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Download Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay apk for free.

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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay

Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could ever want, and we pay you to listen to each one. It's that simple.

With every podcast to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite episodes, and get paid anytime, anywhere!

Podcoin is also the #1 SOCIAL podcasting app. Discover new podcasts based on what podcasts your friends love. Learn about any topic from news, education, comedy, politics to religion, true crime, and many more. 

Our podcasts span every category …

BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY podcasts – Manage your money like Rachel Cruze or learn to start the next unicorn with Masters of Scale.

EDUCATION podcasts - Top educational podcasts like TED Talks help you gain insight in technology, psychology, and history.

NEWS podcasts - News coverage, from radio sources such as BBC, NPR and from media all over the world.

MUSIC podcasts – Easy access to free songs offered by famous radio and FM channels. Includes classical piano episodes or modern guitar music.

COMEDY podcasts - Funny videos and audios including talk shows and comedians help relieve stress

INTEREST podcasts - See your daily horoscope? Catch up with the latest fashion news? Get hottest game information?

RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY podcasts - For better sleep, here to indulge in Bible stories, buddhist meditation or Islamic audio before bedtime. Or wane philosophical with philosophy podcasts like The Partially Examined Life.

KIDS & FAMILY podcasts - Storynory actors read myths, fairy tales for family time. Here are selected bedtime stories and audiobooks for kids. 

Download Podcoin for free to:

* Get paid to listen to more than 500,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes
* Enjoy the #1 social podcasting app!
* Browse popular shows and easily discover their best episodes.
* Discover the best episodes based on topics ranging from sports, health and finance to career development, history or sex advice.

Why listen on players that don’t pay you to listen? Get Podcoin and get rewarded for doing what you love ... listening to awesome podcasts!

Editor's Note

Well known Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay developed and announced by Violet Moon, LLC. Current version of the apk file is 1.10.09 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on June 13, 2019. Also Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay is very famous in News & Magazines category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Osvaldo Lesch

it is insane how much you have to listen to for it to make a difference--20,000 minutes/2,000p to get a $5 gift card (10 min is 1\"p\" and you only can earn about 72 p a day IF you have kept up a streak, so that's essentially a month of listening on a streak to get that.) I also get disconnections while listening from this app and have never had that issue when using other apps. this one stops a lot, just stops playing. I wanted to give it a try but it honestly isn't worth it.

Robb McKenzie

really great app with great incentives. one yhings is the app updated last night and i have lost all of my subscriptions. update. app is now fixed. thank you so much for your assistance. new update is great for car listening i made some suggestions a while back on how to make the app better and they listened. nice to see companies listening to your opinion. great work so far guys

Dr. Jaime Conn

Podcoin is pretty great, but it will randomly cut off in the middle of a podcast episode and say \"this episode source is unavailable\". All I have to do is go back into the app and press play and it starts up again, but it's still annoying. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app to see if that would help but all it did was mark every episode of my subscribed podcasts as un-played. Other than that, I love this app. The download feature is free, which makes it a big step up from Spotify.

Mr. Tanner Powlowski DVM

In the past week, I experienced my account being logged off automatically and having to create a new account (using the same email!) with all my points deleted. Multiple times. I have reported this to Podcoin but have received zero feedback.

Kellen Haley

I love using this app. I've enjoyed the option of making donations to great causes or saving up for gift cards. I also really like being able to find similar podcasts to ones that I already enjoy listening to. I woild recommend this app to everyone.

Ms. Isabel Larson V

Plays podcasts \u0026 you get monetary amounts for just doing that, as advertised. CONS: Unless you listen to podcasts all the time, the amount you get per 10 minutes of listening time is so small that it's gonna take you awhile to get to any substantial awards to redeem. And, for some reason, I find when I try to download podcasts, none of them have shown up on the \"downloads\" tab.

Pattie Labadie

Almost 5 stars. Not sure why I cannot pause and play using Bluetooth headset like all other podcast players. Tried all settings and no success. Can this be fixed with an update? Update: thank you for the bt fix. Awesome! 4.5 stars now ;)

Dr. Laverne Leannon PhD

I really like the app. I listen to podcasts almost all day long at my desk at work when I don't have to talk to other people. I have found several great new podcasts through the app and have enjoyed racking up points while listening. It's fun two ways! The only issue I have is some days the podcasts will just stop repeatedly every five minutes or so. That gets super irritating, but it only happens randomly. Other than that I really love the app.

Prof. Tommie Sanford

It's good but sometimes a but cumbersome to use. I've had more than one experience of having downloaded episodes cut out on ke randomly, then kind of push through super fast and garbled, and then die. Itll then not start back up at all, even after restarting the app and my phone. itll come back randomly the next day or a couple of hours later, but it's just a frustrating experience when it happens. it's not just occasionally either- it happens about every other day.

Sadie Altenwerth

It works well, and there are no audio ads. I only wish there where better playback options. For example, I can't mark certain episodes that I listened to on other devices as already played. I also can't make a playlist or otherwise change the listening order. Edit: it keeps prompting me to rate the app even though I already have. -1 star