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Grocery shopping made easy!

Imagine everything you need for savings, recipes, and coupons for both in-store and online shopping, in one single app. Search, scan, save lists and notes, get deals, and order pick up or delivery—just like that.

Our redesigned app makes it easier to plan and shop while saving you time with these benefits:

* Easily purchase off of one unified shopping cart - order for pickup or home delivery or use as an in-store checklist
* Create and save your shopping lists for future use
* Scan products for quick finding and adding to your list
* Quickly add notes to your list that can be shopped for later
* Load digital coupons to your Price Plus Card, including exclusive offers just for you
* See and manage all of your digital coupons
* Directly access your Price Plus Card with wallet support
* Search for products, recipes and coupons
* Order Cold Cuts and more from our Deli (where available)
* Manage your prescriptions linked to our Pharmacy App
* Browse and shop from our weekly circular*
* View recipes and add recipes ingredients to your cart
* View personalized offers and recommended items on sale each week

Shop Easy. Just Like That.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces ShopRite App. ShopRite App is developed by Shoprite and it has very stable version which is 3.5.0. ShopRite App works with all the android devices if the device is Android 23 and above. We always provide you ShopRite App apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Ms. Zelda Nikolaus

I hate the changes they have made!! I used to be able to make my shopping list and print it. Now I have trouble even reading the flyer online.. .I guess it's back to sitting down with the big paper flyer and a pen.and pad to.write with.

Barrett Emard

I work retail so I have a little more patience. People behind me were pulled to other registers. While I stood there for 15 minutes. The women in front of me had two orders. One order wasn't hers but was paid by access. Sounds illegal to me. The second was hers. The cashier had to look up coupons for the woman. really!!! The cashier on register 7 took another person from behind me when I complained she gave me a dirty look. When I finally was being checked out, a bagger appeared. To late.

Lily Jacobi DDS

I can't register my card! I've tried over and over, when I try to enter my card number, it types backwards, like Hebrew! I tried to enter it backwards and my card wasn't recognized. Neither was my email .How's a weekly shopper supposed to use this app anyway?

Kianna Bashirian

Great Store Garbage Application, it's buggy, keep asking to registet. Just make an option to add my Price Plus card number, you already know who I am. I'm sick of this app. Learn from BJs how to make a good app

Vanessa Schmitt

I was in Shoprite Williamstown earlier this evening . I was in the produce department. I asked Josh how the red pears were and he said I could try a piece. We liked them and bought more than I would have if not for Josh. Josh was a very nice and polite young man.

Thad Conroy

New Coupon policy? I have no idea what is clipped. Plus, The digital ones are usually half the value than my paper ones. You would think that the computer would catch it. I don't know how to un-clip the digital ones. Disappointed to say the least.

Levi Kassulke

I loved the App before. Now like other users, I cannot filter my digital coupons. It was such a useful feature and time saving. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still doesn't work. I am running on Android. It has been this way for at least 2 plus months now. I hope you guys will gix this issue please!!!!

Mr. Ron Simonis Sr.

I used to love this app. It made life easier as a single mom, to order online and just swing by to pick it up. But now I ALWAYS get an error code wa hen trying to check out and pay online. Then the store calls me numerous times about my order not being paid for before pick up. No sure what the problem is, but please fix it!!

Stan Nikolaus

Not bad... not good. The prices are higher in some cases than Stop n Shop, and Whole Foods. The app needs to have under *All Catagories* Vegetarian/Vegan added. It is all hype right now that this store just opened in Cromwell. Hope it finds its nitch.

Francesca Shanahan

Something's wrong! I used to really like this app and now it's not even usable. I can't filter the digital coupons or click on any of the categories. I've tried deleting the app and reloading it but it doesn't help. You need to fix whatever bug is in this It's been going on for too long now.