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Shadowmatic is an award-winning imagination-stirring puzzle where you rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to the surrounding environment.

The game combines stunning visuals with relaxing and captivating gameplay.

On your journey to discover the right solution you will stumble upon many unexpected and infinitely varied silhouettes.

The game features various environments, each flavored with unique concept, atmosphere, and music.

If you enjoy the first free 14 levels in 4 environments, you will LOVE to unlock the rest of the game with much more cool levels and features with a single in-app purchase.

The game features:

-- More than 100 levels in 12 unique environments
-- Gorgeous graphics
-- Secondary objectives
-- Nonlinear level progression
-- 3D parallax view
-- Achievements
-- Hints system
-- Arcade Mode

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“Simple to the point of beauty, and beautiful to the point of becoming a work of art, this is a game you won't want to win, because you won't want the experience to end” - Pocket Gamer

“Full of whimsical puzzles and thoughtful designs, Shadowmatic is a delightful and captivating game” - CNET

“'Fantastically original': Shadowmatic works modern-day wonders with the ancient Chinese art of shadow puppetry” - The Guardian

“It’s like a mind-bending shadow-puppet spectacle” - TIME

“This game requires you to look at things a little differently” - Washington Post

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Every room in the game features its own music arrangement, adding up to the distinctive atmosphere and feel in each. The music is best experienced with headphones, and is available separately on Google Play Music.

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Triada Studio is a computer graphics and animation studio with over 20 years of industry experience. Shadowmatic is the company’s first project that bridges its vast computer graphics experience with an experimental in-house 3D engine.

Editor's Note

Well known Shadowmatic is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Shadowmatic developed and announced by Triada Studio Games. Current version of the apk file is 1.2.1 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Nov. 18, 2017. Also Shadowmatic is very famous in Puzzle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Shadowmatic if your device android version is Android 17 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Dr. Yvonne Goldner

I usually do not make any app reviews, but this game is very good it's encouraging minds and motivates imagination in such a very beautiful way.. Such a sound track it has also.. big appreciation for all team members working on this game. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Troy Koelpin Sr.

i respect the devs and i bought the game , it's worth buying it as you get lots of levels to play. devs have put lots of effort to make it possible so they should be rewarded.

Asa O'Keefe

My initial review, (10 minutes ago), was great, cuz I'd only been playing for 10 minutes. Now that it's been 20 minutes and 15 levels, (most of which were \"tutorials\", so they were over simplified and only lasted about 30 seconds each), and there's no more FREE levels left. So, I can't go any further than 15 levels, unless I wanna PAY. It's unfortunate, because it was just BARELY starting to get challenging by involving two pieces and I was actually enjoying it, but now I gotta uninstall it.

Earnestine Robel MD

Great game! Love the graphics, Love controls, Love the concept. Very unique, isn't like every other game out there. Simple yet keeps me entertained and engaged. I'll be purchasing the full version of this for sure! I love these types of little stand alone apps, that come with the whole package: great graphics, controls, and concepts... much like \"The Birdcage\" app.

Verna Towne

Excellent game design! You look forward to revealing the shape of the shadow. The hint system is challenging but not frustrating. :) Soundtrack is beautiful and relaxing while you play. No ads and no nagging from the game help a lot with the immersion! Controls for the \"overworld\" puzzle are a bit clumsy. I needed a guide to figure out how to pinch the pieces together! Level 8.3 (the last level) is a bit frustrating if you can't figure that out. I always overstep the controls for switching pieces and rotating pieces, so I think that could be a little more intuitive. Overall a great puzzle game and worth the cost!

Crawford Rodriguez

Tried the free version at first and I loved it, I wouldn't have discovered this game if I didn't decide to search for some mobile games online, and the videos I saw of this game just caught my attention immediately. The style, the graphics, the design and concept of the game are just amazing. I decided to try it out for myself and loved it, I highly recommend getting the full version as well if anyone else enjoys the game even if a little bit, you may only play it once in a while but it's a great time killer. It runs smoothly on my phone as well, no crashes and such. Highly recommend this game to anyone. Redmi Note 5 Pro

Marie Jacobson

Great game. Beautiful and fun, though the time limits for the speed challenges can feel quite punishing if you're the kind of completionist who needs to get all the achievements. Edit: Following up after beating the game. The last few levels are brilliantly done, and are really a perfect end to a fantastic experience.

Aisha Daugherty DDS

5 stars without any doubt, the most soothing game I've ever played. The music really keeps you calm while matching the shadow, without this music most of the people would have backed out being frustrated. The only problem is that it's not totally free. Finished it in 41mins and now I'm about to uninstall it.

Miles Carroll

Great game. Easy to learn. If you are having issues with the sensitivity. Go to options and adjust it and your game play will be much more enjoyable.

Francesca Reilly

i completed all the available levels in unted 15 minutes, I do not like the fact that you have to purchase the full version to even get started on the game