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See Who Is Tracking You

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See Who Is Tracking You

Do you know what apps may be gathering data about your location even when you're not using them? Do you know how often your physical location is being tracked through your mobile device? Use this tool to keep tabs on the apps that are keeping tabs on you.

Receive alerts when any app is tracking your location in the background or foreground.

See statistics on how many times you have been tracked and for how long.

See what apps have permission to access your location.

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Frederik Daugherty

It's called See Who is Tracking You, but read the description. What it actually claims to do is tell you when you are being tracked and which apps MAY be tracking you. It might be able to determine these things, but you will never know if it can because when you open alert, the top of the the report is hidden under the second section, so you wont know what happened. And the bottom section, which pretends it's going to reveal who is tracking you, IS COVERED BY A GOOGLE AD THAT CAN'T BE REMOVED.

Kasandra Murray

It doesn't say what app was tracking you, just that an app has tracked your location recently.

Carmelo Becker

how do you see log of who is actually tracking you not just the app log

Stanton Stokes

i would like to be straight forward , the app did its best but not as much as i needed ,until i was recommended to michael n his team , they helped me remove the bug plugged into my cellphone by my wife and I'm free from hacking , i was even able to monitor her cellphone now and veiw everything she does with my cellphone if you need help too, contact him via [email protected] com he helps with any related job to hacking and spying .

Ms. Ozella Predovic II

i have only just down loaded this app and its saying i have been tracked 25 times in the last 3 minutes but no showing me were from? dont no weather to be alarmed or wot how do i check were i am being tracked from? i have pressed on the tracking location option but that only shows my how i could be tracked x

Javonte Flatley DDS

Totally useless! ๐Ÿ˜ Does absolutely NOTHING, except try to scam you into purchasing the Chekmate info. This app itself does zilch!!! It will merely eat up your data and battery, then irritate you w/those inconvenient flash ads. Id seriously like to have been given the choice of a ( 0% )-ZERO RATING, but a score of atleast 1-star was required. That's waaaaay too much credit for this useless app. Trust me! ๐Ÿ˜ก

Dr. Lukas Wolff

does it work just by thinking this as exelleny \u0026 everythings gonna be okay- cause I think it's another overloaded overcompenasation that will be only for the skillful \u0026 it actually helps them( P once again \"we don't want any \" type of thing\".

Mozell Tromp

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ what a joke, app does NOT WORK, all it does is scan the apps on your phone and then said i jad 1 app tracking, BUT you CAN'T see which app so i couldn't fix it, the app is nothing but ad filled game for them to make money. STAY AWAY

Elinor Gleichner II

This doesn't do anything except force tou to tuen ON your location. And then you're stuck in that screen, have to quit and reopen, and surprise - when you reopen and click the see who's tracking, it opens the location controls again. Just stupid abd worthless. Don't bother with this junk.

Sandrine Baumbach

i love it. Very informative and I have a great time with the way it all works out for the rest of the day.