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Questland: RPG Hero Quest

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Questland: RPG Hero Quest

Create legendary hero and dive into fantasy RPG adventure. Collect powerful armor, compete in guilds, complete quests. End the war and become an epic hero!

Battle epic monsters (PvE) and duel players (PvP) in this turn-based RPG. Join a growing community of puzzle games enthusiasts!

A real treat for puzzle RPG games fans!
◆ First-person perspective (FPP) with dungeon battles
◆ Satisfying turn-based combat with magic duels based on merging spirits
◆ Enjoy immersive story with funny narrative from fellow NPCs

Hero RPG with character creation!
◆ Build your epic character from scratch - thousands of looks to choose from
◆ Dynamic hero upgrade system
◆ Hundreds pieces of powerful gear & full character customization

Never stop fighting! Join heroes arena!
◆ Challenge players in the PvP arena
◆ Battle hordes of monsters during the PvE campaign
◆ Merge 1, 2 or 4 magical spirits to release special attacks

Loot, craft, upgrade and make your friends jealous!
◆ Collect legendary loot and upgrade your gear
◆ Forge legendary weapons with great passive skills
◆ Merge parts to get bonuses and use gear power to your advantage

Get addicted to dynamic gameplay!
◆ Completing exciting quests will keep you busy
◆ Explore fantasy world, PvE dungeons and unique locations
◆ Discover the city, visit shops, embark on voyages and much more

Unite with players in cooperative guilds!
◆ Join a guild of heroes to chat and duelmonsters together
◆ Donate and tribute to increase guild level
◆ Collaborate with guild members and get rewards for guild ranking

Who will be the most victorious warrior of Valia? Embark on an epic quest to defeat the Shadow and become The Chosen One!

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Please note that although Questland is free to play, our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Download Questland fantasy RPG game and start your puzzle quests now!

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Patience Heathcote

Like everyone else - update ruined a great game!! Im a huge fan of puzzle match rpg games (Gunspell, Gems of War ect...) This not a good one, not the right game for it. Why the Devs went with a very rare, and boring, battle system when it had an Awesome system to begin with I'll never understand!? Very dedicated people here!! We dont get a say?? 👎 Game has now been locking up my tablet forcing reboot!!!

Jon Ratke

I enjoyed this game far more before the entire combat system was changed. I cant understand the reasoning in changing the game so drastically. Surely it was considered that your audience would be disappointed. Going from the original attack system to a color matching puzzle format isn't an improvement for me. I feel like this was meant to cater to more casual gamers. I, on the other hand dont enjoy playing anymore. Sorry. It seems to me that creating a new game would have been more appropriate

Raymundo Lueilwitz

A game that opens with loot boxes isnt exactly inspiring, edit: It's nice to have an experience of jumping in, of getting a feeling for what's coming. But, off the bat loot boxes sets that tone as an impending paywall. I don't mind spening money on a game, but maybe play some before that starts it.

Demetrius Considine I

The battle events are geared for pay to win, with exclusive bonuses to awarded to those that use alot of gems to get unique weekly gear. These gems costs alot of real money. To be a good game, F2P players need to have a chance to compete and they do not here. The gap between the trophies of F2P vs P2W is over 500m each event. This could be fixed with allowing a 2nd leg. orb to be crafted and to give a passive combo using the 3 craftable tokens and the craftable 12x, but devs are too cash hungry.

Elijah Harvey

graphically beautiful but from thenimages i expected more of a classic rpg where you control your character through some world or dungeon. Turns out you dress and equip your character and then the game automatically drives you feome onenenemy to another and the fight is held by matching 2 or 3 in the lower part of the screen. not much exciting.

Mertie Hodkiewicz

any game that forces you to watch ads, especially when you pay the monthly sub, is running a shady business. their website looks like a marketing team took over, made all the greedy decisions with paywalls and ads as their primary concern, then added nice artwork to cover it up. the game has nice artwork. that's the only real benefit to playing. everything else feels empty and repetitive. without ads, 2 maybe 3 stars. pay the artists 80% of your earnings, they deserve it.

Kenny Osinski II

loading an old save doesnt work. the option is not avail. and because the game forces you to create and do tutorial.... it assigns the new character to your google account. lame.

Arne Marks

Not too bad so far. Seems F2P friendly and the new battle system doesn't hamper the game too much. Will update as i play.

Dr. Fred Kuhn

Combat in this game uses a bejewled-esque matching colors mini game. the more colors you match, the stronger your attacks will be. The problem with these systems is that, after a few sessions, they start to lower the number of matches (from 4, to 2, to sometimes having no choice but tapping 1 color). It's a really obnoxious system for an RPG. EDIT: I realize you can get gear to increase chances of matches, I guess I just do not enjoy this type of gameplay. I know other games have done this, but I don't like those either. It's a weird mechanic to have in an RPG, imo. Devs, take out this bejewled minigame and replace it with a dice roll, because that's basically what it is. You're rolling a 4 sided die, just in a fancy color matching mini game that serves no purpose except to look fancy. You could even have 3 different colored die, to represent the different types of attacks. Bonuses you get from gear would be a +1 to that color dice roll, or +x% chance, or however you want to do it. Imo the spirit board is just an unnecessary minigame that detracts from the rest of the game.

Alexzander Wyman

Love it, it has a very unique playstyle, and art style as well, but it fits the game perfectly. Its a lot of fun and the combat is different but like i said, its fun. I highly recommend this to anybody interested :)