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Offline Maps & Navigation

Navigation app that combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience. Compact maps of over 200 countries were specially optimized to take up less space on your phone. Follow accurate voice directions, avoid traffic jams and get speed limit & speed camera alerts. Regular map updates.

• Offline maps of all countries in the world, from TomTom and other providers
• Free map updates multiple times per year
• Voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directions and spoken street names
• Millions of interesting Places (POI)
• Real-time route sharing lets you share your estimated time of arrival & current position on a map*
• Pedestrian GPS navigation with walking directions and tourist attractions (POI)

• Avoid traffic jams with the most accurate real-time traffic information with data collected from more than 500 million users worldwide*

• Advanced safety features make driving in unfamiliar territories easier
• Speed limit warnings show you the current speed limit and the upcoming speed limit changes
• Dynamic Lane Assistant guides you into the correct lane
• Head-up Display (HUD) projects navigation onto the windshield of your car, making driving at night safer
• Dashcam records the road ahead and automatically saves video in case of an accident
• Real View Navigation is an augmented reality feature for even better and safer driving experience

• Park easily with parking place suggestions and live info about prices and availability*
• Set your fuel type and fill up for the best price with live information about fuel prices*
• Avoid speeding tickets with Speed camera warnings*
• Save money on roaming charges with offline maps

*Please note that this feature requires internet connection.

Note: Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain.

By installing, copying or using all or any portion of this software you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement:

Editor's Note

Purely designed Offline Maps & Navigation has made by Maps, GPS Navigation. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 34M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Offline Maps & Navigation got its last update on Jan. 8, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Nola Funk

There are bugs in the software, so that it treats a journey to Eastbourne as a similar mileage as going to the moon. A minor irritation compared with the need to make the same announcement every few minutes. That said the maps are accurate, detailed and easy to follow. Announcements can also be made over the car's media system. Also, it's the only site I've found with both a Japanese voice and maps. Sort out the bugs and this will become my preferred satnav app.

Adelbert Schulist

I need to use this more to give a fair feedback. It does need some tweaking - for example, some bear left or bear right instructions are actually turnings off the road you are on so should be 'turn left' or 'turn right'. However, this is a very good offline nav system indeed. Accurate mapping and with good, efficient delivery of key information. It is always being updated and improved by the developers and is well on the way to being a five star product. It's impressive.

Salvatore Little

I have begin trying this app in my local town before venturing further afield and so far I am very very impressed. In my view this is without question the BEST offline navigation aid I have seen so far. It requires a little time to get the hang of how best to set it up for your needs but there are plenty of options and best of all it delivers the goods. (UPDATE further trials have confirmed that it really does deliver the goods - really is worth 5 stars plus) Terry Stevens NZ

Dr. Nigel Hettinger MD

Have driven 6000 kilometers around New Zealand, with directions and routes to different destinations. The app was 95% spot on. The shoreline around Opua in the Bay of Islands is erratic, though, mixing up land and sea, but this only affects the display, the routing remains correct. Very good appication with extensive detailed maps. Highly recommended.

Jedidiah Schinner

1. Dashcam can only record front, cannot record both front and rear 2. Big problem: dashcam can only record 4 to 5 min, then pause to save video, and then resume recording. As a result, there are 1 to 2 mins gap not to record.this makes dashcam useless. Why not saving while recording? 3. Cannot use gps and dashcam at the same time. Why not make dashcam working background, so we can use gps and dashcam at the same time for gps 4. sometimes give the wrong route leading to a end road

Magnus Hackett

Why Serbia doesn't included in lifetime trafic? Tell me, is real traffic,traffic updated in real time from satelite? View map can be better, if little outzoomed, it lose streets and lines, I couldnt find terrain map, map is too simple. Could you improve this things because navigation is very good? Thanks

Terry Moore I

The instruction to keep straight ahead displaid until close to next turn requiring constant glancing at phone then eventualy switches to next turn, then you know your in the wrong lane and not much time to fight with traffic to correct this. The secondary instruction is tiny, too small to see at a quick glance. Live traffic stopped working, I did a reset, uninstalled and reinstalled but still no traffic, I contacted customer support about both issues but received no help!

Sage Sporer

almost perfect, the night mode is the best one out there. all this app needs is a distance scale (like Google maps), it would be perfect to place this at the top left corner, under the search bar. and make an option that it is always visible, while zooming or never (like Google maps) and this would be the best sat nav out here. if you guys are going to implement this feature, please make an option \"always visible\" thanks in advance, a solid 4 stars!

Miss Bailee Halvorson

Not user friendly. Program does not easily allow you to select regions if at all and once it starts downloading the only way to stop it is to turn off the device completely. Really ridiculous scenario. Can't get to settings. Can't change language to english.

Carolyne Ryan

terrible. I couldn't find my city in Israel until I downloaded the map of Palestine. Did someone forget to tell the creators of this app that there is no such thing????