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NoCable - OTA Antenna & TV Guide

Download NoCable - OTA Antenna & TV Guide apk for free.

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NoCable - OTA Antenna & TV Guide

Get the ultimate Over-the-Air TV companion with NoCable's official app! It makes TV simple again with a unique broadcast TV listing and schedule that will help you replace the TV guide app you used to have with your Cable TV or Satellite provider.

Cutting the Cord has never been this easy!

The NoCable app assists you with setting up your over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna and then helps you get the most out of your free broadcast television. NoCable walks you through the purchase, installation and troubleshooting of an over-the-air TV antenna recommended specifically to your home's location!

With this app, you also get exclusive cord-cutting news from across the web anywhere, anytime.

NoCable is a leader in the cable TV cord-cutting movement. Since 2015, we have helped thousands of people across the US ditch their high cable TV bills, and switch to a more cost effective method of getting their local broadcast channels.

- Determine the free local TV channels will are available with a TV antenna
- TV antenna recommendations for your location
- TV antenna installation & troubleshooting instructions
- Daily broadcast TV guide schedule for your area
- Important news feed about cord cutting and streaming options

Editor's Note

Purely designed NoCable - OTA Antenna & TV Guide has made by NoCable. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as N/A you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. NoCable - OTA Antenna & TV Guide got its last update on July 15, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Cary Senger

this is a great app. I like that you can tap on each station and see what is on for the next 3-4hrs. you can tap on whatever show you choose and you'll even get a current synopsis of that show. The only negative for me is that when I tap on the screen icon it won't load completely the first time. I have to tap it off then tap it on a second time for it to fully load. this is annoying. Otherwise, a wonderful app!

Maxine Leannon PhD

Just loaded the app today and so far it has been really handy. Instead of scrolling up and down the tv dial i can just look on my phone. After searching I can type in the station I want to watch. It also has the capabilty to review of what the show is about. We got rid cable tv a little over a month ago and have been struggling to figure out what is on tv. This app easy to use. This is a very good solution to the issue I had.

Cordelia Cummings

I just installed it and was automatically asked to rate it... so here I am, but since I haven't been able to use the app yet, I can't really do that, now can I? However, if I'm just going by that 30 seconds, it's not off to a solid first impression. Give the user a chance to use your app before you ask them to rate it.

Lurline Fahey

Doesn't work in all locations. Sometimes changing zip code to a surrounding area produces better results. If using outdoor amplified antenna you need to reset option often, sometimes during use. If tv listings are limited, going to map and selecting a nearby station number than returning to the listings will load more stations. I've used this app while traveling and it works great away from my home address. just remember to reset zip and antenna options each time you set up ( like in RV use).

Dr. Justyn Cassin IV

Not as goood as the previous version. Would like to edit the list of channels displayed, either because I'm not interested in their lineup, or because There is no reception for a particular channel (even though the app says otherwise. Also, I like the \"GRIT\" channel (5.3 in my zip code), but I have to constantly refresh/reload to see its' listing -- which only stays on the screen for about one minute, before disappearing altogether. I rate the old version 4 or 5 stars; this one 2 or 3 stars.

Percy Tromp

If i didn't have this app, I wouldn't be able to tell whats on TV, so this app is a life saver, plus it does so much more, like find out more about differant types of receiving air waves, inside, outside antenna, and having a amp and the best place that you would need one! Thanks for all the info that you have giving me, I have learned alot.

Cortney Kozey

Lists most OTA channels in my area, but not all. Also lists many channels I don't get. Recently, the app will open then do nothing else. When it works, it's pretty helpful. Uninstalled \u0026 reinstalled app, it worked once then went back to opening then doing nothing. Sent an email to developer with no response. I see I am not the only user experiencing issues with the tv guide since the update.

Lemuel Bins

This app is perfect for me. No longer do I have to search for what's playing on the 'sub-channels'! I regularly watch programs and movies on these channels and can now find what's playing whenever I like. Thanks NoCable!

Alene Kunze

Dosent always load c'mon developer's. Can we fix this???? The App seems to have clitches. \u0026 doesn't always load. App is sketchy not a reliable app. Sometimes it loads \u0026 sometimes it doesn't always load. It still needs tweaking. Developers should observe it more often. if person is going to create an app they need to ensure in regularly work for its customers otherwise it can be useless hint hint.

Adelle Kertzmann

I have gone to the no cable website and have always found a complete guide for all my antenna channels.i installed the no cable app to make checking the guide more convenient.the app gave me about 60% of my channels.i was thinking of purchasing a no cable antenna and replacing the antenna i currently use.when i inquired as to weather the large amount of tall trees surrounding my home would interfere with a signal,i could not get an understandable response.i will not be using no cable again. :-(