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RightTrack by Liberty Mutual

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RightTrack by Liberty Mutual

At Liberty Mutual, we believe safe drivers should pay less for their insurance. That’s why we offer RightTrack, a 90-day program that lets customers with safe driving habits save up to 30% on their insurance. As you drive around, the RightTrack app will evaluate four key safe driving habits (fast acceleration, hard braking, miles driven and late-night driving) to determine how much you can save with RightTrack. The more safe miles you drive, the bigger your savings.

The RightTrack app works in conjunction with the RightTrack tag device to automatically record your trips, capturing all the information needed to calculate your discount and give you feedback on your driving habits.

To sign up, you can contact your local Liberty Mutual office, call our toll free number at 1-800-837-5254, or get an online quote first at www.libertymutual.com/auto-insurance. If you’ve already enrolled, simply download the app and register to complete the set up process and start driving your way to a lower premium.
Liberty Stands With You.

*Please note: the RightTrack app is currently only available in select states.

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Well known RightTrack by Liberty Mutual is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download RightTrack by Liberty Mutual developed and announced by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Current version of the apk file is 3.46.97 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Apr 18, 2019. Also RightTrack by Liberty Mutual is very famous in Auto & Vehicles category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install RightTrack by Liberty Mutual if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Dr. Royce Cruickshank

This app is so rigged. You'll save a few dollars a day to get you excited for all the savings. Once you hit $100 you get penalized twice as much and for the same \"incident\" twice (if you break hard once it will show you broke hard twice a few feet apart). You get penalized for even breaking moderately hard to stop for a yellow light. You get penalized for accelerating to get on the freeway... Its a waste of time and is a ploy to make you think your saving money, don't bother

Vernie Sawayn

It's been great using this device because it makes you more aware of your driving habits. We find ourselves being more cautious of other people driving as well. In addition, you can save up to 30% discount on your car insurance for the life of your insurance policy. However, I have truly study this RightTrack program here are my findings: 1. When you are out 30days prior to the program ending, I have noticed the points really slow down on great to one point. 2. If you receives a ok lose 5 points

Dr. Olin Trantow PhD

Absolute Bogus App Designed to decreases discounts when they get too high. Multiple instances of fraudulent results when absolutely no braking nor acceleration events were even present. It appears when discounts get too high the app automatically makes up events to knock them back down. No accuracy and certainly no honesty with this app and device. 100% garbage and fraud. Ps. Love how the Support Feedback doesn't function. Absolutely no ability to challenge the bogus results.

Richmond Kuphal

I really think this is great!! I drive a lot and it reminds you that you should take nothing for granted while driving and that staying focused can save lives. i think this should be required for the first 6 months of driving for any new driver!!! The only down side is that it is draining my battery and I am a little worried about that!!

Bernita Cruickshank

This app is not right. How do you go way up then it will completely knock it down. What a joke. Wasn't satisfied with it. My driving was fine, but you got idiot's out there that drive like freaks and pull out as soon as you get upon them but it's your fault I guess you hit them would be better. This app is a joke. They would say they are recording it then they say the gps is off and find location, I drove the same route the whole time. Don't believe it is accurate.

Kiera Emmerich

This app and the whole right track program was a terrible waste of time. It's nearly impossible to enter the freeway and merge in safely without triggering an acceleration infraction. It also encourages you to run red lights if you have an intersection with a short yellow. The app makes you believe you are getting an additional discount for all of your careful driving and the app's privacy invasion, but in the end our premium welt up slightly. The app drains your phone's battery very quickly,. It also woke us up at night because it started \"tracking our trip\" for no reason. I put it on two other family members phones and it wouldn't track their driving most of the time anyway. I recommend keeping your privacy and avoiding this ill-conceived program. Any discount you might receive isn't worth the inconvenience and invasion of privacy.

Miss Janae Rath

THIS TECHNOLOGY NEEDS WORK!!! Records bogus events, often. I know this for a fact because of 2 reasons... 1) I'm on a different company's safe driver app. This one recorded \"events\" I feel didn't happen. Upon checking other said app, no events recorded. 2) How is it possible to have multiple rapid accelerations and hard breakings, when you're on a road completely alone, no inclines and/or declines and the cruise control on? It's not! This happened several times on the same stretch of road.

Johnnie Nader

My experience with RightTrack has been great as well as inspiring. It has made me more conscious of my driving habits. Also, being aware that safety driving for myself and other drivers must come first. The key for me is to take my time, drive smoothly in and out of traffic and watch-out for other drivers.

Kristy Metz

This is such a waste of time. The recording is not accurate. It takes away points. I drive the same routes everyday and half is great the other half is okay. It is a bunch of foolishness and I can't wait to give this junk back to them.

Mr. Monserrat Keeling Sr.

The biggest complaint is the inability to view raw data and submit feedback regarding potential errors. Potential inaccuracies identified. Even the app feature to submit feedback does not function correctly. Excessive notifications and Bluetooth dependency.