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QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras

Download QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras apk for free.

QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras apk icon

QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras

APP oficial de http://www.quimicacristiana.com Red social para encontrar pareja Cristiana. Para amigos cristianos de todo el mundo que buscan pareja cristiana con solteros y solteras de su misma confesión.

QuimicaCristiana es una red social para cristianos solteros y para conseguir pareja, conocer gente nueva, chatear, ligar y tener citas.

Una App perfecta para solteros católicos, evangelistas y cristianos en general que buscan relaciones serias. Que deseen buscar mujeres o hombres para una amistad y una relación duradera o para tener una cita romántica de la que pueda surgir una bonita amistad.

Chatea, busca perfiles y encuentra el amor viviendo la fe. QuimicaCristiana te ayudará a encontrar esa persona que comparte tu fé en cristo.

QuimicaCristiana fomenta las relaciones sanas y con respeto y educación al resto de los miembros de la comunidad, por eso contempla un sistema de votos donde puedes votar perfiles después de chatear con ellos. También los perfiles, textos y fotos son moderados por nuestro equipo.

Para tener citas puedes darte de alta gratis y encontrar amigos y amigas de tu confesión.Conocer nuevas personas en QuimicaCristiana es gratis. Con Quimica Cristiana puedes socializar, ligar y ampliar tu circulo de amistades tanto en nuestra app Android como en nuestro portal web www.quimicacristiana.com donde también existe una versión mobile.

Chatea y encuentra el amor en comunión con cristo.

Quimicacristiana tiene una fuerte presencia en:

- Cristianos católicos, fundamentalmente de España ,México,Estados Unidos, Argentina y Colombia.
- Cristianos evangélicos de España México y Colombia.
- Cristianos protestantes en USA, México y República dominicana.
- Cristianos de otras confesiones (bautistas, apostólicos).Official APP of http://www.quimicacristiana.com Social network to find Christian couple. For Christian friends from all over the world who are looking for a Christian couple with singles and single women of the same confession.

QuimicaCristiana is a social network for single Christians and to get married, meet new people, chat, flirt and have dates.

A perfect App for Catholic singles, evangelists and Christians in general looking for serious relationships. Wishing to look for women or men for a friendship and a lasting relationship or to have a romantic date from which a beautiful friendship can arise.

Chat, look for profiles and find love living the faith. QuimicaCristiana will help you find that person who shares your faith in Christ.

QuimicaCristiana encourages healthy relationships and with respect and education to the rest of the members of the community, which is why it contemplates a voting system where you can vote profiles after chatting with them. Also the profiles, texts and photos are moderated by our team.

To have appointments you can sign up for free and find friends of your confession. Knowing new people in Christian Quimica is free. With Christian Chemistry you can socialize, link and expand your circle of friends both in our Android app and in our web portal www.quimicacristiana.com where there is also a mobile version.

Chat and find love in communion with Christ.

Quimicacristiana has a strong presence in:

- Catholic Christians, mainly from Spain, Mexico, the United States, Argentina and Colombia.
- Evangelical Christians from Spain, Mexico and Colombia.
- Protestant Christians in the USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
- Christians of other confessions (Baptists, apostolic).

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras. QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras is developed by Recordmedia.es and it has very stable version which is 2.1.8. QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you QuimicaCristiana - citas con cristianos y solteras apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Anita Reinger

it's a nice app! Need to include emojis and it crashes sometimes but all in all is a great way to meet people who share your beliefs and so far everyone has been so respectful and nice. Thanks!

Josiane Moore

The old version that had a different layout was very good. But when the layout changed to the current one the app became broken. Its full of bugs and barely functional. Please change it back to the original version

Dave D'Amore

I'm wasting my time in this place....I really tell you in this place is abandoned,there are not many people to connect online....it's very boring there's no chemical reaction

Felipa Schuppe

not to bad so far but not to good neather.....The laps of waiting time are too long...comunication here is terrible...the Matchs at least for me....are really a joke....they send me only OLD or BIG ladies to match.....that's no nice..

Breanna Mills

ive met some nice people and am getting to know someone that shares my beliefs and values.

Sherman McClure

I have fun time chatting with new friends.

Jarret Shanahan

so far i have met new christians friends. nice app to meet new people.

Annabel Wiegand III

i love this app these are my kind of women i know that my true love is here

Dr. Delilah McGlynn

Before you guys block a person, you guys have to ask what happen,

Brendan Thiel

The app is good, only problem is that 99% of profile pages have been left unattended by those who've created them. La aplicación es buena, pero el unico problema es que el 99% de los perfiles estan abandonados por completo.