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Hello. This is us! We're staying home for the day. We refuse to leave our bed. This is our space. Our shelter. Today, this is the whole universe!

And it's okay. We're surrounded by our favorite sacred things. Each one has something gentle to offer.

And we'll be okay. Let's practice some #SelfCare together. Let's start with a little breathing exercise...

Breathing slowly connects us to our body and gives us life. Mmmmmm. We can breathe for as long as we'd like. There's no hurry. There's no end. We breathe and we listen to ourselves.

In this universe, our goal is simply to feel better. There's no winning, no failure, no score. No difficulty, no ads, no notifications. There is just us and our feelings.

Join us here, in this room, for a few moments. This room is our escape. <3

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Darby Langworth DVM

This app has helped my depression and anxiety immensely!! I'm in love with the aesthetics and activities in this app. There are no ads, only some in app purchases. And if you're able to, I really recommend getting them to support the app and developer(s). (They're all only around $0.99 too!). My only \"complaint\" is that it drains my battery quickly, but I'm completely fine with that. ♡♡♡

Mrs. Aditya Weissnat IV

This app is so wonderful! It really helps me with my anxiety \u0026 I find that I am able to live in the moment. I am not worried about my future or the next thing to be done. The activities are very calming, the music is soothing \u0026 the graphics are amazing... I recommend this to everyone having a hard time coping with life, having anxiety or just need a moment to escape. This is definitely best done at home in bed either first thing in the morning or right before going to bed. ❤ to the creator!

Pedro Lesch

I love this app, it's been an amazing escape to help ease my anxiety and it takes me away to a safe place where I can relax and feel free of judgement. However, I recently got a new phone and I can't load my progress. A lot of my favorite activities I can't access anymore :( I love #SelfCare, and I'm willing to start over because it's been so great for me, but it's discouraging, and some people who really need this app may not have the motivation to start over. Can this issue be fixed, please?

Dr. Emmanuel Mueller

Adore this app so much! Really helps me when im feeling anxious and overwhelmed. The only little thing is I get a black band at the bottom of my screen as im using a bigger phone (Xiaomi mi mix 2s) and the app has not been updated to fully support it. Would love if you could fix this❤️

Mr. Valentin Gulgowski Sr.

I suffer from really bad depression and this app has helped me so much when I have bad spells it helps calm me down and take my mind off things. It's such a thoughtful and beautiful app.

Dr. Antonio Crooks II

thank you thank you thank you! this app has helped so much. its so validating and is exactly the kind of app I've been looking for. this keeps my hands busy and mind focused and positive so im not focusing on negative, intrusive toughts. my favourite activity is my cat! i love how he kneads and purrs. i love the little details and customization options, the little sweet reminders that its okay and im okay. i could go on and on. thank you!

Carolanne Lebsack

I think this app is going to be great for me going forward, the only thing I could think to ask for is an option to turn off particle effects in the massage part. I loved that you could just keep going and rub down forever, but the bubbles coming off are a little bothersome to my eyes. Even then, there's still plenty to enjoy with this app!

Dr. Cornelius Cummings Jr.

This app has saved my life. Its calming, entertaining, and its really aesthetically pleasing. Greatly GREATLY recommend. The only thing i have issues with is that the cat is really creepy, but you get used to it.

Maximillian Cummings III

I've found this app thanks to a friend on Pinterest, and my anxiety has been much more bearable because of it. It really calms me down and gives me a sense of peace. I've noticed the candle doesn't make the match lighting sound anymore, and I hope that gets fixed. Also, could you please add a feature of just the sound of a candle being burnt? Or a fire crackling! That's always very calming!

Odie Stokes

I love this app! It's so calming and I love collecting new items to add to my altar. I've noticed that the moon's text has been stuck on \"new moon\" for the past 5 days or so, despite showing the correct moon phase. But aside from that everything seems to be running smoothly so far! I can't wait to see what else I discover in the room!