Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste apk icon

Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste

Download Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste apk for free.

Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste apk icon

Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste

What to eat tonight? Want plant-based dinner inspirations for ingredients you already have? Want to reduce food waste? Plant Jammer answers those questions.

Plant Jammer helps you use the food you already have - no need to buy a bunch of new stuff. Rather, empty your fridge because it's cheaper and more sustainable!!

Our goal is to reduce food waste. Our app is a meal planner for recipes based on what you have in your fridge. Cook with ingredients you already have! Want to eat more protein or dietary fibers? You can accommodate the plant-based meal planner to your diets and we help you choose what to eat.

Plant Jammer is both for food-newbies who want to learn how to cook, and foodies who want to discover new and exciting dinner inspirations. Particularly, this is THE app to learn cooking vegan or vegetarian. Start cooking plant-based to reduce your food waste!

20.000 people already cook with Plant Jammer. Try it and understand why. They love our gastro wheel, our balancer, our meal planner and most of all jamming and emptying their fridge!

How to build a dish in Plant Jammer
1) Choose a dish type you like or check dinner inspirations (e.g., pizza, casserole)
2) Choose ingredients you have available (e.g., broccoli, curry, and raisins)
3) Get a recipe for EXACTLY your choice of ingredients.
4) Get suggestions for how to make the dish even better.
5) Get everything ready beforehand with our meal planner.

Why is Plant Jammer plant-based? Because it is healthy food for you and the planet. Let us fight food waste together. Many of our users use it for side dishes as they already know what to do with the meat.

What to use Plant Jammer for:
A) Empty your fridge: Add the ingredients you have in your fridge. Then, cook the ingredients you have based on the recipes generated by the Plant Jammer. You can add them to the meal planner as well.
B) Shop & Jam impulsively: Use our meal planner to know what ingredients you are missing or browse dinner inspirations. Then, you can shop in advance.
C) Pimp a dish you just made: Use our balancer if your food is, for instance, too salty or too spicy. Fix it on the spot. Save your dish with in-app tips. Experiment, have fun and continue jamming. In case you discover an excellent dish, add it to your meal planner. Share it with the other users, so they know what to eat.
D) Adapt to your diets/allergies: Tell us about your diet and allergies, so we can take care of the rest and add them or remove them from the meal planner and the recipes.

Good luck on your journey towards easy, healthy and sustainable cooking. Food waste is an important issue to tackle and one of our top priorities. So, please use what you have in the fridge and avoid throwing food.

For tech support, please reach out to me on [email protected]

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste. Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste is developed by Plant Jammer ApS and it has very stable version which is 2.29.4. Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you Plant Jammer: A meal planner to stop food waste apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Zoe Yost

Made my first meal last night and was amazed by the results. This is such a unique app that will help cut down on food waste and things from spoiling. Some things took a bit of practice to figure out, for example: trying to set up a meal to include a specific item. Or the flavour chart could use a bit more explanation. Is there a way to expand the pantry?Or is it best to do a search for everything not included in the set list. For example milk isn't on the list and when I add it, I don't see it

Chaz Kautzer

I loved it. but it won't load right now. could you please look into it?

Bryon Conroy DVM

I love the recipes

Mr. Terrell Erdman Jr.

Doesn't work

Marielle Heaney

This app is geat so far! Hopefully a couple tweaks are coming in the future. First, I would like to see all my items in my pantry. I would also like to be able to look through a complete list of items you have in your system and add them to my pantry that way. It would be awesome if I could click on spices and see all the spices in your system. Also, I would like to manually edit ingredient quantities within the recipe. Lastly, how do I add salt to the recipe? I couldn't find an option for that.

Al Mraz

seems OK, but why does it look like a broken website?

Raheem Collins

Quickly match up what's in your pantry with other foods that make sense. Automatically tells you different cooking times for ingredients. Balances flavors with the wheel. Great for on the fly cooking with what you have

Maxwell Hane

I loved my first recipe so much I'm manually entering my whole pantry into the app.

Patrick Luettgen

All it does is combine ALL the foods you submit and mash them into frankenstein recipes that are likely to make you barf. No creativity or skill here. On the other hand if pouring ketchup and yogurt over everything in your pantry and eating it like a salad sounds good to you then you will like this app.

Gerald Lindgren

I love this app, never have I felt so inspired to cook something when I have limited ingredients. The balancing needs some work for the initial recipes, as someone who has to use vinegar for acidity, following the recipe, I have had two dishes be steeped in a vinegar overtone that drowns out the rest of the flavors. I don't have most of the resources to remedy that and the ones I do have end up making the dish too sweet, too salty, or overall jumbled tasting.