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Gain instant remote access to your Network IP cameras using NVMS7000 V4.4 mobile software for Android OS (version 4.0 or higher). The free network video management system software enables you to effectively monitor IP cameras at anytime from anywhere from your mobile device. The latest version allows support device backup and restore in batch by QR code, support fire source detection, behavior analysis, ship detection, and temperature measurement for thermal camera. Preview up to 16 Channels in real-time, swipe for PTZ control and camera management, support preset activation and configuration, and calibration for brightness, snapshot support. End-users can also manage up to 100 sets of devices, including adding / deleting / modify profiles.

1.Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G access service must be supported by the phone.
2.Network traffic charges may be produced during the use of this client software. Please refer to the local ISP.

Resolution Support
Phone: 320*480, 480*800, 480*854, 960*540, 1280*720, 1280*800,1920*1080

1.The live view effect is related to the performance of the network and phone hardware. If the live view is not fluent or the screen appears blurred, please reduce the resolution, frame rate and bitrate of the camera, or decrease the image quality in the software.

Editor's Note

The apk file of NVMS7000 is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 4.7.4 version from our website and that update has announced on April 9, 2019. NVMS7000 is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 14 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use NVMS7000 After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Prof. Colten Hane

Please fix the app. We are unable to review our expensive camera away from home. There are far too many people with the same complaint. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG TO CORRECT? DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMERS?

Blaise Rice

If I can, I'd rate this service a triple 0. Tried to call them multiple times, left multiple messages, I never received a return phone call from either customer service or Tech support. Of course, no one ever picks up the phone. The only option is to leave a message. Good luck. Pay for the system and you're on your own.

Mona Kuvalis

App was working normally for over a year then just in the past couple weeks of April 2019 it just stopped connecting to remote cameras. It says Network Exception error and issues with logging into PT cloud. I just downloaded on an iPhone, logged in and works perfect. Please fix this android app issue asap!

Katelin O'Hara

server error: error code 10023 has been showing up since April 10th update. contacted support and they are claiming it is my device. not true because it worked fine before the update. please fix your bug

Marcellus Strosin Jr.

worked fine before update. are you going to resolve the issue where pt cloud not showing? getting network error when logging in. works fine on apple device. Has anybody got a fix for Android yet? I guess the developer doesnt read the reviews. Please fix the bugs introduced by android users. LTS connect is working for anybody having issues download that app.

Mrs. Krista Koepp MD

evidently the new version introduced new bugs. im running android 9 and can no longer access my dvr feed via pt cloud. i can log in, but no device is found for me to select to get the camera feeds. please fix quickly.

Enrique Bernhard

Started getting server error: error code 10023, when connecting using PTCloud so I am unable to view my bissiness using your app. This only happened after the April 8th update, worked fine before.

Leola McGlynn

App was great until the April 8th update. I can no longer access cameras. Didn't update the app on one of my devices and it still works there. Please fix ASAP!

Donnie Howell

After your most recent update to this app, I'm getting server error code: 10023 and it won't let me connect to my cameras. please fix this asap!! no cool

Ally Howell

can't access cameras from my cell! I paid almost $10k for a security system I can't access on my cell. This app and the system are GARBAGE! I would have saved money and been better off buying something from Amazon!