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PIANISTA – Invitation To Classical Music
Play now the ultimate music game experience with PIANISTA!

[Classical Music]
PIANISTA is the worldwide phenomenal mobile game, wide open to all ages and all levels of game-players.
Its inclusive contents, superb visual quality, and a variety of play modes have been drawing renowned media’s attention with numerous acclaimed reviews:
“You can enjoy the legendary classical music from the world’s greatest composers with your fingers”
“The Perfect Piano Play Game Of All Time”
“The Best Music Game Of The App Store”

[Worldwide League]
Now you can play and compete against other Pianists (game-players) worldwide at the League mode.
Songs, composers, and rankings are refreshed every day.
Your game-play will get more intense as the competition gets fiercer.

[Inspirational Tour – Music Pack]
Discover new music packs released regularly!
You can take an inspirational journey with PIANISTA’s hand-curated music packs, ranging from ‘The Spring of Sound’ to ‘Compilation of Ensemble.’
Clear every stage of the music packs to become a virtuoso.
[Legendary Composers – Collection]
From Beethoven to Rossini, the list of legendary composers is just endless!
Play your favorite composer’s songs to earn a score bonus and more golds.

[Artistic Piano]
Showcase your artistic tastes with a beautifully designed piano skin, inspired by the notable paintings.
You can upgrade your piano to earn an extra bonus or choose the piano with special features.

[Practice Makes Perfect]
You can get free music points by watching video ads or simply purchase the Prestige Membership to have unlimited access to all contents.

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Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Pianista. Pianista is developed by Superb Corp. and it has very stable version which is 2.2.5. Pianista works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Pianista apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Elna Walsh

I have had this game for about a week and I can say I'm disappointed. At first it was running very smooth but then notes started disappearing to the point you can't even clear a piece without missing a couple of notes. My phone runs very smooth for all other rhythm games but this one. Considering when the game was last updated, the developer(s) should get to fixing this slowly dying game.

Alyce Emmerich

I love love love this game. HOWEVER! 1. The full version is outrageously expensive. I also hate the coins, points, and jewels. Just let me play in peace. 2. In order to get more music points you have to watch the same 3 lame ads over and over. Seriously, I get that I will have to watch some ads, but switch it up a little will you? 3. The music point will \"mysteriously\" refuse to load after an ad at least once a session, making me watch the same stupid ads back to back. Just to play one song.

Dr. Rosetta Grimes

I love and enjoy this game! But as of late since the Virtuoso pack have been released, I have been unable to play the game, the songs won't load and the game also has graphic glitches when choosing a different Piano skin. Please fix this (Samsung Galaxy S8+)

Kyla Von II

Absolutely love this game. There was a steep learning curve but...practice, practice, practice. No ads, and the prestige is worth the cost. I would however like to see some incredibly long songs, a way to make a \"playlist\" of songs to play in a row, or even a sort of randomized marathon mode. Just something to keep me playing without all the gaps in between. 5 stars from me. Fantastic game.

Garett Bayer

i REALLY like this game, but a recent update wiped out my game and it wanted me to log in with Facebook..? I don't like Facebook, so I said \"not now\" and it brought me to a screen that asks for my Pianist name. I type it in and I get an error saying that name is already taken! And it won't give me the option to log in with Facebook anymore. Did i just lose everything? Seriously, if we don't want Facebook integration, then don't force it on us, PLEASE! If we can get my account back, then great, I'll be more than happy to update my rating for the game! But if I have to start all over with a different name because of Facebook integration...? I'm sorry, but I don't need this that much, then.

Marquise Walker

the only game I have because it is the best but there are some issues it can be fixed 1-why there is no offline mode 2-why Facebook only to have account 3-what is point of leveling there are other things to change but it ok until then Thank you for this game

Rigoberto O'Connell Jr.

➕ Art \u0026 UI ➕ Audio and song collections ➖ Intrusive and distracting note hit notification (on the side would be preferable) ➖ Confusing sync settings that doesn't seem to be able to fix the delay when wearing Bluetooth headphones (Voez is a good example of how to do sync, same settings section 1 note falling down on repeat with delay changing on the fly). ➖ Unable to adjust audio seperate for music and game sounds (missing note sound is so loud). ➖ Forced to use Facebook to make an account. 👎

Dr. Zola Durgan

uninstalled after I watched an ad for a music point and was told I couldn't connect to network after it was done while I was sitting right next to my wifi modem with no problems before. They charge outrageous prices for memberships and music points. You can only play 5 times every 2 hours. They're just another money grubbing company.

Quinten Harris

This is an example of a game that makes NO sense to have energy. You get 1 energy about every 25 minutes, and 5 energy to start. So you can only play those 4 songs before you just can't play anymore unless you pay for more energy. It's extremely stupid. The game itself is fine. It's one of the better music games. There are a lot of songs to play. There's no lag when hitting the notes, which is great. But seriously, the energy just makes no sense in this game.

Prof. Jaylon Hayes III

Currently, the new liszt song is bugged. Each time I finish it, I'm met with the can't connect error - which is not the actual issue, and i can't complete the song. You guys really need to update more often. And for all those complaining about the energy: I bought A week, and I've never needed energy since (it's been months); they accumulate.