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Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote

Download Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote apk for free.

Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote apk icon

Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote

Did you ever find yourself looking for your Samsung TVs remote? Do you have a WiFi-connected Samsung Smart TV ? Look no further, and download this app!

Smart TV Remote for Samsung TV is compatible with all generations, starting from Series B all the way to Series N series and newer:
- Samsung TV - B Series - released in 2009
- Samsung TV - C Series - released in 2010
- Samsung TV - D Series - released in 2011
- Samsung TV - E Series - released in 2012
- Samsung TV - F Series - released in 2013
- Samsung TV - G Series - released in 2014
- Samsung TV - H Series - released in 2014
- Samsung TV - J Series - released in 2015
- Samsung TV - K Series - released in 2016
- Samsung TV - L Series - released in 2017
- Samsung TV - M Series - released in 2017
- Samsung TV - N Series - released in 2017

With this app, you'll be able to connect to your TV when it is on, change channels, navigate through your apps, launch TV shows on Netflix & much more! Here's a full feature list:

- full remote functionality - channels, menu, apps, navigation, etc ..
- favorite channels - one click gets you to your favorite channels
- save the channels you like as icons on your phone's homescreen
- get access to power off, channels and volume in your notification bar
- gesture mode for eyes-free navigation to your TV
- control multiple TVs from a single app
- automatically mute your TV when your phone rings
- very limited ads! just one small banner at the bottom
- full keyboard on supported models and apps

Having problems controlling your TV ? Please email us and we'll do our best to help!

Please note that this application cannot turn on your TV. Your TV is not connected to WiFi when it is OFF, so it can't accept commands

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote is 2.2.2. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Remote for Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote made by Universal WiFi Remotes very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Lizeth Predovic

Didn't give app a chance. It requires for the TV to already be turned on. I currently can't find my Samsung remote so this app doesn't work for me. Yes! I am currently too lazy to go manually turn it on. What you think this is pre-90s era. 😂 Will try again in the future. Only gave 2 stars due to it downloaded for my Samsung pro tablet 12\".

Seth Stoltenberg

Used to work great. doesn't connect to our tv anymore. We have to order another remote so we've been using this and it's worked great but now it's not working. just our luck I guess

Ms. Magnolia Carter III

well since this is the only smart remote app for the Samsung that I could find. It's does a pretty GOOD job. sometimes it freezes or stops. But, it senses that it did and turns around and sends ya another PIN Code so, you won't lose ya program. So, all-n-all, I say it's a pretty decent app. Try it ya just might like it. I have really NO complaints. Besides the occasional freezing and stopping and having to re-enter the PIN. But, not to Bad. I'll give it a 3/4 thumbs up.

Dolly Bashirian

couldn't find my Samsung TV remote, as a result i couldn't switch the source/input. Thankfully this worked like a charm. Really saved the day.

Prof. Urban Denesik

useless, can't turn it on with wifi and since my network card of the tv broke down and was forced to link it with the ethernet i can't use this app at all. how about not being a cheapskate and not neglect to add an IR blaster in the newer model phones.

Dr. Linwood Welch II

That's lame! It controls the TV volume fine, but it won't power the TV off. I haven't tried any other controls, but, if it doesn't power on and off, then no sense in having it. So, uninstall.

Emmalee Hodkiewicz

So let me get this clear -- a few years ago Samsung removed the IR blasters from their smartphones, making many of the remote control apps useless. But, we were told not to worry because when the phone and the TV were connected to the same internet network, we wouldn't notice the difference. EXCEPT that the instructions for this app say that because the TV set isn't connected to the internet until it's turned ON, this app can't be used to turn the set on. Please put the IR blasters back.

Arturo Mayer

It works, period. The official smart TV app from samsung doesn't even recognise my TV. But this beauty of an app connected to my TV in a jiffy. It can do everything your remote can and maybe more.

Rachael Ernser

Instantly worked and paired up right away with simpler than usual instructions!! Awesome....bcuz I can't find the real remote!! Yeah!!

Rogers Bayer

This is the 3rd Samsung remote control app that I've tried, and it is by far the best one. The ads are minimal, and they don't take up the whole screen.