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Download Phone Guardian Mobile Security apk for free.

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Phone Guardian Mobile Security

Phone Guardian Mobile Security This phone protection app keeps your personal information safe from hackers by encrypting all your data using a safe VPN service. Using our free security app will help you to keep all your personal information private.

Remember to activate Phone Guardian mobile security app when sharing photos πŸ“Έ, shopping online πŸ’³, checking your online banking πŸ’΅ or surfing the web πŸ„.

How does Phone Guardian Mobile Security works?
This phone protection app uses secure VPN technology to scan your internet traffic for security leaks πŸ’§. Private internet data traffic that is at risk will be encrypted to add an extra layer of protection to your phone. 🀳

Phone Guardian mobile security automatically detects which apps and WiFi networks need extra protection, so it can always make the best trade-off between speed and security. This makes it at least 2x faster than traditional security apps that provide paid or free secure VPN!

⚠️ Remember to keep Phone Guardian Mobile Security active when using the free WiFi in hotels, restaurants, cafes or clubs. Also when traveling, avoid getting your data compromised in trains and airports.

What does Max, your phone protector do?

βœ” Protect your personal information and online privacy.
βœ” Keep you safe while using free WiFi.
βœ” Prevent hackers from storing personal data when connecting in free WIFI.
βœ” Encrypts your private data, so nobody can access it. πŸ™…
βœ” Help secure traffic from all browsers and apps.
βœ” Prevent hackers from tracking your private browsing.
βœ” 2x faster than traditional secure VPN apps.
βœ” It has a dog! 🐢

Besides, Phone Guardian has an easy and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. No more struggling with complicated user flows.

Keep Max on guard 24/7 for complete peace of mind πŸ’† while browsing the internet. No in-app purchases, no ads! Keep your private internet protected from hackers for free.

Max loves feedback! πŸ’™
Contact us anytime at [email protected]

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Editor's Note

Well known Phone Guardian Mobile Security is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Phone Guardian Mobile Security developed and announced by Distimo Apps. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on May 9, 2019. Also Phone Guardian Mobile Security is very famous in Tools category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Phone Guardian Mobile Security if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Serenity Watsica III

This was so helpful! before i got this app i kinda felt like someone was hacking/ watching me through the camera lense. Ever since i download this app i have been feeling so safe! i really recommend this!! I love it so much! I like to check on Max everyday! Its kinda fun XD but anyways it's really helpful and totally recommend it!

Wellington Dare III

this app is wonder full. the dog is cute and helps block trackers . so here's a few things you could add though so first I would really love if you could do something for fun you could add like give the dog food and pet it and for functionality I think you should ads more detail on trackers. I love this app. 5 stars! plus it really touched me from the heart that there's an app that protects your data plus has a really cute dog. listen here's my story I had a husky 2yearsago who passed I feel..

Prof. Akeem Beatty Jr.

I just don't know if this app is doing as it says, but if it is, that's amazing, thank you! It seems like an endless ratrace when you're trying to look for a free, working VPN. And there's no ads πŸ˜―β‰οΈ Also, I really appreciate how there is a key placed at the top of the screen, along with a constant notifcation (that you CAN turn off) to let you know when your VPN is turned on. Helps a ton! β™₯️ The dog is adorable too 😊 Would it be too much to ask for us to be able to pet the dog? lmao

Dr. Jaden Deckow IV

it only has 3 stars because I am writing this review only minutes after installing, and I had to uninstall it. maybe in just doing something wrong or I dont know how VPNs work, but I never had to sign up for an account or use my phone password, but I thought \"hey it's set up!\" I dunno if it was, but I went back to youtube thinking I was protected, and I couldnt get to my wifi at all. nothing would connect though I had full bars will be happy to reinstall if I could get it working.

Trace Konopelski

Max is an awesome VPN guardian. πŸ‰ No problems, intuitive, clean and easy. I switched to a new phone, opened various apps to fine tune them, but it wasn't necessary with Max ☺️ he was patiently, faithfully waiting for me. Good dog, Max TY to the developers. In this 5G age, you're a Blessing. Namaste

Toney Douglas I

Sadly after installing i read a lot of the critical issues on this app, so im not prepared to be hacked at any point and like others have stated \"Am I Protected\" all the dog does is wag its tail and says \"Your Protected \" but really am I? Its a great app to appoint but when you get so many critical messages from other uses it makes you wonder if this app is for real and are you really being watched by hackers..Such a shame as i thought i waz onto a winner with this app..Very Disappointing

Beaulah Turner

I used to have so many viruses and my antivirus app subscription has ended and I was on YouTube and found one of your ads. This app has helped me a lot and I find it cute that you used a dog named max. I haven't used the app much but I haven't gotten any viruses so far. and if you tap on max he immediately tells you if your phone is protected or not. Overall this app is great! And I'm very thankful for that YouTube ad. 😁😁

Americo Conn

I don't know if it is this app or my phone but before this app my phone started to act weird. And when I got this app my phone stopped which was good. But now with this app things are worse. Even if I'm on my private Wi-Fi it will say I have no connection so I shut down my phone and try again but it still didn't work. So I tried someone else's phone on the Wi-Fi and theirs worked just fine.

Mr. Cristina Jaskolski III

I give up. I loved this app at first, but all of the reviews scared me. Everyone said, \"it's a virus! Don't trust it!\" And somebody said, \"the dog's snout became detached from his face,\" or something like that. I feel like I just walked into something Shane Dawson would make a conspiracy theory about. Do not download. (Edit) I think it's actually them stealing information from your android, not them protecting it.

Dr. Chase Steuber III

This app is absolutely safe and I love it! The dog is so cute and it definatley protects me. I have heard lots of stuff about someone is spying on me through the camera on the front and they can also HEAR you, and I'm starting to belive that because my YouTube recommendations are changing depending on what I say, but Max has helped me overcome that and I love to check him everyday!