Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune apk icon

Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

Download Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune apk for free.

Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune apk icon

Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

Rapchat is the best free rap app in the GAME! Record raps on the spot w/ vocal fx like auto vocal tune, share them anywhere, build a following & get discovered!

Use the Rap Name Generator to create an unforgettable rap name for yourself. Once you’ve got a name, hop into the studio and lay down some bars. Choose from thousands of free beats from major producers and add vocal filters to sound like a pro. Spit off the top of the dome or use the notepad to write down lyrics & make sure you come correct. With multiple tracks you can add an auto vocal tune chorus, harmonies, adlibs, or invite a friend to collab on a song! Once your rap is complete, you can share it with friends on the app or via text, Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Want to sound like T Pain? Now you can with our newly added vocal effects - including Auto Vocal Tune, Radio, Chipmunk, Chopped & Screwed and Cave vocal effects.

Think your friend sounds like Gucci? You can now have them hop on your raps no matter where they are by featuring a friend. Making a hit record has never been easier!

In addition to thousands of free beats, you can put your cadence to the test by going acapella over our provided acapella beat in the mobile recording studio.

Keep your eye out for exclusive contests judged by top A&Rs around the world w/ some of your favorite artists & producers! Be sure to submit your raps to the Rapchat A&R account and you might see your track blow up!

Whether you’re a serious upcoming rapper or just looking to have fun and make a rap with some friends, Rapchat brings the recording studio to your pocket and gives you the platform to create raps, share with your friends and be heard!

What are you waiting for? Download the hottest rap maker on the market, step into the studio and get your bars up.

You could be the next Kanye, Eminem, Kid Cudi, T Pain, Drake, Gucci, Nicki Minaj, Wiz, ASAP or Lil Wayne…who knows? Anything is possible with Rapchat’s mobile recording studio.

- Mobile recording studio w/ multiple tracks
- Vocal FX including Auto Vocal Tune, Radio, Chipmunk and more
- 1,000s of free beats
- Share raps on Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud and more
- Exclusive contests to win prizes and get discovered
- Leaderboard charts for Top Raps and Top Artists
- Near Me feature to find the best rappers in your area
- Notepad to write your bars down
- Ability to sound like T Pain, Gucci, Eminem, Beyonce, ASAP or Cardi B

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune is 1.0.0. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. Rapchat - Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune made by Rapchat Inc very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Allene Rowe

This app goes back and forth for me. One time it's working nicely, syncing, and loading in a decent amount of time and allowing me to share. But more often it's stressing me out. It has erased atleast 3 of my songs and when I try to play my music it will give me an error message saying it cannot retrieve metadata. What does that even mean? Now it won't let me share to other links. Shady!!

Gilbert Johns Jr.

I've used this app for a long time, but this is the worst state it's ever been in, when my vocals where synced up with the beat, I'd upload and the beat wouldnt be there. Just very disappointed because as I said, ive used this app now for a while and it used to be a lot better

Mr. Constantin Cronin

pretty cool app ...just needs a few improvements for android such as being able to delete previous tracks from a song without having to restart the whole thing..and also maybe cut and paste or copy tracks...so ppl can just copy their chorus or other vocals in place instead of having to re record them after a verse.also it should save your track even if you haven't finished so ppl can come back later to finish...not all ppl can make a track in 5 min..thx

Prof. Gwendolyn Johns

i love this app however whenever i finish recording it crashes on me randomly. At times it gets frustrating because i will have to record over and over again because of it. but other than that it is a wonderful app

Laron O'Hara

just terrible. just spent three hours writing a track and everything is so delayed. does not match up with the beat. i used this app before. i miss the old rapchat

Ms. Jaunita Rowe IV

I really like this app it's to much dam good it's helping people's to grow up their creativity and help every one to have a dream of being a rapper every body else who like rap music and rapping they will surely get help through it may every body in the world use this app to get help for their future aim to continue up the dreams of them and can get sucess in thrir life with this app many of the youngsters now a days keep a dream of being rapper so we should keep on countinueing and get it fast

Hanna Homenick

i have a galaxy s8 and for some reason ny notes always erase and i cannot get my vocals to line up correctly to the track .. it all sounds good until i save it then play it back then its sounds horrible if it wasnt for those 2 major things i would give this awesome app 5 stars!

Zelda Hirthe DVM

I want to try it, but I need to provide my number in order to. I don't understand why.... There should be another method for setting up an account.

Effie O'Connell

Firstly don't \"fam\" me, this app is lame. Can do better with a children's keyboard and a tape recorder ? uninstalled.

Brannon Donnelly

why we gotta use ya corny ass beats let us import our own..its really not a complicated feature.. (reply) submit the beat why we gotta do all that.. the app is cool.. its jus ass the way u got it set up