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Rivet: Better Reading Practice For Kids

Download Rivet: Better Reading Practice For Kids apk for free.

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Rivet: Better Reading Practice For Kids

Rivet is a fun and supportive reading app for kids. With 2,000+ free books at just the right level, quality reading practice for your kids has never been easier.

Additionally, reading support on every page enables kids to practice with confidence knowing help is always available - it is a great way to meet daily reading goals!

- 2,000+ free, leveled children’s books
- 8 reading levels to grow with your reader
- Engaging, kid-friendly interface
- Tap on tricky words for help
- Rate, review, and save favorite books
- Browse categories or search by keyword
- Read books from your favorite YouTube creators
- Track reading practice
- Listening allows kids to practice reading out loud
- Earn badges and rewards by achieving milestones
- Choose one of our 8 fun avatars
- Personalized book recommendations

Books from a wide variety of categories are available:
-Arts and Crafts

Fun books from your favorite YouTube creators including:
-Troom Troom
-Family Fun Pack
-Eh Bee Family
-FUNnel Vision
-Onyx Family
-That YouTub3 Family
-Moriah Elizabeth
-Ninja Kidz TV
-Art4Kids Hub
-and many more

Leveled and carefully reviewed books from the following publishers:
-Kids Can Press
-Richard C. Owens

Rivet for classrooms:
Calling all teachers! Rivet is free to use in the classroom with your students. Teachers and educators around the world are using Rivet to encourage better reading practice. Bring Rivet to your classroom today! Learn more at https://rivet.area120.com/educators/

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Marques Hahn

This app is great and btw some 8 year olds are complaining that there is no read to me function, etc. But this is reading practice not reading coddling!

Nicola Schultz

Not really sure where else to write this so I'll just give it 5 stars and ask here, I came from the google blog post btw. Does or will rivet support other languages as well? I'd love to be able to use it to start reading Spanish or Japanese, both of which I've started learning using a few free courses but currently don't know at even the first level. It'd be nice to essentially have a free version of graded readers and digital children books without having to fork over a bunch of money or spend a lot of time looking for content of questionable quality. I did notice that it asks about a second language so it may be of some use anyways, for Spanish at least, but not as much as if there was content in the language I was trying to learn. Hopefully I can get my nephews and nieces to use it, at least one usually asks to use Khan Academy and memrise whenever they see me on; I just can't get them to do it on their own yet :)

Izabella Mueller MD

The app is great for kids. It's simple to navigate and the assistance is also implemented very smartly. 4/5 from me because some of the content that is mixed in isn't great. It's not bad and it's safe for kids, but the learning value is low. Other than that, great job. I'll be interested to see how the content gets refreshed.

Mrs. Polly Langworth

this app is so helpful,my cousin didth know how to read and i tried to intall an app but it didth work and i see this app i said to my mind this is not gonna work! but i tried and i,ll shock! it work now my cousin know how to read but just a litle bit and he love the part of if he didth know how to read the 1 word he will tap the word and it will say the word btw thanks for who create this! i reccomend this for children espeishally they didthh know how to read

Ebony Feeney

Just started using this, but my first impression of it is good so far. I do wish that the words were highlighted in some way as the story is read to you. This would help with word recognition and comprehension and also help a person follow along better.

Mr. Brycen Oberbrunner DDS

Good reading app for kids . there is pronouncing sound when you're kids can't read it . lot of many exciting stories , knowledge etc.. thanks for making this app .😍😀

Glen Ratke

I thought the kid will not read ,the voice will speak in the phone, but no and the stories are not animated and not the kids stranded story they are the stories of like prep that the teacher will tell you please don't install it

Nona Harvey

I'm one of those few people who actually LOVE reading, Its my favorite hobby, I was put on level 6 and the books were way to easy, and im hoping you will add more difficult levels,anyways I'm really enjoying the app, and can't wait for the next update. 😀😀😀😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️

Aimee Volkman

Way too many garbage YouTube books. This would be a five star app if there were some way to block all of them. This is the same reason I got rid of YouTube Kids: I don't want any surprise egg content.

Christiana Blanda

If there were 200 Stars I would give it that. an absolute game-changer in beginning reading. I can't thank you enough