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Ragdoll Warriors : Crazy Fighting Game

Download Ragdoll Warriors : Crazy Fighting Game apk for free.

Ragdoll Warriors : Crazy Fighting Game apk icon

Ragdoll Warriors : Crazy Fighting Game

"Ragdoll Warrior: Crazy Fighting Game" is a game that can make you addictive. It is a combination of physical and ragdoll. You can easily control it but it is difficult to master. At first when you play, you feel this game is crazy. But we advise you not to play anymore, because in just a few minutes you will be addicted to it immediately.


◆ When you enter the game, the player will have 3 seconds to be ready. Three seconds, the war starts. Battle time starts counting
◆ Players and opponents have a blood bar with certain blood count.
◆ Players use Joystic to control character direction.
◆ Character attacks with hands and feet (if the character does not hold weapons) or weapons (if the character has a firearm) into other parts of the opponent (except for the opponent's wingtips).
◆ If the player attacks the tip of the opponent's leg and does not cause physical damage.
◆ When the blood of the enemy is zero, the player can use the Last Hit blow by clicking on the button "Pow " on the screen on the right. A blow to the giant strength will cause the opponent to melt the flesh
◆ Win : Blood of the enemy equals 0 and the fight time is greater than zero.
◆ Loss: Blood of the character by 0
◆ Players can upgrade HP, ATK, DEF, SPEED in gold and turquoise to increase the power for the character.


◆ Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
◆ May cause you to become addicted
◆ The battles are crazy and fun
◆ Play vs Play (PvP)
◆ Play realtime with friends using Wifi
◆ 15 heroes and can upgrade them to the max
◆ 5 maps with 4 modes difficult for you to explore
◆ CAMPAIGN: You must pass 5 MAP with 4 hard modes
◆ SURVIVAL: Your mission is to survive the longest possible
◆ ARENA: Fight with other players around the world
◆ Destroy the opponent with the last hit
◆ Hundreds of weapons and insane characters
◆ Realistic ragdoll physics.
◆ Upgrade ATK, HP, DEF, SPEED to max
◆ Get gold every day and Bonus video.
◆ A lot of powerful and unique weapons

Download "Ragdoll Warrior: Crazy Fighting Game" for free and share your relaxing moment with friends now!


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Anne Stroman

Ehem, developers of this game, I've seen ads of this game and I'm just gonna say that they're stupid, you're stealing animations that other people put hard work into, you even leave the watermarks there! And you just speed it up, and act like it's your own, no, that's bad, retarded, and just makes you look lazy for not being able to make a simple ad of your own. Instead, you steal stuff, and the animations you steal don't even have anything to do with the game! So false advertising and stealing

Kristofer Kunde

When I get defeated That skull scarced me :O fix it without a skull when I got defeated :( and no blood don't HAVE THIS GAME PLEASE DON'T BECAUSE YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: Uninstalling \u003e\u003d(

Miss Zaria Dicki

this is good frfr. like its kida hard to control but just because its ragdoll. you will get use to it. thank you developer

Kody Wyman III

its really fun and hilarious 5 stars

Darren Hand

The fact you false advertise to bait people to playing this game to get you money while the actual animators spent months doing the animations is very low, you guys are literally making profit off other people's hard work. How low could you get. The fact you make profit off other people's hard work shows how lazy you \"Developers\" are. You guys are so lucky you didn't get sued by the original creators of the animators.

Buck Walker

Simple fun! A little like a ragdoll Mortal Kombat! 👊

Maddison Wiegand

what a game desperate for attention, they stole some footage from a game to make yt ad. By the way bowmasters, the game that you stole from is way better than this. i hope you just show the actual game, because right now, you need immediate help from mafia city, lmao. my advice is to never do this again because you might face lots of criticism and sues.

Tomasa Jast III

You have to play this game

Madaline Reinger I

worst game i have every played won't even let me beat 2-3

Vidal Fisher

The update downgrade the game. Why bloody game about killing oponents would have now green splash instead blood and fracture on the body? However good rip off of stick fighting games. easy to control, story would be nice to add, may be return the bloody brutal part.