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PayByPhone, the market leading pay by phone payment operator for parking, brings you the simple, secure and convenient way to pay for your parking.

The app makes registering for PayByPhone, paying for parking and managing your account easier than before. Pay for parking in just a few seconds, receive reminder messages when your parking is about to expire, and extend your parking session remotely. No more coins required!

Features include:

- Pay for parking (secure payment)
- Extend parking remotely
- Manage text reminders
- Manage account
- View recent locations
- New user registration
- Help and support

Available for PayByPhone locations in United Kingdom, France, United States and Canada

Editor's Note

Well known PayByPhone is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download PayByPhone developed and announced by PayByPhone Technologies Inc.. Current version of the apk file is and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on May 10, 2019. Also PayByPhone is very famous in Auto & Vehicles category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install PayByPhone if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Sabrina Stamm

Utter rubbish. I am not sure why I need to find a 'location code' when GPS, Glonass, BeiDou \u0026 Galileo have been able to globally provide location services. This was in a large MBTA parking lot with tons of spaces open. The sign stated to press a \"PARK\" button on the app which is not even there or in the menus. It seems like not only is testing seldomly done best but ergonomics and usability are barely considered. It would up taking between 10-15 minutes to pay at MBTA Riverside. And by then I had so little faith in the app I saved a screenshot just in case it was needed later. To get the location code I had to use Google which it still refused to take for a few minutes. The App worked well in the past but now it does not always seem to work. If you are able, save your money and park elsewhere when you see \"PayByPhone' signs. Unfortunately some of these lots are tax payer funded and instead of hiring someone to work a booth they get to keep more of the parking fees. I will give them back 1 star for following up with peoples reviews. However some of the other negative reviews mention similar problems with older dates.

Katrina Hoeger

It will charge you for sms regardless of your settinhs. Poor app which costs your more than putting money into the meter. There are so many of these apps that work flawlessly so have no idea why this perfkrms so badly. It seems to use tarrifs off its own back and not those stated on the machine (naturally a higher cost). I figured support would be able to help me out... But after 4 emails and a few days passed I've heard nothing at all from them. Really poor experience really poor support.

Sibyl Abernathy

Doesn't work when accessed from the phone. Hangs every time. I can make it work for guest parking in my Resident's parking zone, by logging in using the Council link in the letter the Council sent when advising of the change in parking administrator from RingGo. RingGo was good; quick and easy to use. PayByPhone is useless, at least by phone. Which rather misses the entire point! I can book guest parking outside my house, but can't book parking for my own car anywhere!!

Adelia Howell II

absolute utter rubbish you cannot put in the day time that you arrived or if you want to book ahead. if you enter your location it says there are no car parks even in the area! on the supplied data / posters in the car park it says its nice and easy pay by phone but there's nothing there about having any location codes utter despair!! if you go on their map app it's not there!PayByPhone support were useless. so I guess I'll just have to stand in the rain and waste my time cos ur app SUCKS

Dr. Carson Cartwright III

For such a simple app it should work flawlessly. However upon start the app constantly fails to find location. Only a phone reboot fixes this. Struggles to open, hangs and then often crashes. Again for a simple app it should have none of these problems. Give yourself plenty of time to get the app working properly before you park.

Lisette Parisian

Not good, map doesn't show car parks, often hangs on start up and can be very slow at entering car park numbers. Edit 25th May. Still awful, nothing to do with connection issues, did a speedcheck whilst trying to connect and was getting 55mbps.

Darwin Marks

I have received two tickets, two days in a row for parking I have paid for using this application. I now need to dispute these tickets via the lot owners customer service portal which is going to take time, and im not sure how successful the appeal will be. I dont recommend this app.

Crystel Bartell

If i could give it a 0 or less i would. This app is so slow. ive had times where it double charges me, or shows 1 car on the pay screen but sends a different car off my list to the server and ive been fined for it. Calling support is hopeless, they tell you they cant do anything. An app this poor should never have been published

Dr. Ignatius Zemlak IV

Doesn't work very well. It's freezing at times, generally slow. Does not picking location well and it is difficult to use your favourite location. Could be more responsive. It has got the nice features, they just don't work. I' m waisting time on the car park.

Catherine Jacobi

\"502 Bad Gateway\" error when trying to reset password. Very annoying, eventually resorted to cash!! Also, I don't recall signing up to this service neither does the wife, but both have accounts registered... did they change their name and not tell anyone?