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Piano - Play & Learn Music

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Piano - Play & Learn Music

Piano Crush contains virtual piano games and a musical keyboard with a great variety of musical instrument sounds.

Enjoy cool free piano game! The piano app is the funniest way to play the instrument. Suitable for all ages, no previous piano lessons needed!

*** Piano Crush features ***

PIANO TILES GAME: Piano games have never looked so realistic! Use the virtual piano keyboard to play anywhere. Tap piano keys under falling tiles and perform like a real pianist, following hints from these music games.
SONGBOOK: Over 300 piano melodies available! Choose from many styles and genres, from classical to popular repertoire you can instantly play Beethoven’s Symphony #5 or The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun! Categorized library and enhanced search will help you find awesome songs quickly. New piano songs are added every week!
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Make your real piano keyboard sound differently! Change your virtual piano sound to Organ, Violin or even the sound of Electric Guitar. Enjoy the variety and originality of sounds in piano games!
SHARING: Music is for sharing. Play your piano music, have fun, and share your piano experience and positive vibes! Challenge your friends to beat your highest score!

Turn your device into a luxurious piano keyboard with realistic sound effects and amusing piano games! The app has HD graphics, and all of its sounds are samples of a real instrument. Additional sounds of non-keyboard instruments have been added to make your piano music experience more challenging, exciting and fun!


Pick a new musical instrument sound and play any piano chords on the virtual keyboard as you would normally. The app will instantly switch to the selected sound. Enrich your music games experience with this unique feature.

In Piano Crush you can play:
- Grand Piano
- Vintage Piano
- Accordion
- Organ
- Electric Guitar
- Harp
- Harpsichord
- Violin
- Electric Piano
- Vibraphone
- Synthesizer
- Banjo
- and others
Have fun with piano games and play music with ease!

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**** About Gismart ***
Gismart is a team of devoted musicians and developers with real passion for music and everything about it!
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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Piano - Play & Learn Music from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Piano - Play & Learn Music is 1.20.1. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. Piano - Play & Learn Music made by Gismart very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Electa Fadel

Don't waste your time unless you will subscribe. Can't even start it until you put in a payment method. Clearly the developer wants you to accidentally forget to cancel your subscription. Looks a good app, but the app score is low, and probably for this reason. Overall, don't bother.

Juliet Huel

Dreadful App, knowing children are downloading these games, it very cleverly says it's free! But in the small print; its actually £39 ... I have reported this to Ofcom, Google-Play, \u0026 My Bank!! The trouble is getting your credit card removed from Google Play when you have a **SUBSCRIPTION** Pending is not easy! Avoid this App! Just a shame you cant rate lower then a 1 star! 😡😡😡

Ofelia Conn

So... you didn't have the balls to say that this is a paid app. Not only a paid app, but it's a subscription based payment plan. $50 a year. Instead, you advertise it as free. Yes, it's technically \"free to download\", but you can't play it a single time, unless there's a credit card linked to your account. Stay away, folks. Stay away.

Edgar Torphy

If I could give it 0 stars, I would. I open the app, it tells me about this and that with it, I'm like \"Okay let's try it.\" Then it goes to tell me that you could get a 7 day free trial to then give a MONTHLY payment of $50 so you can have access to everything OR you can continue with the limited version. But the joke here is that there is no way to continue with the free version. Your only choice is to get a week for free and then pay the $50 a month. I do not reccomend this scummy app.

Mrs. Eileen Kessler

TERRIBLE it wouldn't even let me play the game without having to get the 7 day free trial! so i looked on the reviews to see if the game commented something that will help but all they say is to just get out of the banner but there is no \"X \" you can push to get out. UNINSTALLED!!!!

Prof. Evangeline Volkman

I didn't even get the chance to play the game, so my review is very poor. the entire beginning of the game is hitting the next button twice, and then you are forced to join the free trial. if you don't, then you don't get to play. I magically was able to play after closing the app four times, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

Warren Graham

I got told to \"Start for free\" and it would only let me start if I did it and it gave me a 7 day free trial of whatever it was and told me I'd have to buy it after. I wasn't okay with this please fix this as a matter of fact I'm trying to learn the piano but this game won't let me.

Kelli Bogan

Open it and literally forces you to agree to a subscription to even use it. You then have to cancel it afterwards or risk paying £40 monthly. An absolute joke of an app and massive false advertisement.

Salvatore Monahan

Great app works really well would give it more than 2 stars if it didn't want me to subscribe to get unlimited access i don't want to subscribe and pay nearly £40 every month just to use the app

Zack King Jr.

This app doesn't teach you anything. All it teaches you, is how to play a normal tiles app. Their is no learning in this. Also you have to add more things for free. For people to like this app. You are probably not earning that much with the premium because you add so much ads. If I had to rate this a zero I would.