mr. Ethel Kuvalis

The camera feature is awful. It makes me want to cry. When I try to take a photo of a check to transfer, it doesn't perform intuitively. I tap the camera button amd it doesn't immediately snap a photo.... So I stand there like a fool, waiting for it to decide to capture an image. Then I get an error. I've tried this more than 10 times and now am submitting it through the mail. How can I trust a company with my money when the digital experience. Is that bad?

Dr. Guido Douglas

I have terrible experience with the send a document feature: - why is it only available through the mobile app? why cant I upload documents through a web client on my computer? - why do I have to take photos instead of simply uploading a pdf? it's 2019, people can sign documents without printing it out - why does flash light automatically goes on when i take the photos without option to turn it off? - why there is no notification or history of my uploaded documents?