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SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Game with Sonic & Crew!

Download SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Game with Sonic & Crew! apk for free.

SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Game with Sonic & Crew! apk icon

SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Game with Sonic & Crew!

Team up with SEGA characters in a new puzzle RPG! Legendary heroes are ready to form your ultimate SEGA squad - join the adventure now!

Collect SEGA heroes from your favorite games. Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Streets of Rage and more unite in this strategy puzzle RPG. Build an all-star team in this mash-up of epic proportions, battle by completing match 3 puzzles and defeat iconic SEGA villains!

SEGA classic characters unite. See Sonic and Tails fighting alongside Gillius and B.D. Joe, or have Ryo Hazuki and Joe Musashi team up. Join in an epic RPG adventure with all your favorite characters, with unforgettable puzzle action.

Solve puzzle games to defeat villains, like Sonic’s famous foe Dr. Eggman! Match 3 gems to unleash your characters’ signature attacks in action-packed battles!

Chat with friends in Guilds, battle against other players in the PvP arena, or test your endurance on Survival mode. Heroes from throughout SEGA history come together on your phone in SEGA Heroes!

SEGA Heroes Features:

● Battle classic SEGA bosses and minions in tactical Match-3 combat
● Team up with your favorite characters and go on an epic adventure through SEGA history
● Battle famous bosses, including Dr. Eggman and Mr. X
● Solve puzzles or enter Survival mode to see how far you can go

● Solve puzzle games and progress through tons of levels
● Match 3 pieces to unleash awesome attacks
● Puzzle battles against SEGA’s iconic bad guys!

● Chat with friends and join a Guild
● PvP battles other players for supremacy in the arena

● Play live events, go on new adventures and earn special rewards
● Upgrade SEGA heroes to unlock powerful special abilities

● Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic, Tails, Big the Cat, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy Rose, Rouge, Cream and Cheese
● Streets of Rage: Blaze, Adam, Axel, Mr. X
● Golden Axe: Death Adder, Ax Battler, Gilius, Tyris
● Shinobi: Joe Musashi, Ageha, Hotsuma, Hibana
● Super Monkey Ball: AiAi, Baby, MeeMee, GonGon
● Jet Set Radio: Gum, DJ Professor K, Beat, Captain Onishima
● Phantasy Star: Alis, Lassic, Wren, Rolf
● Crazy Taxi: B.D. Joe, Gus, Gena, Axel
● The House of the Dead: Dr. Curien, Agent G, Thomas Rogan, Ebitan
● Valkyria Chronicles: Alicia Melchiott, Selvaria Bles, Welkin Gunther, Largo Potter
● Shenmue: Ryo Hazuki, Shenhua…
● New SEGA Heroes released regularly!

Join Sonic the Hedgehog, Death Adder, Gum and all your favorite SEGA all-stars in an all-new match 3 RPG! Download SEGA Heroes today!

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Gilbert Lockman

Very fun and simple but prices are way too expensive for characters and the grind is silly at times. Would love more variety and more cheaper character options. $62.99 to unlock a speciality character and some coins is way too much to ask for. I will add that customer service I recived on my old account was helpful and speedy, so if things go wrong they will try their best to help out.

Vada Grant I

This game is so much fun! I luv how there's new music to listen to vs when the game just started out. Unfortunately there's a little too much grinding necessary to get new characters. I just wish it was easier to gain character shards. Especially for Hotsuma, Agent G, Tyris Flare, and Selvaria Bles. I've noticed at least one time that on PvP that a player changed his characters as the match started today. About 10:56Am or earlier. Oh and the 4.99 transactions seem reasonable. I'm more likely to

Jillian Toy Jr.

UPDATE: NEAR PERFECTION! I do wish there were more (less-monetized / free) means of circumventing the time gates but other than that the game is great. Love the challenge and art style. story is intriguing. I'm only lvl 25 at zone 10 on Android. I started on my iPhone. I'm stage 10, there I think, lvl 27. Also the Arena is harsh. I'm lvl 27 (iPhone but I'm being matched up with level 33ers!? 😳😓. Fun game. Can STILL totally grind it, daily, the REAL gamer way (and) with moderate satisfaction.

Leola Boyle Jr.

Pay to play, this game is a bigger cash-grab than Capcom's Puzzle Fighter. If you don't pay then you're going to be at huge disadvantage behind those that do and this is evident after the first world. Some characters were seriously nerfed which severely killed what little fun I had playing it.

Nadia Crona II

Sega Heroes is a good concept, but poorly executed. Pros - Everything looks polished. I'm personally not a fan of the art style, but it mimics old school sega master system and sega genesis box art. Cons - Sometimes battles drag on, which is fine, but you get almost nothing for your troubles. - Progress without paying is excruciatingly slow. I've played this for two weeks and have only like 12 characters, and only one 3 star character. Upgrades are also expensive. Not worth your time.

Davin Gulgowski

The game is good. But there is a problem now that I don't like. Before, I could play a event with less then 4 heroes. Now I can't. Also, when the Legendary:Professer DJ something was up, you could have a basic tier 3 epic hero for the first level, but for Tails? Sonic has to be 4 stars. That is not fair. Please change this back to the way it was. Not trying to be mean, but pull it together SEGA.

Erling Langosh DVM

Its taking forever just to level up and recover energy. And extremely hard just to get a decent team. Trying to get enough shards for a hero is one thing, but the amount of time it takes to get materials for each character is exuasting. And I can't get passed any stages cuz my team is so weak. This game isn't fair for newcomers. The only way to get anything done is if someone spends a ton of money, which no one wants to.

Thelma McKenzie

Absolutely rediculous. Do not get this game; the better characters are locked behind paywalls and it doesnt allow you to use the characters you bought (which Im seriously kicking myself in the arse for) into the campaign until you unlock that portion of the game. Absolute waste of money, I demand my money back, but I know they don't read commenta anyway.

Ms. Keara Klocko

That's disgusting. For the 4th free chest opening this day I've got 3 (from 19 to 22) shards of Largo Potter, nice! But coming back to the game a little bit later again I saw the chest for some reason is unopened back and I tried the same - and then I got the J. Musashi and there are still 19 shards of L.P. Yeah, SEGA, let's destroy even this miserable chance to unlock the new epic hero just canceling the lucky strikes!

Dr. Hilma Hayes MD

This game is ROUGH. For a match 3, it scales quickly in difficulty, and just feels clunky. With some work though, it could he a lot better. Edit: Dropping to 2 stars, there is a blatant paywall in this game. Could y'all sell it to Nintendo, so we can get a better version?