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ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service

Download ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service apk for free.

ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service apk icon

ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service

We’re always making improvements to help you get wherever you’re going faster and easier. We’ve fixed bugs and improved quality to keep the app – and you – running smoothly. Whether you’re meeting friends for a night out, commuting home after a long day at the office or running to the airport, we’ve got you covered.

Bonus: We’re teaming up with moovel as part of the new BMW Group & Daimler joint venture. Learn more at

Revised Description
ReachNow offers you choice between car sharing and ride hailing from one app and always in the comfort of a BMW or a MINI. Now you can choose between car sharing, ride hailing and multi-day car rental without the hassle of checking multiple apps or log-ins. Just enter your destination and we’ll get you there.

Every trip includes: gas in the tank, insurance, free on-street metered parking and the flexibility to pay only for the time you use the service. No reservation required. No monthly or annual fees. No surge pricing - even when we pick you up.

The full ReachNow experience is available in Seattle. Members in Portland can enjoy Drive. Sign up today for a one-time $15 fee and get a $15 credit. It’s free to sign up for Ride for a limited time.

With the ReachNow app, you can:
- Drive yourself: Grab one of the hundreds of BMW, BMW i and MINI vehicles available in your neighborhood. Reserve any car for up to 30 minutes free before your trip and only pay for the time you’re using the car. Our fleet features a mix of BMW 3 Series, BMW X1 SAV, electric BMW i3, MINI Clubman and MINI Cooper vehicles.
- Avoid the rental counter: ReachNow is perfect for day trips or road trips. Our BMW and MINI fleet is sized for adventures of any kind. No need to visit a rental counter or return to a drop-off location. Just grab a car and go for up to 5 days.
- Get a Ride: Request a Ride from one of our professional drivers when you don’t feel like doing the driving. No surge pricing. Personalize your Ride with features, like “quiet time,” tune into your favorite radio station and set the temperature to enjoy every minute of your trip.
- Plan it out: Perfect for when you know exactly when you need to be there. Schedule a Ride from 20 minutes to 7 days in advance. Like having your private driver on demand.

Fresh off the presses: Bonus: We’re teaming up with moovel as part of the new BMW Group & Daimler joint venture. Learn more at

Let’s do this! Download and sign up today. More information available at

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Editor's Note

Well known ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service developed and announced by ReachNow, LLC. Current version of the apk file is 3.1.30 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on April 17, 2019. Also ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service is very famous in Maps & Navigation category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install ReachNow - BMW Car & Ride Sharing Service if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Miss Caroline Collins

Overall the app is pretty good. There are some times that it doesn't load correctly when switching to it from another app. Closing it and reopening it works fine. Lately the car photos have not been showing for most vehicle types. The model is written in the text. It was easier to find a car in the app by photo before, and it's a lot easier to find the car on the street when you know the color.

Cathrine Lind

While it works, the app is pretty janky and buggy. For instance, when walking towards the car, the GPS navigation pointer would constantly wobble even though I'm walking in a straight line. If I'm unlocking my phone using my fingerprint, it woulf conflict with unlocking the car using my fingerprint and then the UI wouldn't work anymore, and I'd have to enter the PIN manually. thse small things make the experience not so enjoyable...

Thea Upton

Won't even let me enter my credit card information anymore, just keeps saying it is invalid, even trying two different cards of mine. You'd think they would want me to give them money?

Claud Bernier DDS

five stars for service, fleet and people. Awesome cars and flexible rates. sometimes, the app doesn't respond or redirets to last used car when opened. some

Manuel Schumm

Half of the time when i use this app i encounter errors and bugs. It is very frustrating. I hope they can get the Car2go app developers working on this with the new merge and fire their current developers.

Mrs. Abbey Spencer

Edit: They appear to have found their cars. Rating going from 2 to 4. The support desk is still the app's best feature. The app was buggy previously but the great support staff made up for it. Today's update has rendered the app useless. Either ReachNow has removed all of their cars from Portland or it's just not working. Slow to boot and zero cars showing. Fail...

Lera Pfeffer

Horrible user experience in Portland Currently cannot enter my payment information so I can't use the app. When my payment info worked, this app misrepresents where you can and cannot end rentals. The service has no way to deal with cars low on fuel except to not rent the car. The app has has constsntly required multiple force closes to start or end rentals.

Terrell Howe

very unreliable. currently get prompted once a minute to log back in while in the middle of using the app (e.g. locking car). often have to force quit app because it's frozen. quite frankly, this app is a joke in its current shape.

Dr. Aurelio Blanda I

UPDATE: the app continues to get worse and harder to use. somehow they've done the impossible. you have to sign in 100 times before you can do anything. latest update does not show cars anymore. this is nice feature because using them was such a pita but not the best when trying to get places.

Madilyn Kunze

this app has serious bugs. It will randomly tells you that you could not unlock or lock it. This happened to me when I walked 20min in night but the app told me error, cannot open the car.