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Realistic sniper game

Download Realistic sniper game apk for free.

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Realistic sniper game

Evil criminals always hide in the dark and try to take away your life silently.
You can take the same way to revenge.
Raise your gun and aim to shoot.

 Gameplay is rich:
The plot is rich, the scenes are diverse, the game modes are also different- suppression mode, single point spike/block mode, assist mode, etc. There are rich and varied plots in the game to make the game more fun!
Hundreds of exciting and non-repetitive tasks and exciting storyline will let you beunable to extricate yourself!

 Unique bullet time:
In the realm of the combination of people and guns, fully enjoy the thrill of lore, the cool bullet track, and touch your heart!

 Rich modern weapons:
Rifles, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, and pistols... select your favourite weapon and use the unique weapon upgrade system to create the strongest sniper weapon. Win high rewards by completing unique special actions!
 Real sniper effects, beautiful pictures, and realistic sound effects, let you really feel the fun of shooting!

 The game screen is exquisite, the sound effect is realistic, the operation is simple,let you feel the immersive battle!Find hidden enemies and aim to shoot!Complete all the tasks and return home!

 No Wi-Fi? No problem!
 Suitable for all Android 4.0+ models

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Realistic sniper game from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Realistic sniper game is 1.1.5. You need to have Android 9 and above to install the apk. Realistic sniper game made by LongTime Game very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Prof. Norval Haag

I love this gun shooting game, the operation and the shooting feel is quite real. However, I want to say one thing, though the energy part is a way to limit us not spend too much time on gaming, but whether you can shorter the waiting time or not?

Tre Dach

It’s good,it has almost real life graphics which makes it even better. This is by far one of the best first person shooter games EVER! I recommend you get it. It’s complicated at first, but then you get used to it.

Mr. Dennis Effertz III

It is very deadly but I love it a lot so that is why I play it it is a crime game as well so that is another reason I like Thank you so much for making this game make more like it

Liam Douglas

Waste of time..will not open in my galaxy 3 tab 8 tablet..will uninstall. and return to my favorite, Sniper 3D by \"fun games\"..

Dixie Waters

exact copy of sniper 3d !! same missions , same weapons !!! but a lot more annoying bloody adverts !!!

Mertie Hintz

The game is good like the screenshots display, I love it very much, if you can add the pvp modes will be cool I think

Mr. Maximus Lemke

right out of the gate ads damn makes this game bad. this game again and it just showed add after ad after ad after a day wouldn't even allow me to play the damn game and you call this a good game take this game and shove it up your ass

Drake Lang

This game is the exact copy of sniper 3d only 10 times worse for ads popping up that you can not delete so my advice is to download sniper 3d

Seth Aufderhar Jr.

there's way too damn many automatic ads after every Mission I have to watch basically a commercial I want to play the game not watch ads all goddamn day

Vivian Beatty

what a fantastic game loved playing it the upgrades for each weapon was awesome didnt even mind the ads thats how good the game was then i did the update now every 5 seconds theres a ad hate played it for 5 min then uninstalled the game too bad you guys u had a really good game then you had to go and ruin it by putting way more ads in it. its a shame