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Officer Watch Face

Download Officer Watch Face apk for free.

Officer Watch Face apk icon

Officer Watch Face

Not compatible on Sony Smartwatch 3

✭✭✭Officer. High-end watch face inspired by marine and army forces timepieces.✭✭✭

This watch face offers 3 fully customizable complications, a dedicated battery indicator, up to 8 colorways and 5 colored ambient mode in its premium version.

Swiss made watch faces created by experienced watch designers.

Free features and settings

• Swiss made design
• Adjustable display time – may increase battery consumption
• Interactive settings menu (long press)
• Dedicated battery charge display

Premium features and settings

Premium Pack :

• 1 to 3 fully customizable complications (Google steps, weather, agenda, …)
• 8 dedicated « classic » colorways
• 5 colored ambient mode


• Optimized for low battery consumption
• Developed for Wear 2.0
• No ads


Wear OS 2.0 – from watch

1. Open the playstore app via your wear device
2. Download and install the watch face
3. Swipe right to « add more watch faces »
4. Find your new Rawleeks watch face
5. You made your smartwatch great again !

Wear 2.0 – from phone

1. Open the playstore app via your phone
2. Make sure phone is connected to your wear device
3. Download and install the watch face on your phone
4. Within seconds/minutes the watch face will appear on your wear device
5. You now look super pro !

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Officer Watch Face from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Officer Watch Face is 1.3. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. Officer Watch Face made by SOOON very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Miss Abigayle Grady PhD

For about $1 pro is the way to go. Can't find the heart rate complication on my Ticwatch Pro (please help), but world time, steps, and date are great accompaniments to the battery meter. Beautiful watch face with great features. A great homage to that really expensive Italian military watch brand! I'll be looking at your other offerings soon!

Shanel Wisozk

I really like this watch face, and have paid for the premium version. May I request that you add a couple of features - 1) watch hands visible/not visible, and alternative colors (bright orange) for hour markers. If you add these features, this watch face will surely be a 5-FIVE-5 STAR watch!

Sandy Spencer II

I love this watch face. I paid for the full set up to get the extra widgets, and use the watch face fully. My only problem is I thought i was getting the camouflage faces too. Alas this is another purchase.

Araceli Stracke

Yet another awesome watch face from Sooon! This is a really clear face with complications and different colours too! Now my favourite! (Huawei Watch 2)

Prof. Marcelo Pollich

Looks nice i like it but in settings it says show date and i dont see the date on watchface. I got paid version.

Sasha Beatty

can you fix the problem for moto360 it says unfortunately it stopped or something like that. I'd like to give it 5 stars but it won't display on the watch

Mr. Bradford Grady PhD

I just dowlowded it, not used it yet

Dr. Dewayne Stracke V

Tried using it on Sony smart watch 3. Watch face crashes. Saying... Unfortunate watch face stopped

Jaeden Bailey III

Trying to open officer watch face. What is the problem with this app

Idella Marquardt

A well-designed, clean watch face with good features and good ambient design. Good job!!